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How to fix the Squad Bug

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  • How to fix the Squad Bug

    The Bug the prevents peopel from creating a squad which occurs when one creates a squad to early before 1 min 34 seconds ....

    In the event this squad bug is generated this way I think on a TG server it should and can be fixed by having a rule that states something like "do not create a squad until the timer is at 1:34 or you get banned for 1 month or more"

    AND then the admins need to enforce the rule otherwise the rule will not be obeyed - people need to be "motivated" and "encouraged" to obey this rule and a 1 month ban should modify their behavior.

    AND its quite simple to enforce because it is easily seen and detected before the map starts -- who is doing it AND it should apply to admins and even people with the TG tags too.

    The Point Is..... I and perhaps others also, are getting sick and tired of finally getting a day off from work and finally having the time to play PR on TG to have to be exposed to gameplay wherein a map that may take hours to play has a squad bug and the person or persons generating the squad bug affect perhaps 60 other people.... This behavior should not be tolerated anymore on the TG server because it is a Professional PR Server one of the best.

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    Re: How to fix the Squad Bug

    Thanks for the input.


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