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There is no "I" in Team

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  • There is no "I" in Team

    Post up some "Self-Less" ways to support your Squad, or Team.

    Ill start.

    Create Sniper Squad as Insurgent

    Spawn Civie, and let someone else have the Sniper, this way you have a rope, medic bag, and can spot targets for your Sniper.

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    Re: There is no "I" in Team

    Ask the squad leader what HE would like in the squad...not your favorite kit!
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      Re: There is no "I" in Team

      If you see a guy shoveling the firebase you spawn on, help him.
      He just made you able to spawn there, return the favor.


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        Re: There is no "I" in Team

        Take a logi or a humvee on Kashan or Quinling and abandon it in the middle of nowhere

        Make a logi squad since sometimes choppers cant get to somewhere because of AA and you can drop repairs for tanks and APCs

        P.S: Nice thread Pancho


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          Re: There is no "I" in Team

          Make a joke every now and again. Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while.

          Just be sure to have a backup joke, because you could give them gold and they still won't laugh... ungrateful meanie heads... :(


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            Re: There is no "I" in Team

            -Be the first to ask to be your squads Medic.

            -Squad lead an Infantry squad on Kashan 32/64 or Quinling 32/64.***

            -If medic, ask your SL if you can help out some smurfs that are recently down and do it (with support from squad). A lot of people give up too fast when they should just call out and hopefully a blue medic will save your squad from wiping.

            -If waiting for an asset, grab a friend with a shovel and start building FOBs for your team if there aren't enough.

            -When in an APC or Tank, support your infantry squads instead of ignoring them altogether. Going tank hunting is not supporting them.

            -Go commander.
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              Re: There is no "I" in Team

              Make a stryker or apc squad and actually carry troops from point A to point B, then go back and do it again.

              Make a helicopter squad and only fly when there is a clear mission, otherwise sit your ass on the pad at main.

              Defend a flag when everyone else tard rushes the next flag

              Lead a squad with a medic and a SAW as the only specialty kits in it.

              I really liked this one, so I'll repeat it: Start an infantry squad on Kashan 32/64 or QinLing 32/64 (this has to be my favorite one)

              If you join the server in the middle of the round and find a tank in the main, turn around and walk the other direction. Somewhere, a squad leader will be thanking you.

              Don't be afraid to pick up hitchhikers in this game.

              Cover your medic while he works to revive fallen teammates, don't just assume that he can handle it by himself.

              Be nice to new people and show them what TG is all about.

              "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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                Re: There is no "I" in Team

                Start a TOW Humvee squad. Drive it into the river with a full squad. Rage quit.


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                  Re: There is no "I" in Team

                  - Return discarded vehicles back to main to repair/rearm.
                  - If you call for an extract advise whether it's a hot lz or not and if so where is a safe ingress/egress direction.
                  - provide cover fire (even if you can't see the target(s) just start getting rounds downrange).
                  - Throw away your med packs and trust in your squad medic to heal you. That way you're not giving any aid to wounded enemies who may grab your kit for an extra bandage.


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                    Re: There is no "I" in Team

                    -Even if you are not the best pilot, if you see an abandoned trans chopper on Kashan please either coordinate its return to main, or bring it back yourself.
                    -Check your squad and make sure you are not doubled on either Medic or AR, as the squad that one of those kits was taken from will not be able to use it as long as that person has it selected in their spawn screen.
                    -Ask if you can provide another squad with covering fire while they advance.
                    -Ask the CO what he wants you to do with your squad.
                    -Volunteer to create a Logistics squad and coordinate repairs and crate drops for the team.
                    -Ask your medic to keep an eye out on members of close squads who's medic might be incapacitated or too far away to revive a comrade.
                    -Ask your SL what the ROE is going into any situation.

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                      Re: There is no "I" in Team

                      llPancholl with your permission and with the other posters in this thread, I think this would make a great Tactics and Tips topic, tomorrow can I start to post some of these in that forum?

                      if you need supplies/evac/transportation via helicopter MAKE SURE you give as much information as possible in regards to enemy nearby, AA emplacements, if it is going to be a HOT LZ, if its clear, etc etc.

                      Keep in mind the squad you are joining, if it says "BaseDef" it most likely entails that you will be defending, don't just think you will be attacking 24/7 or keep in mind before you join if you think that is the squad you will want to support.

                      Unless otherwise allowed, don't spawn as Medic or AR and leave the squad, if you are given permission to, or ask, and are given permission don't spawn as that kit again. - Plus there have been some known bugs which prohibit players from obtaining that kit again even after you have not chosen that kit.

                      If you spot a target, give the compass direction just not the degree direction.

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                        Re: There is no "I" in Team

                        There is an I in failure, so every time something goes wrong, think how you can make it better next time.


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                          Re: There is no "I" in Team

                          there's no i in team but there is me! 1 main thing, don't take kits if you know somebody has been waiting for it
                          Don't whine if somebody does take your asset or kit. If there's a commander request through them or keep quiet.


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                            Re: There is no "I" in Team

                            Start squadleading, stop being that guy that waits for a squad to be created !


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                              Re: There is no "I" in Team

                              * NEVER ask the squad leader where you should spawn at the beginning of the game. Wait for him to spawn and you will know where you should be.
                              * Comm.trucks are worth ten tickets so treat them like gold dust especially on insurgency maps.




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