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  • Stay up to date to the latest PR news

    I noticed that a lot of the updates posted in the PR forums don't get to these forums, so I thought you guys would like to know about other options to stay in touch.

    I posted about it here:

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]dbzao
    With so much new content and people involved with the mod, we want to keep the community in touch with the latest development via news posts, dev blog posts and development highlights from contributors and community factions. Also we are promoting special events from the PR community as well as our own in-house events.

    You can get this information from several sources. Here are some of them:


    All the information is on the forums, of course. You can check the News and Announcements subforums for each type of news.


    The forums provide RSS feeds for each subforum, but you can also subscribe to this combined feed that lists all of them in a single feed with some nice extra information.


    You can get this same info by following PR's Twitter feed @realitymod.


    With some nice thumbnails and short descriptions on the FriendFeed page.


    There are some other facebook pages that feature PR, but this is the official PR Facebook Page supported by the team. You should become a fan (or as 2Slick4u would say: FAN UP!) and receive PR news in your Facebook News Feed.


    meh... :p

    In-game News Ticker

    Don't forget the PR News Ticker at the bottom of the in-game menu. It gets updated with some of these posts, showing newer ones in blue, older ones in grey and important ones in red.

    We will be compiling all these highlights in "Highlight Reels" posted (hopefully) more regularly on the homepage, so keep an eye for them as well.

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    Re: Stay up to date to the latest PR news

    Great post dbzao! Thanks for all that info, as I for one certainly didn't know all this and spend alot less time than I should in the PR website right now.

    Why I never thought of PR on Facebook is beyond me ^^


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      Re: Stay up to date to the latest PR news

      The News Ticker was an excellent addition. You get up-to-date info about anything new that happens with PR. That's the main thing I use to find out new things coming to PR.



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        Re: Stay up to date to the latest PR news

        Perhaps this is a good spot to mention Dispo posted about the new patch and PR in BF2 1.5 Patch and PR Compatibility .

        The thread is closed however. Considering this, this seems the right spot to suggest to sticky Dispo's post and this one.

        This one because new items are relevant at all times and can be a direct lnk to the PR mob, and updated with other links.

        And Dispo's one because until the PR patch is done isn't it wiser to sticky his notice until all are informed of the relevant PR update (or it may fall out of the noticable threads) until all these changes are well past and sorted out.




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