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  • Fire team fun!

    I've started using fire teams in my squads. They're a lot of fun but quite some management. They also maximise your squads efficiency in the battle because you can assign a fire team with certain kits with a role that fits with those kits, like fire support for example. I strongly encourage the use of fire teams if you are a decently experience SL. You gain a tactical and strategic advantage on the battlefield and you have some fun too.

    I'm also taking in some of the tactical statements in the SOP's, such as the SITREP, fire conditions and S.M.E.A.C. I know that not much people read these but it enhances realism and is very fun. But I recommend that new SL's just stick to basics until you feel confident you've got enough experience. I will be on PR exactly 2hrs and 2 minutes from posting this. Join me if you want a nice tactical and strategic experience.

    Well maybe 3 hours? ugh....


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    Re: Fire team fun!

    I love using fireteams. I often have fireteams set up at the beginning of the round, even if I don't use them it's best to be prepared.

    Yesterday on Fool's Road my squad was separated into two fireteams and we were rocking. One team would engage head on while the other flanked. Over and over again we surrounded and eliminated a numerically superior force simply because they couldn't cover their angles or react quickly enough. In the end my squad had over 100 kills and under 30 deaths simply as infantry (and not counting the three guys who disconnected over the round, we probably had 20-30 more kills).

    This new 1-medic per squad thing is going to seriously hinder fire-teams now, however. Everyone will have to adapt their strategies and not let the medic-less FT move off too far on their own.

    I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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      Re: Fire team fun!

      Yeah, Nardini. While you were killing everything on 165, my squad was having a little poker game at Chechen Fortress, while we waited for you guys to recap the flag. It never felt more awesome as hearing every single enemy vehicle near us slam on their breaks the moment we neutralized the Chechen Fortress flag.

      Fire teams are fun, especially when you get 2 squads and have 4 fire teams. But with the 1 medic thing, I am thinking which FT gets the medic. Most likely the one SL is in, but who knows...


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        Re: Fire team fun!

        My one squad / 6 man squad / 2 3 man fire teams are setup like this.

        <insert fire team name>
        Squad leader -> officer
        Medic -> Combat medic
        Rifleman -> Automatic rifleman / Rifleman AT

        <insert fire team name>
        Fire team Leader -> Rifleman -> Grenadier

        Usually I micro manage the two fire teams and monitor my squadmembers movements on the map. But if I can trist my Fire team Leader I expect him to take a general order from me (Example: "Take that building") and lead the assault. The squad leader in that case is in charge of communication with the CO, supplies, reinforcements etc. While the fire team leader is in charge of how the combat is to be managed.

        Here is some good read on how I try to lead my squads:

        1st MIP Fire team member handbook

        1st MIP Fire team leader handbook

        1st MIP Squad Leader handbook


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          Re: Fire team fun!

          Originally posted by thegreatnardini View Post

          This new 1-medic per squad thing is going to seriously hinder fire-teams now, however. Everyone will have to adapt their strategies and not let the medic-less FT move off too far on their own.

          I think the goal is to use 2 squads as fireteams now.


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            Re: Fire team fun!

            You could use 2 6 man squads as fire teams, so each will have their medic.
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              Re: Fire team fun!

              2-6 is a large chunk of the team, so I would say 2-4 should be a more appropriate fireteam.

              A grenadier to me is the same as rifleman, with the only qualification being they can use it well.


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                Re: Fire team fun!

                i think the magic number is 4 (like USMC and Army Rangers) or 5 (Army)-man squads (2-3) acting as fireteams to form one realistic "squad". A situation perfect for mumble.

                flexible infantry setup

                "Squad Leader's" fireteam Alpha (4-5 dudes): Officer, AR, Medic, Rifleman, maybe a Grenadier/LAT/HAT.
                Bravo (3-4): Officer, Medic, Rifleman/Rifleman Specialist, maybe AR/LAT/another Rifleman
                Charlie (3-4): Officer, Medic, Rifleman/Rifleman Specialist, maybe AR/LAT/another Rifleman

                Once contact is made and fire superiority obtained with everybody firing, bravo and charlie can either leapfrog forward or break cover left and right, respectively, to flank. Alpha is always suppressing with directed SAW and UGL fire.
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                  Re: Fire team fun!

                  Originally posted by Berlancic View Post
                  I've started using fire teams in my squads. They're a lot of fun but quite some management. They also maximise your squads efficiency in the battle because you can assign a fire team with certain kits with a role that fits with those kits, like fire support for example.You gain a tactical and strategic advantage on the battlefield and you have some fun too.
                  Yes. I really enjoyed being in your squad on Qwai River and being the medic in your fireteam. Besides that guy that TKed you and promptly left the server...we had a decent round.

                  It will be interesting to see how the one medic per squad limit works out in the next patch. I am glad they changed the wounded time to 5 minutes but people will need to be patient as I see some already not waiting the current 3 minutes. I agree that using two squads as fire teams is a large chunk of the teams resources. But with Mumble and good coordination I can see it proving to be a very efficient and productive tactic.

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                    Re: Fire team fun!

                    Well with 1 medic it will be hard. But whether to put it with the assault element or the fire support element? That's hard. Even if operating with 2 or more squads with mumble/TS co-ordination, I would still have fireteams to maximise efficiency of my own squad. Sure 2 squads working together is already efficient, but with additional fireteam elements in those, very awesome.

                    Well I guess if you use S.M.E.A.C. and consider the adminstrative (including medevac procedures) part, then you could use that to justify your choice of medic into which specific element.

                    I would put the medic into the fire support element, because if alpha assault element goes down, bravo element can move in and hopefully revive alpha element. Whereas alpha has the medic, if alpha all goes down then that is -3 tickets.

                    I have yet to use formations. I'm going back to school tomorrow I think so on Saturday I will try to incorporate formations. I like the S.M.E.A.C. It's interesting to me but I usually don't have enough time to speak it before spawn commences, I guess a few minutes at base from the start of the round is ok.



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                      Re: Fire team fun!

                      Here's something I posted a while ago:


                      And here is the improved version (Also a bit out of date):

                      Real Combat Tactics Vol 2 (The refined version)

                      This type of tactic is for anyone to use, there is absolutely no copyright on anything down below
                      (Or up above for that matter). Rather I would encourage people to play like this (Not force).
                      Have a nice read!

                      This is the refined version of RCT Vol .1 which adds two (2) more people in the squad and adds one
                      (1) fire team. The extra fire team makes the squad more flexible in flanking attacks (Such as a
                      pincer attack) and it has a lot more firepower. The two (2) first teams, Alpha and Bravo, Have a
                      more support orientated arsenal than Charlie. Alpha has AT capabilities and Bravo has long range
                      grenade capabilities. Charlie on the other hand has no special abilities other than a possible
                      grappling hook. This makes Charlie the primary assault team (Although all teams are able to do that
                      if needed).

                      The communication of the squad will only require the team leaders in TS, but a squad that has all
                      the squad members in TS has its upsides when the squad leader can speak to his whole squad about
                      objectives. A squad that has all its members in TS would however require strict comms, only the team
                      leaders’ talk when needed and the squad members are quiet. Use VoIP for all team orientated business
                      and report anything happening to your team leader who will in turn send the information to the squad

                      ALPHA (Squad name RCT – I)
                      A1 - Squad Leader – Officer
                      A2 - Rifleman - Rifleman AT (Optional Anti-tank / H-AT)
                      A3 - Rifleman - Automatic Rifleman
                      A4 - Combat Medic
                      BRAVO (Squad name RCT – II)
                      B1 - Fire team Leader – Officer
                      B2 - Rifleman - Grenadier
                      B3 - Rifleman - Automatic Rifleman
                      B4 - Combat Medic
                      CHARLIE (Squad name RCT – III)
                      C1 - Fire team Leader – Officer
                      C2 - Rifleman
                      C3 - Field Engineer
                      C4 - Combat Medic

                      Note that there are Automatic Rifleman Kits in two (2) fire teams, this allows the squad to lay down
                      a lot of suppressive fire if needed.

                      It is the Squad leader’s responsibility to inform the commander how the squad works, and which squads
                      work together in this manner. The command structure of the squad looks like this:

                      Squad member listen to respective team leader -> Team leader listens to respective Squad leader (in Alpha team) -> Squad leader listens to Commander.

                      The commander (if present) tells the squad leader what to do, the squad leader tells his team leaders
                      how to do it, and the team leader decides how to approach it with his team. This leaves the team leader
                      with much responsibility on how his team will succeed his objective so that his squad can accomplish
                      the task.

                      The formations are used in fire team level (The whole squad moving in a column is unnecessary).
                      Formations used in the fire team are ordered by the fire team leaders and NOT by anyone else unless
                      they are ordered under some other teams command. It is the fire team leader’s responsibility to make
                      sure his squad knows what the formations are.

                      The squad works with only two teams as well (Alpha and Bravo) if there is not enough interest in the
                      setup at the time. I used this kind of setup on Qwai not too long ago where we only had Alpha and Bravo.
                      It worked with great success, we managed to suppress (what I think two) enemy squads while retreating.
                      It was the most enjoyable round of Qwai River I have had in a long time. I believe however that another
                      team would add much to the team as Alpha and Bravo could cover Charlie’s flanks while Charlie only needs
                      to focus on what is in front of him.

                      So how does a squad move quickly and safely? You can either run in what I call a “ball” formation where
                      squad members follow the squad leader only stopping to engage, OR you could “jog” slowly and methodically.
                      Having at least two (2) fire teams lets you move in “bounding over watch” with the other fire team. This
                      means that, let’s say Alpha, covers Bravo while they moves ahead 50-100m of Alpha (Bravo however are not
                      to move out of view of Alpha). When Bravo has moved to a suiting location they hold, scan, and lets Alpha
                      know that they are clear to move up to their location. This procedure should be continued until you have
                      reached your objective or the staging point of the attack that you are about to perform. Having another
                      fire team in addition to Alpha and Bravo makes the maneuver a bit more complex, but not very.


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                        Re: Fire team fun!

                        Sure 12 men is a lot of the team, but they will rock pretty much anything that comes along.


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                          Re: Fire team fun!

                          and if you've got a good transport pilot/apcs, you'll pretty much be hopping from flag to flag so quick it'll give a new meaning to blitzkrieg.

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                            Re: Fire team fun!

                            And coordinating them all in a mumble sort of way would be very efficient!




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