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  • Fuzzhead's SL Training

    Not an April fools joke :D.

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]fuzzhead
    A while ago I did a couple training sessions over the course of a couple weekends, to demonstrate how players could more effectively lead a proper infantry squad in PR. There was some interest back then and I might do something like this again if there is some interest. Heres some vids bigbossmatt made during one of the sessions, it was okay (even though I was actually on 2 hours sleep hungover haha):

    YouTube - Project Reality Squad Training pt. 1 of 5

    You can see in the video its been a while since I last ran these, and there is some stupid exploitive things (like the infinite ammo bag routine), but I would still like to maintain the concept of the original training sessions.

    I dont simply want to run a training session for new players of PR, because I do that most gameplay nights anyways when a new guy joins my squad, and I hope that others players do that too, if a new guy joins your squad, help him out, show him some cool stuff and show him some cool tips, tactics and a good fun.

    The concept for this training is to train current squad leaders and potential squad leaders how to train OTHER's and also how to train others to BE squad leaders. I think its prety clear that PR still lacks alot of leadership minded players, and alot of the current ones may want some help in becoming more effective at deploying realistic infantry tactics in a PR setting.

    If your one of the above, and want to become an effective SL in PR, then let post in this thread to show your interest level.

    I'm not certain on the details yet, but some minimum requirements will be:

    - working microphone
    - mumble installed (or willing to install)
    - mature and teamwork orientated player
    - listening skills and some patience required

    What we did in the earlier training sessions and I will probably do again is just meet up on the mumble server and then go to a public server, do some introduction to some tactics and ways to handle players, then go through and play on the server for a while - applying the tactics we just learned to real live situations.

    I'm willing to do these training sessions and maybe record some more as I got some motivation watching some good gameplay vids with solid action, but a decided lack of coherent leadership. I think above any coding change we can make as developers, getting players into leadership roles and behaving in a realistic/believable manner is a much bigger step than any change we can make, and I think that kind of behavior would increase the enjoyability of this mod alot more for the whole community.

    Now I am by no means the authority of squad leading - there are many better squad leaders than me and I am still learning new things every day. However I am known to be somewhat patient and have some time on my hands atm so that is the main pre-requisites for doing something like this ;)

    I am learning new stuff everyday as well so I hope that this is a learning experience for not just the people who sign up who are new, but also for people who sign up who may be long time PR squad leaders, and I as well hope to learn and enhance my current SL skills.

    Let me hear your thoughts

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    Re: Fuzzhead's SL Training

    I'd love it. I've got that Advanced Infantry TGU on 18 april already so I feel pretty set right now.



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      Re: Fuzzhead's SL Training

      I actually watched those videos before I downloaded PR. I watched a lot of PR videos to see if I would like it or not.




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