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  • Server is now running .860

    I updated it this morning.

    Here is the rotation:

    Assault on Mestia 16
    Ejod Desert 64
    Asad Kahl 64
    Fallujah West 64
    Qwai River 64
    Jabal 64
    Fools Road 64
    Bi Ming 64
    Operation Archer 64
    Sunset City 64
    Kashan Desert 32
    Operation Barracuda 64
    Kozelsk 64
    Al Kufrah Oilfield 64
    Qinling 64
    Al Basrah 64
    Muttrah City 64

    PR .860 Changelog:

    Game Modes
    - updated insurgency to only have 2 caches available at a time instead of the current 3.
    - updated insurgency intel to require only 50 intel points to every cache (no more increasing intel points). Civilian capture gives 10 intel points instead of 7, civilian getting killed outside the ROE takes -10 intel points and all other insurgent kills gives 1 intel point.
    - updated insurgency to only need 25 intel points for servers with less than 32 players total.
    - removed different intel when killing insurgent officer on insurgency, insurgent officers are just like the other insurgents now wrt intel.
    - updated insurgency to delete spawn points on unrevealed caches if the coalition is close (same rules as outposts and hideouts).
    - added 2 RPGs per cache for insurgents on Insurgency.
    - removed checks for civilians picking up weapons or using stationary weapons in vehicles. If they used those weapons they are helping the insurgents and can be engaged without penalty.
    - updated civilians driving vehicles are considered threats for the same interval of time as using weapons after leaving the vehicle.
    - changed civilians to get static 2 min spawn penalty + temporary ones (suicide, TK, etc) but not normal death spawn penalties.

    Deployable Assets
    - removed Commander build order request - Forward Outposts no longer need build orders to be constructed when a Commander is present. Commanders can still demolish an FO if he thinks its in an inappropriate area.
    - changed restrictions on building FO's close to main bases.
    - added new rule to disallow deploying Forward Outposts/AA/HMG too close to a vehicle supply depot (50 m) to avoid indestructible assets.
    - added officer requirement to the command post, the commander must use the Officer kit to enter to avoid certain exploits.
    - added kit request to conventional faction command posts.

    - added new truck, jeep, rally and anti-tank spotted markers for commander.
    - added new medic and ammo request icons for Squad Leaders that show up on the map.
    - updated Forward Outpost spotted marker to expire to fix issues with undeleteable icons.

    - updated all limited kits to require only 2 players in the squad/select to request (except crewman/pilot). Also standardized other rules that required 3 players to be 2 players (cp capture, rally setting, rally destroying, FO destroying, etc).
    - added new medic system, after being revived player has a 60s timer, if shot again within this 60s timer, player is killed instead of critically wounded.
    - added resuscitate hands to the civilian collaborator.
    - increased wounded time to 5 min.
    - changed Combat Medic to now be a limited kit.
    - added Automatic Rifleman (limited) and Officer Ironsites (limited) to the spawn menu.
    - improved check for squad members close when setting RP so it will hopefully count again players inside APCs.
    - removed check if the player already allocated the kit being requested again to avoid annoyances when losing the kit.

    Menu / Interface / Installer
    - added custom PR splash screen.
    - added new background movie, greatly decreasing file size.
    - heavily improved the server browser in the main menu.
    - added server info popup with detailed server information.
    - added "Auto-Deploy" to automatically join full servers when a slot is free.
    - added news ticker.
    - removed MOTD popup.
    - improved options menus to be easier to use and to fix bugs.
    - added back pr.exe, bigger and better than before, now works properly with EA Downloader versions as well.
    - added .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to PR installer, required for new pr.exe.
    - tweaked spawn screen and improved all kit selection icons.
    - added ability to easily integrate localized text when they are completed as separate addons.
    - added version checking to ensure that everything is installed correctly.

    - added M249 with Elcan Scope for USMC, USA and GB.
    - changed all faction LMG's to now have 4x zoom on the deployed mode, and no zoom on undeployed (all conventional factions will eventually get scoped LMG's).
    - changed all DM rifles to now use their own ammo variant (no tracers, "zeroed" out to 600m).
    - added new 1p animations for all Sniper Rifles and the ironsights No. 4 enfield.
    - added new 1p reload animations for the QBZ 95 LMG.
    - increased Insurgent/Taliban SVD Dragunov mag count from 3 to 12.
    - increased AKS74U recoil by 50% and deceased accuracy by 30%.
    - decreased AK47 accuracy - 30% less accurate than conventional army rifles.
    - increased Pistol damage drop-off.
    - changed G3A3 series mag count from 8+1 to 6+1 and from 6+1 to 4+1 for supporting classes.
    - improved all PDW/SMG deviation to be more realistic.
    - increased AT mine max limit to 30 in world at one time per life.
    - tweaked 1p M203 reload.
    - tweaked 1p M4/M16 reload.
    - decreaseed Epipen damage from 1000 down to 10.
    - changed Alquds to automatic fire mode by default.
    - added "hold bolting until button release" function on the Ironsight enfields.
    - changed all LMG undeployed deviation to handle better in CQB.
    - changed all LMG deployed deviation to handle better at long range (effective up to 800m).
    - changed all LMG deployed deviation so it now takes eight seconds to settle, but they can be fired from all stances.
    - decreased all LMG sight in time for undeployed to 0.6 seconds.
    - changed Insurgent/Taliban RPG deviation - Increased settle time to 4 seconds (from 2). Accuracy reduced to 25% of what it was.
    - increased all conventional L-AT weapons deviation settle time from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
    - decreased L-AT/RPG splash radius from 10m to 6m.
    - standardized reload/firing times on Hellfire missles.
    - removed crosshair from binoculars.
    - removed startup delay for cobra/apache cannons.
    - changed USMC Officer & Heavy AT classes to now use M4 variants.
    - changed US Army combat medic to have ironsights M4.
    - tweaked all recoil animations to be 'snappier' and make fully automatic fire slightly harder to aim with.

    - added new PLA WZ551A with new QJC-88 MG.
    - added 360 degree Commander periscope to all APC driver positions to simulate a Commander/Driver combo (like the tanks).
    - changed Tranport Helicopter damage system - they now have twice the amount of HP, but get their engine disabled around 70% HP. This means crash landings will be much more common and gives passengers chance to escape more often.
    - added crewman kit requirement for all tank cupola gunners.
    - added new code to not allow gunners without drivers in tanks, apcs and mobile AT vehicles. You can still drive by yourself if your driver/gets out, but you won't be able to gun without somebody in the driver seat. Check only takes place when getting inside the gunner seat.
    - changed HMMWV Avenger 50cal ammo count from 4 magazines to 1.
    - PLA Type 95 AA vehicle has separated driver and gunner now.
    - improved BTR60 off-road and climbing performance.
    - changed Hydra/S8/S5 rockets to have more realistic deviation and acceleration. Kudos to the "Combined Arms" coders.
    - changed A10 Hydra rocket count to 38.
    - changed Z10 S5 rocket count to 64.
    - improved off-road performance of UAZ Jeep - should flip less often.
    - improved logistics/transport trucks off-road performance.
    - removed front passenger ability to fire weapon for all logistics/transport trucks.
    - added two extra passengers to RHIB.
    - added "periscope" view to co-driver of BRDM-2 (seat 3)
    - swapped the TOW meshes on the vBF2 TOW missile files so they use the new USI TOW Mesh instead of the crappy vbf2 one.

    - standardized vehicle engine sound distances. cars/wheeled vehicles = 200m, tanks/tracked vehicles = 600m, helicopters = 800m, jets = 1000m.
    - increased audible distance of bullet impacts.
    - changed A10 autocannon firing sound.
    - added new Hydra/CAS Dumb Fire rocket explosion sounds.
    - added new QBZ series firing sounds.
    - added new L85 series firing sounds.
    - added new flyby sounds to 20-30mm Attack Helicopter rounds.
    - added new fly-by sound to all APC 25mm projectiles.
    - added new fly-by sound to all Attack Helicopter unguided missles.
    - added new firing sound for hydra rockets.
    - added new firing sound for cobra/apache cannon.
    - removed commander radio voice messages for all spottings (only shows text now) to lessen the unpleasant audio spam when CO is doing heavy spotting.
    - tweaked M24 3p fire sound.

    - Bi Ming performance tweaks, should run much better now.
    - Fallujah West performance tweaks, should run better (or not :P )
    - Karbala edits to US Mainbase, moved to NE corner of map with large dome of death.
    - Jabal added UH1 Huey with Rockets and BRDM Gaskin.
    - Qwai River littlebirds and tanks removed due to low view distance, WZ551A added.
    - various vehicle loadout tweaks on most maps.
    - minor tweaks to map overviews.

    Project Reality v0.86 Bug Fixes

    - fixed civilians being TKed don't get negative "death" counts.
    - fixed checks for when the civilian was helping insurgents with medical attention, it should now apply the correct penalties.
    - fixed civilian suicide penalty - now it just uses the default penalty and gives coalition the same intel points as capture (to avoid civs suiciding to not get captured).
    - fixed civilian not being marked as helping insurgents when holding medicbag/epipen for more than 60s.
    - fixed spawn screen kit selection so you can't select another kit while alive/wounded to avoid reviving exploits. Unfortunately you won't be able to select kits during the round countdown timer, but after it reaches 0 you can select a kit and spawn.
    - fixed spawn screen so each time you switch teams you will be on weapon slot 3 to stop exploits.

    - fixed G3 Ironsights and M249 being extra vulnerable to invisible flames.
    - fixed Lee Enfield using the wrong round - fires the correct projectile now.
    - fixed M4 aimpoint/ironsite missing shell ejection.
    - fixed Scorpion recoil for crewmen.
    - fixed L9 mag to have 13 rounds instead of 15.
    - fixed MP5 movement deviation.
    - fixed M14 missing scope texture.
    - fixed Incendiary Grenades to ensure they do not damage armoured vehicles.
    - fixed all MANPADS locktones should be audible now.
    - fixed G3SG1 recoil.
    - fixed AKS74U and SSGP1 not drawing at range.
    - fixed ACOG not having enough black area around them for wide screen users.
    - fixed QBB-95 LMG fire selector switch sound.
    - fixed PPSH default trigger group so its fully automatic.
    - fixed M16A4 M203 super shininess on the M203 launcher.
    - fixed scoped enfield not playing bolting sound when scoped in.

    - fixed BTR-60 driver so he can not be shot out of the APC with 25/30mm HEAT rounds, 50cal, etc.
    - fixed HMMWV Avenger not drawing at long range.
    - fxed HMMWV Avenger camera shake at high speeds
    - fixed Insurgent technicals and cars greatly reducing the ground damage taken.
    - fixed Zis3 AT cannon should now only take 1 incendiary grenade to destroy.
    - fixed BTR60 kit request for MEC.
    - fixed BMP3 bow coaxial guns - should now work properly.
    - fixed rear camera for all logistics/transport trucks.
    - fixed dirtbike passenger from seeing in 3rd person view.
    - fixed issue with stryker sounds.
    - fixed jet wrecks so that the full explosion effect is shown now.
    - fixed BRDM Gaskin/Spandrel gunner so his feet are not sticking through the floor.
    - fixed BRDM cull distance so it should draw at long range now.
    - fixed HMMWV Avenger cull distance so it should draw at long range now.
    - fixed TOW Humvee missile from becoming unguided at long distances.
    - edited KORD 50cal to remove arabic writing
    - fixed BMP3 100mm projectile fly by sound.
    - fixed Stormer HUD text.
    - fixed Tornado GR4 cull distance so it draws at far range.
    - fixed Tornado GR4 ambient radio chatter to be English instead of German.
    - fixed PLA/MEC scout chopper cannon 1p firing sound.
    - fixed M249 on RHIB with ironsites, should now be aligned properly.
    - fixed scimitar and warrior getting heavily/instantly destroyed when touching water.
    - fixed seat animation of support Land Rover passengers.
    - fixed TOW muzzle effect so it does not obscure the view with smoke.

    - fixed issue with forward outpost spawnpoints staying around even after the forward outpost is destroyed.
    - fixed check for spawning near FO, even if there are RPs close you should not get warped now.
    - fixed the hesco barriers so razor wire no longer destroys vehicle that run into it.
    - fixed material on wood houses so shotgun slugshot no longer destroys them.
    - fixed material on bridges - shovels/wrenches should NOT repair bridges any more.
    - fixed supply crate drop distance - crates should now be destroyed when dropped from too far off the ground.
    - fixed repair drop gas canister so its damageable by smallarms, explosions etc.
    - fixed the Russian Apartment Buildings static mesh to hopefully get rid/cut down the lag on fallujah west and other new maps.
    - fixed collision mesh bug with the ME Apartment buildings where ppl could walk into walls.

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Re: Server is now running .860

    Link to the download is here, or will be soon.....


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      Re: Server is now running .860

      Too bad they havent released the patch yet :/
      They will soon tho..


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        Re: Server is now running .860

        I get back on Sunday, quinling 32 24/7 when I get back


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          Re: Server is now running .860

          No Sangin? Finally...I can get on TG the first try! ;)


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            Re: Server is now running .860

            Thanks. Stay patient waiting for the downloads guys, even when the links appear it will take a little while to download them.


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              Re: Server is now running .860

              PR .86, AA3 Debut, and the IPhone 3.0 update/release of 3gs (ahh the memories of the IIgs), Trifecta now in play.
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                Re: Server is now running .860

                Originally posted by Delta*RandyShugart* View Post
                PR .86, AA3 Debut, and the IPhone 3.0 update/release of 3gs (ahh the memories of the IIgs), Trifecta now in play.
                ArmA2! ;)


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                  Re: Server is now running .860

                  this is most viewed thread so far lol
                  there is like 10 people watching it at every moment


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                    Re: Server is now running .860

                    Originally posted by orpal View Post
                    this is most viewed thread so far lol
                    there is like 10 people watching it at every moment
                    Actually 16 right now.


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                      Re: Server is now running .860

                      Patiently waiting for the download. I bet the download site is getting more traffic than this post....


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                        Re: Server is now running .860

                        Official Reality Mod tracker now lists the 0.86 files. Torrents can be found in the same place as 0.856. Don't forget to seed.


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                          Re: Server is now running .860

                          Torrent is also available in the IRC channel description.

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                            Re: Server is now running .860

                            lookie what og.warrior found


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                              Re: Server is now running .860

                              I posted this in the other .86 thread, but just to reinforce...

                              Please, anyone else who is downloading these torrents, keep them open to seed for everyone else! I usually keep them seeding for a few days after release.
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