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Checking out some Armor this weekend

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  • Checking out some Armor this weekend

    As some of you know, I am taking a road trip starting Thursday that will hopefully cross some paths of some PR TG'ers.

    Before I meet up with some of those TG'ers, I am hoping to go to the National Air Force Museum outside of Dayton Ohio, and also pass through Fort Knox, and visit the General Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor.

    It is here where I look forward to seeing some Cold War Relics, and present Armor Units that we get to use while playing PR, here are some that I plan on seeing:

    Iraq/Soviet Union & Satellite Countries

    T72 Tanks manufactured by the Soviet Union were all used by Iraq in 1990.
    T55 100mm Gun MEDIUM TANK
    w/added armor packs KTO-105

    BMP1 73mm Gun Armored PERSONNEL CARRIER

    Soviet Designation BTR 60PB


    T72M 125mm Gun MAIN BATTLE TANK

    T72M1 125mm Gun MAIN BATTLE TANK

    T72M1 125mm Gun MAIN BATTLE TANK
    with Iraqi modified exhaust system

    Great Britain
    Challenger Prototype MAIN BATTLE TANK
    Shir 2, FV4030/3



    United States

    Early Production

    M1 Tank Test Bed MAIN BATTLE TANK
    Reg # J2000C

    XM1 Prototype Number 1 MAIN BATTLE TANK
    Abrams Tank

    The above is just a taste of what is listed on the site.

    I am also looking forward to visiting the Air Force Meuseum, that should be a treat, and hoping that the weather holds up.

    It will be great to see the Soviet Union era Armored Vehicles up close, and it will be a first for me.

    Anyways if you live in the area's of Cleveland, Louisville, St. Louis, Lexington KY, Maryland, D.C. and Philly and we haven't chatted through PM's let me know, I'd be more than happy to do a meet and greet.
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    Re: Checking out some Armor this weekend

    I need to take a holiday in the U.S. Sounds interesting.

    Australia, bah. nothing interesting compared.

    Come here if you want a taste of the most foul mouthed country in the world haha!:row__593:



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      Re: Checking out some Armor this weekend

      That collection looks really good, hope you have fun. A month ago there was a 'Tank Fest' at the tank museum in Bovington, UK. It was really good, there were tanks from all eras, most were still inside but a lot was brought out.

      Most the stuff, some of the tanks wouldn't start lol, did a display on the testing area. The British Army did a display, had the Challenger 2, Scimitar, Warrior, AS-90, Panther, Trojan and the Starstreak AVS. Some WW1 and WW2 stuff was there too. There was a display by a Tiger I, which was brilliant, I guess that's what most people turned up for ;). There was some Cold War stuff and a few other odds and ends. Three Leopard I went round together and that Swedish Stridsvagen showed off its suspension, would be interesting to see if that would work in PR :D.

      I would recommend checking it out if you ever come to the UK. Even if there are no displays on, the museum is very good.

      P.S. There are some photos and videos from the even here (I can't post the link properly...) -


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        Re: Checking out some Armor this weekend

        Passing through Dayton? Thats my hometown, and home of my alma mater the University of Dayton Flyers.....wonder how they got that name :) however I'm currently at Ft. Bliss, TX.

        The air force museum is pretty cool except I've been there too many time on field trips throughout my elementary school days. They have some pretty cool stuff there.




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