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Anyone else tired of the "kicked for SM" whines?

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  • Anyone else tired of the "kicked for SM" whines?

    Guess a lot of players out there really don't appreciate the fact that servers cost hard earned cash to run and think it's their god given right to play for free. They shouldn't have to contribute to the cost because they're "special".

    My god ,they even want 128 player server without a thought as to who is going to cover the horrendous cost.They just want to play on 128 player servers (and then whine about the lag :D ).

    Those that do pay to support do and, rightly so, have priority over the "free loaders".

    Ideally the PR server should be made private for SM only for a while so the non supporting members would appreciate the fact that the server is currently up for them to play on free.

    It is kind of funny to think of a chopper pilot getting kicked and then it plummeting to the ground with all on board screaming in terror ,but that's a fact of life on a TG server for non-supporting members. Maybe certain assets should be reserved for SM only..just a thought.

    IMO , all the whines about getting kicked while "MY squad was just about to capture the last flag" should be treated the same way "I was banned" posts are.


    rant over.
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    Re: Anyone else tired of the "kicked for SM" whines?

    hell mofo yeah!
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