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  • Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

    Approved ribbons through December 7, 2009. Congratulations gentlemen!



    |TG| Trilita
    [SKY] K22
    [GDS] Borisbr
    prWars OldieBones


    Qwai PR server

    When: 29th October 2009 about 5:00 am GMT+1


    Random flag setup was Processing, Gov and Estate.

    At the beginning we capped proc and built a fb there, then Gov was capped and we went with a boat in the river near their main, got in cap zone of estate and capped it. We had a rp at PLA flag. 2 of my squad spawned back there and we greyed PLA. Unfortunatly the whole team was going for PLA and we lost the flag, also estate then cause our team was pinned down at gov and couldnt move to estate.
    We killed 3 apcs after we got taken out at PLA with the tow, then my fault i drove over a mine. gov was lost to the enemy and we helped to cap it back. At this time the enemy greyed proc. We went back to proc to cap that again. After that we capped Estate and PLA, winning the round by a few tickets.

    Trilita got the hat kit and did an awesome job killing every apc that came near us.
    The squad worked perfect together, good communication, excellent teamwork, ...

    Without this players i wouldnt be able to work like we did.

    If every squad would work like this it would be awesome.

    Award: Valorous Unit




    Medic Service Fall 2009 and Asad Kahl Oct 31, 2009


    DrProctor has really started making an impact in the PR server as a dependable and experienced medic. His role is usually medic, and you can see him almost every day delivering the epi-pen on the battlefield.

    DrProctor was my medic AGAIN on Asad Kahl yesterday, and he got high score for the round after reviving my team over and over and over again. It made me think of all the times recently when DrProctor was my medic, and I have to say, it was almost every game I have squad lead when he is around the server in recent memory.

    DrProctor was my medic in the Muttrah City Slug Fest a few weeks back as well. He stayed with my squad in the scrim for over 3 hours, keeping us alive and in the fight. I donít have a screen capture of that, but it was nevertheless an epic support function for my squad and the team.

    This ribbon nomination is not just for the scrim and the game mentioned above. DrProctor has been doing medic quite a bit out there over the last 3 months or so, and I hope you can remember an instance of him being your medic as well. He is very dedicated, follows orders and is always at the right place at the right time.

    I submit this nomination as a collective one for all of the medic time he has compiled over the last several months.

    Award: Medic Specialist - Class I




    following took place on the TG Project Reality Server
    on the map Fallujah West.

    I was on the Insurgent side and decided to lead an effective sniper squad.
    During the squad assignments I created a "collaborator/sniper" squad.
    Bullseye joined it immediately volunteering to be the collaborator.
    Actually I intended to be the guy withe rope and the medic but Bulls told me that he is not very good at good shooting with the SVD.
    I let one more person in. With me as a Cell leader, Bulls as the medic
    and |TG-Irr|Nixon as the sniper we made our way to some high buildings east of the USMC main base.
    Unfortunately Nixon ctd and so I took a hold of the Dragunov.
    We had a good firing postion and I was able to pick of some enemies running around inside and outside their main.
    But after some time Bullseye got killed and I didn't hesitate to take the medic kit and
    revived him. So our roles changed. Bullseye was now the sniper and I was the collaborator.
    He told me that he had only shot a couple of times with this rifle so I gave him a little crash course on how to use it.
    And to my surprise Bulls killed an enemy Auto-Rifleman, who was located on the H-shaped building inside their main base, on the first shot.
    I thought he just got lucky and marked the next target. An enemy Heavy AT
    located near one of the windows inside the same building. It was a tricky shot,
    because only the target's head was visible. i was just about to tell Bulls to wait for
    a better shot, but he had already killed him. I was completely stunned.
    Bullseye was able to perfectly fullfill what I had told him about the rifle and how to use it.
    While we continued engaging the USMC main base a huge battle took place
    at the mosque located south of the H-shaped building.
    The enemy started to build an HMG on top of the building and was able to pinn down
    our teammates. We were asked to get rid of the enemy inside this HMG,
    but from our current position we were not able to get a clear shot.
    We started to move south and found a good firing postion. I marked the HMG
    but Bulls had already taken out the person who was using it.
    He was now shooting from a crouched position, but was still hitting even better.
    Hostiles on top of the H-shaped building were now looking for us.
    But they were looking to the east and since we had already moved to the
    south it was an easy task for Bullseye to pick every single one of them off.
    I had a report of an enemy Auto-Rifle on the west side of their main pinning down
    friendly ambushers on the main road.
    We made our way to a roof where we would be able to have a shot on him.
    It was a hell of a shot. 390m. Bulls took the shot. He hit the target's chest.
    We were waiting patiently for him to popp up again, but our killcount
    just increased with another kill. The Auto-Rifleman had bled out.
    Bullseye immediately focused on something I hadn't even noticed.
    The HMG was manned again, but once more Bulls was able to kill with one shot,
    making life a little easier for our guys who were still fighting over the chache inside the mosque.
    We killed a couple of more guys, but it was time to move.
    I heard of an enemy sniper inside the H-shaped building. We moved back to our first
    position on top of the hight buildings east of the USMC main base.
    There were already people typing "gg". I couldn't believe the round was almost over.
    I hadn't even realised that we had already played 2 hours already.
    But Bulls was still focusing on the sniper.
    He was close to one of the windows on the floor just below the roof top.
    The sniper was now looking at us. At the exact same moment both, Bullseye and the enemy sniper pulled the trigger of their rifles.
    Bulls died and so did the sniper.
    The round was just about to end when I got Bulls up again to save our perfect kdr.

    On the whole Bullseye2550 killed 13 enemy soldiers during that round.
    4 Automatic Riflemen
    2 Marksmen
    2 Enemies manning the HMG
    1 Medic
    1 Combat Enginneer
    1 sniper
    and 2 guys I have no idea of what kit they had, because I only saw their heads.

    13 kills may not seem that much.
    But a really effective sniper engages high-priority targets and not just everyone he
    happens to spot and not just anyone who would be able to track a sniper's shot immediately.
    And this is exactly how Bullseye worked this round. Extremely precise,
    always concerned about not giving away our position, always checking the ammo status
    and he even thanked me for being the one who does the "boring" job.
    Not many snipers I had spotted for had this kind of additude.
    In fact I can't remember a single one.
    I'm more than happy that Bullseye joined my squad that round
    it was definately one of the best I had in my PR career and even though
    I never thought of Bulls as a deadly, precise shooter, I would
    now say |TGXV|Bullseye2550 if I was asked who the best sniper was
    I had ever got the chance to spot for.

    Award: Distinguished Sniper

    :icon33: 189th Infantry Brigade WIKI Site

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    Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

    Woot Congrats guys!
    I'm Back.


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      Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

      Tman, you forgot to award me "Most awesome and amazing dude on the intarweebles and PR" please amend :)

      Anyway, congrats guys! Well deserved! *gives sambucca to everybody*


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        Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

        Hehe it's easy to tell who wrote Bullseyes nomination.

        Anyhow, good work!



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          Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

          Gongratz everyone!


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            Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

            The story is right above the ribbon. Bullseye was awarded it.

            | |


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              Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

              That's amazing. NO ONE gets sniper ribbons anymore. It's like... wow.


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                Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                gj guys :)
                ..true, I've never seen a sniper ribbon going out during my time here at TG.


                We snipe the TG way


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                  Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09



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                    Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                    Yay! my first ribbon!

                    Thanks and congratz guys...


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                      Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                      Congrats guys!


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                        Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09


                        In-Game: |TG-Irr|Dreves


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                          Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                          Congratulations everyone!
                          |TG-Irr|Sirsolo since 18OCT08.

                          Carpe Diem


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                            Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                            Way to go folks !!!



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                              Re: Approved Ribbns 07DEC09

                              Good job!

                              Nice to see more and more ribbons being spread around. :)




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