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The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

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  • The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

    Hello World. Today, the 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2 years old.

    This post is meant to do a couple things. First, it is meant to thank the Tactical Gamer community for such an awesome 2 years, and for providing an even more awesomer place for us to ply our hobby of shooting virtual things. :) Second, it is meant to provide some insight into the Devil's as a TG In-house Squad (IHS).

    Thank you TG!

    The Devil's have had ammo-crate loads of fun over the last two years, and that is mostly due to the fantastic community that is TG, which of course is made up a couple key ingredients: The structure provided by the community (TG Primer, ruleset, admin teams, game officers, etc). And secondly (or am I up to 6 things now ;) ), all of you guys...primarily the PR community but certainly not limited to just the PR gamer-base.

    The Devil's value what TG has built and provides. It is the environment that makes our gaming enjoyable. We've tried to contribute to that environement through participation, admin duties, TGU, events, PR tester duties, and what have you. Essentially trying to "put back in, what we take out". At the end of the day however, we are gamers like everyone else in this community trying to have a good time. That mission is ongoing, but so far, so awesome!

    So, "Thank you TG!", and "Thank you!" to all the people that populate TG's servers and who do their best to game the TG Way.

    TG's 6th Devil's Brigade IHS

    The historical Devil's Brigade was a joint American / Canadian Special Forces unit in WWII. Appropriate, since TG's 6th was started by Wimpinator (US) and eGoatBoy (CDN) in our top secret bunker...okay, well really through teamspeak and PMs. Both of us came from the Irregulars, and in fact when we launched brought some Irregs with us. We consulted WhiskeySix (12th) and LuckyShot (5th) at the time for advice on building and running an IHS, and they both provided solid & helpful advice. We crafted the concepts around what we wanted the 6th to look like, put it to 'paper', and then stuck it on a wiki at launch time (with the ever-helpful assistance of Asch). Our ethos and goals are fundamentally unchanged today and are there for all to see on our WIKI. At a glance though:

    "Teamwork. Agility. Leadership.

    The 6th Devil's Brigade is about having a lot of fun while doing everything we can to help our team win! The squad will strive to exemplify the "TG Way" and looks to increase the enjoyment of the game, not just for it's members, but for other players on TG servers by demonstrating maturity, good gamesmanship, and leadership. The squad will consistently operate with a "team first, individual second" mentality, but will also look to leverage the talents and creativity of each member."

    Since those early days we have grown a bit. We launched the IHS with just 5 members. Today we currently have 19 on our roster, with another 11 alumni in our "Gone, but not forgotten" list. We have members for Canada, US, UK, Sweden, and Belgium. Our team forum has grown to over 600 threads and over 10,000 posts. We've participated in 20 scrims (as far as I can tell...the list is below), crafted a few videos (some links to those below as well), and discharged an estimated 1,166,400 virtual rounds :D Through the awesome efforts of Dick Blonov the 6th also enjoys private access to a dual core 3Ghz Xeon / 4G ram Dell T-100 server on a high speed port, housed in a Class-1 data center. The Devil's playground server is affectionately known as "ClovenHoovedGoat", CHG for short. :D

    Several on our team have managed to meet up in RL and share "war stories" in real time over a beer and nachos :) Perhaps most notable for me was being at the STS-126 Endeavour space shuttle launch with Wimp and Ferris. Other RL things have of course reared their head in the two years...some guys have had kids, a couple have begun their military careers, one has completed a tour of duty. Speaking for myself, I think it's interesting to note how the IHS system can actually help root you in the TG seems to build a stronger affiliation to the community because you actually start to get to know the guys you game with beyond their KDR, or their predisposition towards knifing you ;) As a feel more invested in TG.

    Anyway, many of you game with us already and know what we're like. However, if you're new to TG or considering creating an IHS, or joining the Irregulars or anything along those lines, I hope the above "glimpse" into the Devils gives you an idea of what an IHS can look like...all are different of course, but the above shows how the 6th has turned out.

    Lastly, Wednesday 29-APR-09 is our 2 year anniversary as an please feel free to drop by into our TS channel and say "Hi!" that day. I can't promise you what you'll find there...other than maybe my favorite margarita recipe :D


    Current Roster
    • eGoatBoy
    • Wimpinator
    • Ferris Bueller
    • Dick Blonov
    • Belhade
    • Dirtboy
    • snooggums
    • Steiner
    • TheSkudDestroyer
    • thegreatnardini
    • AFsoccer
    • Drifterdave
    • CharityCase
    • ZaBoo
    • BigGaayAl
    • Donrhos
    • GhostDog
    • Google

    Gone, But Not Forgotten
    • Bc2ID
    • Cappy
    • Mavrok
    • Rideau
    • gerardnm
    • Schmidty
    • MingMong
    • Alpha203
    • DarkestSpade
    • Delta*RandyShugart*

    Scrim History
    22-JUL-07, TG vs. MIA/DIG, BF2142
    19-AUG-07, TG vs. iGi/Hx, BF2:PR
    08-SEP-07, TG vs. 13thMEU, BF2:PR 6vs6
    21-OCT-07, TG vs. TG, BF2:PR
    08-DEC-07, TG vs. OpReal, BF2:PR
    17-DEC-07, TG vs. TG, BF2142

    02-FEB-08, TG vs. PR Coalition, BF2:PR
    29-MAR-08, TG vs. TG, BF2:PR
    04-MAY-08, 6th vs. 10th, BF2:PR 8vs8
    01-JUN-08, 6th vs. Irregs, BF2:PR 8vs8
    26-JUL-08, TG vs. TTP, BF2:PR
    12-JUL-08, TG vs. BFCL, TF2
    12-AUG-08, TG vs. TFR, TF2
    14-SEP-08, TG vs. TG, PoE
    27-SEP-08, TG vs. -F-, WiC 5vs5
    27-SEP-08, TG vs. TTP, BF2:PR
    16-NOV-08, TG vs. TTP, BF2:PR
    20-DEC-08, TG vs. TG, BF2:PR

    05-APR-09, Bravo vs. Delta, BF2:PR IWS
    22-MAR-09, Bravo vs. Charlie, BF2:PR IWS



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    Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

    Happy Birthday you..... devils, you!

    | |


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      Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

      Happy anniversary guys! You guys have all contributed with so much at TG and really showcase here what TG truly is about. Here's to another 2 years! *cheers*


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        Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

        Happy Birthday guys, this is genuinely good to see, I remember when you guys where young whipper snappers, and I was 1stMIP scrimming in 0.5 PR! Ahhh, the good old days! Well done to the 6th Devils!


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          Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

          Happy birthday Devils!


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            Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

            Happiest of Birthdays to all my good friends in the 6th !!



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              Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

              Happy B-Day Devils! Please don't play in your birthday suits today though.

              "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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              No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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                Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                Happy birthday devils!
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                  Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                  Congratulations Devils, Happy Birthday!...

                  Heres to many more...



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                    Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                    Happy B-Day..

                    Good thing I painted a big "X" over my door in lambs-blood.


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                      Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                      Congrats guys.

                      It was with the 6th I learned how to play PR. Never forgot.


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                        Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                        Happy Birthday/Anniversary

                        Does this mean all active members will be making an appearance on the server this evening? Goat thank you last night for going out of your way to revive me, i felt bad afterwards when i asked a fellow squad member of mine to shoot me again so i could respawn with a Officer kit, but thanks for reviving me.

                        Wow 2 years already? damn time does fly.
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                          Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                          happy birthday kids:)
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                            Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                            Originally posted by llPANCHOll View Post
                            Happy B-Day..

                            Good thing I painted a big "X" over my door in lambs-blood.
                            Is this the annual ceremony of lagover?



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                              Re: The 6th Devil's Brigade turns 2

                              Originally posted by A_Grounded_Pilot View Post
                              Is this the annual ceremony of lagover?

                              Though I expected the response from Randy.




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