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    Please congratulate your fellow TG players on their achievements! Also, please remember it only takes a few minutes to nominate one of your teammates for a ribbon (see the link in my signature). Keep those nominations coming in.

    Distinguished Squad Leader(class1)

    TG Forum name: talkinBEERmug

    Distinguished Squad Leader

    Muttrah City & Ramiel, January 1, 2009


    I joined up with talkinBEERmug on Muttrah City. Basically, this part of the award nomination focuses on the following actions that talkinBEERmug lead the squad through during actions on Muttrah City:

    • Attack on Docks
    • Rescue and defense of Bunker Complex located at the construction site
    • Superior kit discipline throughout the round
    • HUMMER run / attack on enemy infantry while defending the firebase
    • Switch to HAT defense of firebase
    • Preserved 2 HUMMERS for about 1 hour during the match
    • Attacked enemy firebase destroying it
    • Defended east city 2 times
    • Game ended in the USA capping the MEC fortress

    After that, the next game talkinBEERmug lead a second squad through the following actions on Ramiel:

    • AA defense of main
    • Move to enemy main to engage helicopters
    • Build of firebase
    • Rejection of 3 airborne assaults on the position – REJECTION~!
    • Molotov attack on APC and full squad
    • Move to attack firebase
    • Defense of south side
    • End in victory again

    This was a consistent, solid and asset preserving effort on behalf of talkinBEERmug. I personally thought his ability to lead and allocate assets was outstanding. The teams dominated the day today mostly because of this 1 squad carrying the team, round to round. I would spend about 2 more pages describing the leadership he displayed in these 2 rounds.

    I think talkinBEERmu’s efforts on the field today are deserving of the distinguished squad leader ribbon, and I ask your support for the award.


    Valorous Unit(class1)







    What: Valorous Unit

    When: 01-06-09

    Where: TG PR Server


    I lead an awesome squad today on Fools Road. They were a great bunch of squad members and they didn't hesitate when it was time to go "Rambo" and get the job done. We built incredible defenses at Hilltop and out gunned the enemy very easily. They never actually got inside. At all.

    We then rushed to capture the train depot flag which was the pivotal cap point in the game as we already had warehouse neutral. This allowed the rest of the team to move forward and cap the village flag. We bled the other team and won the game.

    I feel that we had the perfect combination of players, and all them were excellent shooters. Just the way I like it.

    Hopefully they had as much fun as I did.


    Air Cavalry Specialist(class1)

    Who? |TG-69th|Pwn3ge

    What? Distinguished Air Cav

    Where? TG Project Reality Server

    When? January 14, 2009


    Today on a great round of Kashan starting at about 2:30 ish CST and finishing at 3:40, Pwn3ge showed a very high skill level while flying the frogfoot. Pwn3ge and the Mig pilot (ralfidude) took control over the airspace over the Kashan Desert.

    Now thats not to say that it was an amazing 100:0 K/D ratio but he did take revenge by killing over 40 people for his lost jet. Pwn3ge just about lost his Froggy a 2nd time while trying to land, but managed to bail just before it hit the fence and the froggy stopped withing 50 feet of it. He then got back in and took off from the desert.

    Everytime someone called in a target Pwn3ge destroyed it along with fire support from the Mig.


    Distinguished Defense(class1)

    Who: B2Z Makavelli, |TG-6th|Snooggums, |TG-6th|BigGaayAl
    Where: The missile silo in Operation Barracuda, TG PR server.
    When: 30DEC2008 0001z hours


    Pushed back to our last flag, B2Z Makavelli boobytrapped the bunker complex where the three would hold out for over 10 minutes, alone. There were 2 points of entry: The staircase and the main bunker door. Makavelli covered the front while Al and Snooggums watched the stairs. Al was the medic. It's confirmed that Snooggums went down once, but was revived. Al went down 4 times; Snooggums revived him with his own kit each time. Makavelli went down an unknown number of times, but considering that his kit traded hands twice, it's assumed he went down and was revived by either Snooggums or Al twice.

    The enemy was consistently trying to push down the stairs, each time met with C4 from Makavelli, or gunfire. about 90% of the team was dead. The only 3 soldiers in the flag cap area were Makavelli, Snooggums, and Al. Even after the team had all died and the flag changed over to the enemy team, the three gentlemen stayed alive and kept fighting.


    Valorous Unit

    I would like to nominate Donrhos, alaskanassassin, Liquid.Watch (Class II) and Arpeegee for the "Valorous Unit" ribbon

    During the "Merry Christmas! TG Internal Scrim" these men spent the first hour guarding Hilltop without seeing any action, then the next hour was spent walking from Hilltop to Heli to Warehouse to and half the way to train and then back to Hilltop and back again, all as a reaction to enemy movements and orders from commander.
    In fact this squad spent 3/4 of a 4 hour skrim without seeing an enemy. It seam like every where we whent the enemy would move away before we got there or we had to pull back.

    So you might ask why am I nominating them?

    All this time they kept up their spirit and did not give up or question orders, when they finaly got into some action they allways pulled throught: Successfully defending Heli from larger numbers, capturing 2 enemy HATs and recaping Train, etc.

    I did not start as the SL of this squad but unfortunetly the SL had to leave because of the lenght of the match and he missed most of the action.


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      nice guys!




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        Good job!


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          Good work everyone! Anyone know when the Christmas Scrim ribbons are going to come out?


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            Well done!

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              Job well done.Concrats


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                hurray ....
                still waiting for mine
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                    Haikus are easy.
                    But sometimes they don't make sense.


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                      Good job guys
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                        Awesome job guys! Well deserved

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                          congrats everyone else, even though you're still not as good as me.
                          I kid, i kid.


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                              Good job! Sounds well deserved.




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