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  • glad to be back

    home that is...USA. My (unexpected) sec job is done and I want to know what I need to be good to go with PR again. If any of you would be so kind. Just a quick "load this you idiot" would be fine. I make a mean target. And I can miss a tank from nearly 100 feet, I dont fly so you can keep your jets and helo's but I do like to hold a hilltop.....

    Shoot Naked.


    PS, gotta send cap a check I guess too...
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    Re: glad to be back

    Geez! Finally!
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      Re: glad to be back

      Alright Stevie! Welcome back!

      New version of BF2 - 1.5. Download and install per instructions.

      New version of PR - download it (might as well do the full install), then check the stickies at the top of our PR forum for the ALT-TAB hotfix - instructions are there for it's usage.

      You're all set.

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      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        Re: glad to be back

        Thanks Dispo and Skud! I found that I should (no idea why) load mumble too. Will do tonight and see if I can get some time in game. Been on COD because of the easy in and out....

        PS, I apologize for the first few TK's now. Yes, I will drop a nade when trying to hit comms.
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          Re: glad to be back

          You should try out mumble because its a lot easier to communicate with near you than typing. Some people do have technical problems with it so if you can't figure out how it works or some details there are lots of people that can explain it to you.

          And of course welcome back, I think I may have played with you a few tmes.


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            Re: glad to be back

            Welcome back Stevie!!!! I hope during your travels you were able to find Nerds_R_Cool and John Flenley (SP?), and bring them back as well. Nevertheless welcome back! Look forward to seeing you on the PR battlefield!! (Hopefully you will have better luck being transported in helo's as opposed to your in-game name who is the greatest guitar player who ever lived.)
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              Re: glad to be back

              Welcome Back Stevie

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