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Tor clă banned

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  • Tor clă banned

    Good Night,

    Fist thing, i want to introduce myself, I'm the leader of brazilian PR clă [TOR], my nick in the game is [TOR]_ROCAM, we alway play serious and we always respect the servers rulles and others players.

    Today day december 16, about 01:30 am, we were playing PR in your server TACTICAL GAMER, the map was JABAL AL BURJ and we were members of MEC team.

    I was in a AA vehicle with my buddy of clă [TOR]_Marcus1980 , we were looking for choopers, we were on the beach, going near to DAM.

    So the radar of the AA found 2 choppers, and we imediatly fire on them and we destroyed them, but we dont know that they were in the boat taking off.

    Pay attention, we were on the beach, we couldnt see the american boat in the ocean, so when the radar of the AA track then, we fire immediatly.


    We were on the beach, near DAM, so how can we know, that the choppers wasnt flyng.

    It’s not fair to ban our clă from the server.

    And other thing, you guys didn’t give us chance to defend ourselfes, immediatly you guys banned us, this is not fair, you only accept the version of the pilots, you need to investigate to do such seriou thing lika a ban.

    So in the name of TOR clă, I ask for a admin to unbanned TOR_ROCAM and TOR_MARCUS1980. Because we do not make nothing against the rules. We fire on chopper on the beach, we were defending the beach against the chopper, and we do not know that they were not flyng.

    I really believe that you admins are serious and will investigate what really happen and unbanned us.

    Thank you very much.

    Sorry about my english, i do not speak fluently, here in Brazil we only speak Portuguese.

    I’m here for any question.


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    Re: Tor clă banned

    Thread locked. Post in our Contact an Admin forum, read the sticky there on how to appeal a ban and follow the procedures.

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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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