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  • TG tag?

    Hey everyone,

    I know some of you, and have seen most of you on the server for the past 10 months or so. I've been on your BF2 server, 2142 server and now the PR server. How does one earn the TG tag? I've been a regular on all your servers for as long as I can remember...... Since my early BF2 days. I just recently registered on the TS server because I wanted to get in on the team action today(24th), but I guess I was a day late and a dollar short..... Anyways, send some info my way.


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    Re: TG tag?

    Anyone can wear the TG tag!

    Just read here:

    "You may see players on the servers using the "TG" tag in their name when they play on the server. Players who become regulars quickly ask: may I use the TG tag in my name?

    Anyone who endorses and practices our playstyle and rulesets may wear the TG tag when playing on our or other servers. Bottom line: if you support TG for what it is and want to show that support, the TG tag is a good way to do it. Many players who love it here choose not to sport the tag in their playername, and that's fine, too, if that's what you prefer. The option is there for you to take or leave.

    We love it when people support this community with Supporting Memberships, but it's not required to wear the TG tag.

    I just want to re-iterate that by wearing the TG tag you are representing TG and our style of play. Wearing the TG tag means you have read and understand our rules, SOPs & announcements."

    I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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      Re: TG tag?

      here u go




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