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Tactical Gamer Insurgency World Series

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  • Tactical Gamer Insurgency World Series

    Tactical Gamer Insurgency World Series

    Tournament Rules are posted below:

    • Anyone can register to play.
    • Players will randomly be assigned to teams.
    • There are 3 active teams in the tournament.
    • Teams have access to our private forums for planning and tactics discussion.
    • Teams have access to the private server for team practices.
    • Maps in the series will consist of the following: Fallujah, Korengal 32, Ramiel, Al Basrah & Operation Archer
    • Each match will consist of 1 round on a single map that will be chosen at random.

    Each team will play each team in a round-robin format for the remainder of the schedule. The revised 3 team schedule is posted on the sticky.

    Each team will track victories. The series winner will be determined at the end of the scheduled play and a final will be played if required to resolve any ties at the end of the regular schedule.

    For each match, the map will be drawn at random and neither team will know what map will be played until 30 minutes prior to the match start. Once roll-call is completed, each team will receive 30 minutes planning prior to the start of the match.

    Each match will be played on SUNDAY. Please note that the round STARTS 1 hour earlier than we were doing before.

    Pre-game timeline is listed below:

    1200 CST / 1300 EST / 1900 Central Europe Time – Meet in Team Speak for roll call
    1230 CST / 1330 EST / 1930 Central Europe Time – Commanders meet for random map assignment
    1300 CST / 1400 EST / 2000 Central Europe Time – Start of play

    Myself (or another designated admin) will be in Team Speak to moderate and manage the server. A special Team Speak channel will be set up for stand by players. Stand by players wait in the channel to be picked. Commanders will come to the stand by channel shortly after the map selection (30 minutes prior) to pick-em the stand by players. Please be patient during this process, as it is somewhat complex and requires the full hour to pull off properly.


    Rosters will continue from the previous rounds we have already played. We have recruited new players for the remaining rounds to try and fill the rosters of the 3 remaining teams.

    What is the point?

    This is an event we can all play in. Regardless of the outcome, scrims are a blast. Playing with an organized, serious TG team is the ultimate in PR game play (at least for me).

    Our goal is to raise the level of play on our server and to host events that bring us all together as a community.

    We feel that by keeping factions and maps unknown until just before the round starts will require teams to practice small unit tactics that apply to any map or game mode in Project Reality, not just to one specific map.

    We hope that this series results in new leaders being made in the community. This is a chance for everyone to share their input and have a chance to take their game to the next level. Everyone wants to raise the bar on the server, to create a better experience for themselves and the PR community.

    What mod will we be playing if the new release comes out?

    We will play whatever mod is currently running on the server on the day of play.

    Stand-by Players

    Report to Team Speak replacement channel 1 hour prior to play - 1200 CST / 1300 EST / 1900 Central Europe Time.

    Stand-by players should NOT be used to fill leadership positions (Squad Leaders) on team rosters. They are to round out squads and fill in where needed. Team A players are welcome, but not to lead unless you signed up to be on a team permanently.

    Thanks to |TG-X|d1sp0sabl3 for organizing the original event.
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    Tactical Gamer Insurgency World Series Maps


    I prepared these maps for use in planning. You may find them useful.

    The full set of ALL maps is at Tactical Gamer University:

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      Re: Tactical Gamer Insurgency World Series

      AWESOME video of IWS....I was standing on the Big Red and man were we proud of killing the driver, at least we thought.




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