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  • We need your help!

    (Already posted in the Vanilla forum, but I want max exposure :) )
    Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you what we need. One thing that we here at TG Content Development always need are news submissions. New news on our front page keeps it fresh and attractive to new visitors and helps keep them here to become apart of the community. Believe it or not, the CD team has a hard time getting new, fresh news for the front page of As we get going with the revamping of the TG Content Development team, we need the communities help for articles, and ideas.

    Now, you might be asking yourself, "What can I do to help?" The answer is simple. Post your gaming news, IHS events, hardware news, TG news, and almost anything else. You find out that an IHS is planning a scrim? Let us know! Did you hear about the latest version of your favorite game? Post it up! Did you see some cool new piece of computer or gaming hardware? Shout it out! Do you know about a significant event in TG? Speak up! Did you spy a cool development on the web, a cool topic here in the forums, great price on a game, or something(anything) that you think the people that visit TG would be interested in? Tell us about it!

    Submitting content is a great way to get involved in TG. If you submit a news item then you have helped leave your own impression on TG. (There is also a very nice side effect of helping relieve all the work from the CD team.) Don't think that if you're not a great writer than you can't submit content. Far from it. Even giving us a link with a quick description is a big help. If you do want to submit an article, don't be afraid of misspelling things. The content submission forum is between you and the CD team. Our goal is to help get great news items to the front page and we will help you.

    So, you want to write an article? GREAT! "But how?" you ask? It's easy. Just write about your chosen topic. Quote other sites, articles, interviews, and give us the facts on the news item. Know what else? Your news item does NOT have to be a page long! A two paragraph article is often a good length as we don't want to bore visitors to the site with LOTS of detail right off. If you want to write a long article you may by all means do so, but how about just giving us a brief overview of the article and a link to the thread of the full length version that you posted elsewhere in the forums?

    Ready to go?
    We only have a couple important things to keep in mind:
    1. Please make sure your title is accurate and descriptive. Let us know what the article is about. A good title also grabs peoples attention.
    2. Your post content should be largely original. Don't just post a large quote from another site without any substantial original work. If you can't write at least a couple sentences of original content, you may want to re-think the post.
    3. Keyword Linking is a very important part of posting news items. Where possible, creating URL links to other pages or forum categories within the Tactical Gamer web site is highly encouraged. Search engines are indexing our web site on an almost daily basis and having appropriate keywords linked off the main page helps the spiders find the content deep within our site. It also increases the result position for TG when a search on those keywords is made. The current CSS style for TG allows for very "passive" links. Simply making a URL link to another area of the site results in that text being only slightly greyed out when reading the article. This is ideal for search engines while being non-intrusive to human readers. Links of importance for human readers can be bolded or colored to draw more attention to them.

    So what are you waiting for? SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT HERE!!. We have our own dedicated, private forum for sending us your articles! An eager Content Development team will help you with getting YOUR news to the front page!



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