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RULES: Project Reality Rules & Guidelines, Server Info, Everything You Need to Know

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  • RULES: Project Reality Rules & Guidelines, Server Info, Everything You Need to Know

    It is your responsibility to know these rules and abide by them while on our server. Ignorance of the rules will not excuse you from admin action being taken against you if you violate these rules. Player wearing |TG| tags will be held accountable for their actions and must abide by these rules along with the guidelines specified in the TG Primer.

    1. Respect your fellow gamers, the admins and the Tactical Gamer community.

    CliffsNotes version: Don't be a jerk. Treat others how you want to be treated.
    • We do not allow racist comments or names, nor do we allow strong sexual connotations for in-game communications, including but not limited to: squad names, player names, any form of chat or any form of voip communications.
    • Players will respect any and all admin decisions. Disagreements are to be taken off-line by utilizing our Contact an Admin forums. Public disagreement can and will be met with removal of the player(s) from the gaming server, so consider this post an official warning. Further disruptions will result in a ban.
    • Players will additionally respect the TacticalGamer community and it's rules and policies, including but not limited to the rules on the game server, supporting member kicks, etc. Per the above statement regarding public disagreement with the policies of the community, please take any issues off-line from the gaming server. The admins will remove disruptive players.
    • Mumble-specific rules:
      • 1a. Conversations outside of team planning are to end at the 2:00 mark on the countdown timer before a round starts.
      • 1b. Team planning conversations should occur in the leadership channels only.
      • 1c. Do not spam force-center. Force-center is to be used in the leadership channels only.
      • 1d. Behave in a mature and respectful manner at all times. Keep your language acceptable at all times. If a player or admin asks for the language to be toned down, do it immediately and without argument.
      • 1e. Please note there is an automatic language filter in place on the TG PR:BF server. This will warn, kick and ultimately ban you for typing in prohibited words. Do not fall foul of this, do not attempt to avoid the filter by substituting letters in swear words etc. Do not expect a great deal of sympathy from the Admin Team if you manage to get yourself banned by 'the computer'. You will have been auto warned, then kicked. You then will have returned to the sever and continued the unacceptable behaviour. The auto filter is the 12th man on the Admin Team and is never wrong.

    2. Realism rule

    CliffsNotes version: Play the game right.
    • The goal of Project Reality is to mimic real life combat in as close of a manner as possible in a computer game while still keeping game play fun. At TacticalGamer, we emphasize playing the game using real-world tactics and realistic game play. As such, we disallow activities on the server that are contrary to this goal and will remove players abusing aspects of the game or gaming engine that do not follow this guideline.
    • Below are several specific activities that violate the "Play the game right" philosophy and will result in a warning, kick or potentially a ban from the admins for offending players. Final judgment is left to admin discretion, so it is advisable to avoid any of the listed situations and others where activities could be deemed to be abusive and unrealistic.
      • 2a. Players may not intentionally teamwound or teamkill.
      • 2b. Non-insurgent factions may not use suicide vehicles to attack the enemy, nor may they use vehicles to ram other vehicles intentionally.
      • 2c. Players may not abuse the game physics for vehicles to continously run over enemy soldiers.
      • 2d. Game engine exploits and/or map exploits may not be used for advantage.
      • 2e. Vehicles that have both a driver/pilot position and a primary gunner position must be crewed by 2 players with the proper kits to operate those positions at all times. If a crewman is killed or is lost via disconnection from the server, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle to the safety of the main base immediately. Vehicles may not be one-manned from the main to pick up a second crewman or pilot.

    3. Follow the chain of command

    CliffsNotes version: Do what your squad leader says. If you are a squad leader, do what your CO says.
    • Tactical Gamer requires players to follow the orders of their squad leaders and/or their commander. Failure to follow orders can result in removal from the server. To avoid any conflicts, make sure that you communicate with the commanding officer.
    • Additional rules to be followed regarding orders:
      • 3a. Squads require at least two players to be locked.
      • 3b. Players may not take a vehicle currently in use by another squad. Once a vehicle has left the main it is considered to be in use and permission must be received from the squad that took the vehicle or the commanding officer before another squad may take that vehicle.
      • 3c. Vehicle assets may be assigned to a specific squad only through the orders of the commanding officer. If there is no commanding officer, vehicle assets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    4. Main bases are off-limits

    CliffsNotes version: Keep the fight away from the mains.
    • Main bases are locations where a team has permanent spawns for infantry and/or vehicles, and are off limits to attack except as noted below. The maps in Project Reality offer plenty of real estate to fight over, so go fight over the 95% of the map that isn't the main base.
      • 4a. Main bases may not be fired in to nor out of unless and until the last flag for a team is in play (marked with the orange attack marker). Exception: Players may enter the enemy main for attack or capture purposes when the flag in play immediately prior to the main base flag is neutral.
      • 4b. Area attack (JDAM, artillery, mortar) may only be used on a main base that is capturable (the main itself is a flag) and it is marked for attack with the orange attack marker or is neutral (gray).
      • 4c. Exits from a main base may not be camped. This rule does not apply once the main becomes a valid target (see a and b above).
      • 4d. Aircraft engaged by enemy aircraft away from the main may be followed back to their main and engaged until they have landed. Only the aircraft may be engaged under these conditions, nothing else in the main may be engaged.
      • 4e. In Insurgency game mode, mosques with permanent spawn points are to be considered a main base and are subject to all rules above.

    • Rule 4a above allows for entry into an enemy main base if it is also their last flag when the prior flag goes neutral. They may not attempt to destroy vehicles or otherwise engage in base "rape" activities. They are allowed in specifically for the purposes of capturing the enemy flag or positioning themselves to attack once it comes in to play. These troops may be engaged and may fight back at this point. If the prior flag returns to complete control of the enemy team, those players who entered the main must attempt to exit as quickly as possible. They may be engaged and may fight back during this time, but they must be making an effort to leave the main base in doing so. Failure to attempt to leave may result in administrative action being taken.

    --------------------------- PASSWORD NIGHT -------------------------

    Our expectations of YOU for password night:

    1) You will have read and understood the rules and will play by them. By entering the password and joining the server you signify that you have read the rules and will play by them.

    2) You will be on your best behavior. Immaturity will result in a kick with no warning.

    3) Rules violations will result in removal from the server with no warning and possibly result in a ban.

    4) Extreme teamwork.

    5) do NOT give the password out to anyone. Doing so will result in removal from the server for the entirety of the PW night. Instead, please refer them to this post so they can refresh themselves on the server rules and read our expectations of them for themselves. Thanks!

    If you think you can bring all of that then anyone is welcome to join us. If you can't then you might not want to log in.

    --------------------------- PASSWORD NIGHT Thursday April 4th

    By entering the PW you are agreeing to our rules here at TG

    PW is = tactical
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    Re: RULES: Project Reality Rules & Guidelines

    This one sticky thread is being created to help reduce the total number of stickies cluttering up this forum. It is also intended to help guide new players and players unfamiliar with forums to the proper location.

    If you're new to Tactical Gamer and our forums, please make sure to read the following:

    Required Reading

    TG-wide Info

    Before you post
    Before you post, please do your best to search and see if your question has previously been asked. Many times you'll find your answer without having to start another thread. Do not be afraid of the search command. You can search across forum groups, in a specific forum group, and even in a specific thread. Look to the upper right hand corner of your browser and you'll see a search link.

    Also scan the threads listed below. Many of these answer questions that are commonly asked.

    Project Reality Threads of Interest

    Zedic's Guide to Military Radio Procedure
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      Re: RULES: Project Reality Rules & Guidelines, Server Info, Everything You Need to Kn


      Rules added - effective at midnight, March 13th. Educate yourself on the rules before you join the server!

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        Re: RULES: Project Reality Rules & Guidelines, Server Info, Everything You Need to Kn

        * bump *

        Rules revised 5-6-2010. Please be sure to review them. Also please note the CliffsNotes version of the rules to make it easy for everyone to understand and follow.

        "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
        |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

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