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Tactical Gamer University (Basic/Advanced Infantry Training)

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  • Tactical Gamer University (Basic/Advanced Infantry Training)

    Hello all,
    I was just wondering when the next session of TGU will take place. I remember a while ago I was brought in as a guest instructor and we were running drills for basic infantry tactics and situations when to employ them. I know I had suggested at the time that it might be beneficial to have regular sessions of TGU classes, seeing as how PR has become a phenom mod especially now since it won MotY. I have a structure in place for how I would like the training session(s) to be conducted, as well as a session to session lesson plan. If anyone has any interest, please feel free to contact me via the following ;

    Responding to this post, xfire Blitzer66 (please make a comment on the friend request for who you are or I won't add you), or AOL IM - Liquid427.

    A side note, I would encourage anyone who is interested, to respond to this post so we can get an idea of how many people are to attend (date and time TBD)

    If TG is already sponsoring a session that I am unaware of, please pardon my intrusion...I just like to get the ball rolling on stuff like this. Lots of new people int he PR community who are unaware of tactical concepts and when/where to use them. For some the word tactic does not exist in their vocabulary, I would very much like to change this so that the entire PR community can get a much more REALISTIC gaming experience.

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    Re: Tactical Gamer University (Basic/Advanced Infantry Training)


    PM sent to Blitzer.

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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