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My little rant about a round last night...

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  • My little rant about a round last night...

    Ok I'm not one to really complain about anything but something last night on the Kashan map kinda upset me & well I want to vent a little. Like I said it was last night on the Kashan map, with a full 31 players on each side I believe, now granted we won the map by a landslide this issue still upset me to see. I was on the MEC side with several TG members & inhouse squad members. At the beginning of the round we had six to seven 2 or 4 man locked squads & they were all heavy assets i.e tanks, bdrm (or whatever they are), helo trans & havoc, leaving only one to two squads left to take the flags. Now what concerns me about this is these assets were lead by TG members & manned by mainly TG members, now I have nothing but respect for all you guys but don't you think thats kinda messed up to do? Couldn't you have just made 2 or 3 full squads for assets & left room for more ground troops? I know several people in my squad were bitching about seeing all these locked squads and all the armor out on the field and only 2 squads attacking flags, at one point it was only one squad getting flags.

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    Re: My little rant about a round last night...

    Originally posted by asch View Post
    Now... if you're working hard on the aforementioned items then make a post in the contact-an-admin (CAA) forum to discuss it with the admin team. Do not start a new public thread. Point the admin to the AAR thread about the round in question and explain to them why you think there is legitimate stacking.

    If the community cannot come together to work on these things then the effort is already lost. Don't let it come to that.

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