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  • The [DEV] Dump

    Please post only direct quotes from PR developers

    Ok, here's the deal: I don't like reading the PR forums, but I do like knowing what the devs are saying, so I run regular searches for the latest posts of my favorite devs. If you're like me, and don't want to slog through all the gibberish and pissing matches on the PR forums, then this thread is for you :). If you find a cool dev quote, post it here (with the link).

    Please, if you feel the need to comment, use the link and comment in the appropriate PR thread.

    Here's some recent dev posts from Jaymz (who's one of the best for info) that you may or may not have seen:
    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz
    In the next update, the Automatic Rifleman kit will be infinitely more useful. Changes will include......

    • Deviation improved for CQB

    • Deviation settle time increased to eight seconds
    • Can be fired from all stances
    • 4x Zoom to simulate realistic effective range (this zoom will be on ironsights until 4x optics are added to all conventional MG's, which they will be)
    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz
    [R-GOD]TwistedHelix is working on "Mumble (PR Edition)" to solve a lot of comm problems we see today. If things work out as planned,

    1. you'll have an option to install it with future updates (option given at the end of the PR installation/patch)

    2. All you'll have to do is run the audio wizard and set your key bindings. (distance settings, link-to-game, etc will all be done for you and hardcoded to prevent cheating).

    The template will be,

    player to player direct talking - Mumble (3D positional)
    SL to SL radio - Mumble (force center)
    Inner-squad radio - BF2 VoIP
    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz
    All helicopters will be like this in the next update. Critical damage (where there's a chance of engine failure) currently only happens when you've taken about 70-80% damage. Next update will be like so,
    • Critical damage will begin when you've taken 25% damage. Once this happens, there's a chance of partial or complete engine failure (either you'll have a hard time flying back for repairs, or you'll have to crash land)
    • Transport helicopters will have twice as many Hit points, allowing them to survive crash landings long enough for passengers and crew members to bail out. (we would have done the same for attack/scout helicopters, but the disabling feature seems to never cause complete engine failure with them for some reason...)
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    Re: The [DEV] Dump

    Regarding the volume of the Logi-Trucks..

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz View Post
    I'll add some light sound occlusion to the trucks for the next version. Trucks are reasonably loud IRL but those inside the cab or in the back shouldn't hear it as loud as they do currently.

    *** Great Idea Charity.. Lets all keep this thread on topic ***


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      Re: The [DEV] Dump

      Regarding USMC Officers using M-4's offered up in suggestions thread by a Marine.

      Originally posted by Ironcomatose
      This is no big deal but in the Marine Corps infantry squad leaders are issued the M4. Could be easy to just switch the weapons out right?
      Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz View Post
      Ran it by Eddie Baker and he suggested that it be done for the H-AT class as well. Hence,

      KITS: USMC Officers and Heavy AT classes now use the M4 variants.

      thanks for the input, comotose.


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        Re: The [DEV] Dump

        From fuzzhead.

        There is a few changes already announced for v0.9 to help reinforce the current medic system proper use:
        - Limiting medics, 1 per squad.
        - Limiting the frequency of revives. If you are shot within 60 seconds of being revived, you will be KILLED.
        - Fixing the bleed out screen, so that it once again blocks your vision and limits your sprint (this is a huge factor and was broken due to newer video card drivers).



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          Re: The [DEV] Dump

          Originally posted by [R-DEV]fuzzhead
          Somewhat on topic: something to help combat smacktards from soloing vehicles in the next build:

          when getting inside an APC/tank, you must have a driver in order to activate the gun. If the driver hops out or disconnects, you can still control the gun, the check only takes place when you are getting into the gun position.

          This happens for APCs and Tanks.

          This effectively makes 1 manning tanks and APCs useless. You can still "turn the engines off" by switching seats or getting out, but if your 1 manning it you will NOT be able to fire the guns.


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            Re: The [DEV] Dump

            Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz

            Next update will also have the APC "driver" position become more like the Tanks "commander/driver" position. You'll see things from the commanders periscope view and will have 360 degrees rotation.
            this is adding on to fuzzheads post about soloing armor

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              Re: The [DEV] Dump

              We're currently messing about with an indie engine called C4. It's written by one guy who is a very well respected computer scientist in the 3D graphics programming world. It's not currently complete, but the bulk of the rendering engine is complete. Right now physics and terrain engine improvements are the C4 engine developer's focus.

              The terrain engine is as important as the rendering engine for a PR2 project. C4 has a voxel terrain engine and LoD management as well as terrain streaming are being added to the terrain engine. Voxel terrain is like what's in CryEngine, it allows map developers to bore holes, caves and sculpt terrain features (most game terrain engines are 2D heightmap based and don't understand the concept of a cave very well).

              C4 engine website (

              C4 engine screenshots (

              C4 engine roadmap (

              We're just seeing what building our own game would be like.. it'll be a huge amount of work, but we're taking some baby steps to see if we think it's feasible. At the same time we're working on a design (effectively a mix of PR1, ArmA, Infiltration and maybe some concepts borrowed from Planetside mixed in with some fresh PR2 ideas). There currently is no game engine or mod platform that exists that can do what PR2 would require, so we'll likely have to pioneer a few concepts as well as hope stuff matures to facilitate some of the vision.

              from [R-DEV]eggman



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                Re: The [DEV] Dump

                Great find, but you left out a paragraph.

                Originally posted by [R-DEV]eggman View Post
                Paramedic, Taxi and Katarn have been working on some map concepts with the current build of the C4 engine. They have a 64km world with 5 or 6 km view distances working at 30fps. And in this version the terrain engine is only about 60% complete, the next stuff on the roadmap is all about large worlds and long view distances with good visual fidelity. It's a very impressive engine.


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                  Re: The [DEV] Dump

                  Originally posted by [R-DEV]eggman View Post
                  Keep in mind that PR1 will persist for some time. The v0.86 patch is in the works, the v0.9 feature release is looking to be so large that it will get split into v0.9 and v0.95. Then with v1.0 PR1 will probably look to the community factions as the primary source of new content (with some "stewardship" from the PR Devs).

                  Ideally before PR1 dies out we'll have a playable PR2 alpha and we'll develop that for quite a while, iteratively building the game play feature set up from the infantry and squad systems, eventually getting into the realm of combined arms.



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                    Re: The [DEV] Dump

                    Referring to the misaligned ironsights on the boat mounted SAW:

                    Originally posted by [R-DEV]fuzzhead View Post
                    lol i lied falkun fixed this for the next build, along with adding 2 extra seats for total of 8 seats in rhib.

                    still would be nice to get a new model though


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                      Re: The [DEV] Dump

                      "But I think we can all agree its a step overall (not talking numbers) in the right direction. We have some new ideas coming down the line which will allow quicker turn around for patches instead of a 5+ month wait as well."



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                        Re: The [DEV] Dump

                        Originally posted by [R-DEV]fuzzhead
                        mec will get an MG3 when the time comes (probably)


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                          Re: The [DEV] Dump

                          Just for those of you who are in doubt:

                          Originally posted by [R-DEV]Jaymz View Post
                          We've already decided on all the new conventional MG's that will be introduced. Like fuzz said, the MEC will get an MG3.


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                            Re: The [DEV] Dump

                            The goods on PR Mumble:

                            Originally posted by [R-DEV]Twisted Helix View Post
                            I have the client finished (apart from getting cosmetics sorted ... I have some of the skin in there, but to get the official PR skin working fully you will need to skin it following the instructions in the set up thread. I should have this sorted for the final version though).

                            I just have to finish the server version and its binding to the client (and this is unfortunately the more difficult of the tasks).

                            I am thinking I might make the beta version of the PRmumble client available for download ...

                            a) as an open beta test to make sure I haven't right royally ****ed it up :D

                            b) because I have been using some folks for testing it, and the difference between the confusion that seems to result trying to set the official version up the way PR should have it set up , and the simplicity of the one I have done, which is install and its all done for you, makes me think that simply the beta PRclient would encourage many many more people to use it in PR, because setting it up seems to be half the stumbling block for people. They curse and swear at it for not working properly , when its actually down to pilot error ;). The version I have made I have been told reliably sorts all that out ... those that have used it say it is just so easy compared to trying to set it up your self. Ease of use translates to uptake and acceptance.

                            However I will have to ask fuzz and see what he thinks.
                            Originally posted by [R-DEV]Twisted Helix
                            I have coded in the official PR settings so that they are hard coded and cant be changed. They can be viewed in this thread here.


                            Positional Audio cannot be disabled and neither can the link to game. The official PR settings minVolume, MaxDistance, MinimumDistance are fixed and cant be changed.

                            I have also done a couple of things like disable the overlay initially (as people have reported problems with PB ... rather than them getting kicked with a default set up, its better they can enable the overlay later if they want to).

                            Set text to speech volume to 0 on install ... though you can increase it if you wish. And disabled the text notifications. Also I have put that OtherApplicationVolume setting to 100% as a default, though it can be changed. The PR Skin is now the default.

                            This is all client side stuff and basically takes out the effort of setting it up. There will be a server version which the client will be keyed too that will make it so that you are unable to use any version but the PR client.


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                              Re: The [DEV] Dump

                              Originally posted by AlmightyLion
                              thank you for a great thread charity, I get excited every time something new is posted.
                              Originally posted by Delta*RandyShugart*
                              Same here, nom nom nom.
                              Thanks for the kind words, guys. Just don't be too encouraging; I don't want this to turn into a spam thread like the dev journal.

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