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In Game Ethics of expressing one's own feelings/being a team player.

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  • In Game Ethics of expressing one's own feelings/being a team player.

    Admins If you feel this is redundant and doesn't need to be talked about, please feel free to lock or delete.

    Now I don't expect you to agree or disagree, i'd rather hear replies from people who disagree, rather than saying "I agree 100% and do this all the time."

    Mostly what I mean pertains to: How do you see yourself as a player on the TG PR server and how do you handle yourself as a player on the TG PR server both as a squad member, squad leader and how do you use the global/team/squad chat, TS, etc....

    Personally, I have noticed too much global chat conversations lately on the server, most are not even associated with PR, and some are related to regulars expressing themselves about how they dislike a map or they feel a map leans more towards one team more so than to the other. Basically it's a form of complaining aka bitching and moaning and I look at it as smack talking.

    Though I haven't heard much on TS lately, which has been nice, but Saturday night especially on Korengal I saw something I only expected seeing on a non-organized PR server that instills itself on chaos and being rude (this server doesn't exist it is just an example),it was sickening, and a new player on the TG server who at the time was in my squad asked me if all TG regulars were like that, I told him that there are a few that feel they are entitled to voice their opinion to everyone but there are only a few of them and the rest of us are not like that, and we don't put up with that kind of behavior whatsoever.

    It basically comes down to respect and common sense, if you don't have the common sense to realize that posting in global or team chat, TS etc on how you dislike a map or how you feel the other team is beating you because the assets they have are more one sided than the other than think in terms of Respect. It is reiterated below. Yes, complaining can also be viewed as smack talking.

    Think in terms of respect, are you being respectful if you choose to type in global chat?

    Remember, even if it's not intended to do so what you have just posted could very well be read as if it is being directed towards players currently on the server, the admins the developers/testers of PR and towards the High admins and the owner(s) of TG and it's various servers.

    Are you being respectful towards your team and the other TG regulars both on your team and not?

    Are you being respectful to new players who have come to TG because they have heard it's a mature arena that is based on quality team work and respect towards one another?

    If you answered "NO" to any of those listed above or even some other reasons that just popped into your brain, then its not a good idea to voice your personal opinion in global or team chat or even squad chat and TS for that matter.
    - You also don't need us to disconnect you, you can simply hit ESC, and then hit disconnect on the menu screen and VOILA you are no longer connected and don't need to be playing that map that you feel is so overwhelmingly horrible and infringes on your Michelin star lifestyle of game play.

    Have I done it before, yes, i have in the past, but what might seem funny in the moment to you or to egg on other players especially on the other team isn't the proper thing to do.

    Personally i don't really care if you are not having a great time and if you are complaining in global or team chat, or on TS, I don't want to hear it, and you will find out neither do the rest of the people on the server.

    I also couldn't care less if you always use armor assets or fly transports, Jets, know what i am getting at (even the sniper kit falls into this area as well) and now you can't because another squad is utilizing them, basically get over yourself and get a SL kit or join an infantry unit, in the latter its probably a good idea since assets, are all worth tickets. And if you are complaining about it, then its probably a good sign that indicates that you only use air or armor assets and need to clock some time as an infantry SL or infantry squad member.

    Same thing goes if there is a commander, just don't tell him that you are going to use the assets, request permission to use it, once again determine if you are being respectful/a good team player and if the tone you are using is positive or negative it is way too simple, yet not used much lately.

    Would you automatically say to your parents that you are going to watch a television show if they are already in the living room watching TV? Most likely not.

    ^ The above doesn't just apply for TG tag wearers, there are many regulars who don't wear the TG tag, but alas as a TG tag wearer you should automatically be aware of the primer, and the rules of the server and you are automatically holding yourself to a higher level of conduct. Just a little FYI, the above is neither a rant nor a complaint by me, I am merely trying to point out a few things I have witnessed not only in .85 but before, so please don't feel that this is directly associated with .85 because it is not.
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