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  • From the 'other' team

    Yesterday, being the day after Christmas, saw a pretty packed server after a server crash sent us to Sunset City. That match was fun and hard fought, teamwork was appearant on both teams and the ending battle was a close 8 tickets with the US losing. After Sunset we went to Kashan Desert 16, a fun map indeed, however, a sixth of the server disagreed and left.

    As time went on a brilliant battle was being fought over Kashan's South Village, with teams of highly organized and skilled squads maneuvering after Humvee raids. Overall, the battle was a very good battle even if the MEC team was poorly organized when compared to the US team. My squad specifically fended and held SV until the very end. Pushing back at least three waves of attacks with little more than HMGs and Wires.

    By the time the map had ended the server had been full for most of the hour and half long fight. A quick look at the teams would show that most TG players, along with veteran's of the TG servers, were all on the US team. Of the entire MEC team, only Bastard (I think) was on our team.

    Even worse would be mumble usage. Fewer than six people were using mumble on the MEC team, and apart from myself no one was using the SQD leader channel.

    I had mentioned this by near the end of the map, frustrated that so many team focused people were on the US team, something, that realistically, is not random. Of course, mentioning of stacked teams lead to the usual claim of whining and spamming. When at this point it was fact even if the stacking was unintentional.

    Throughout the next few maps and couple of hours, until the map Muttrah was played, the stacking persisted and became more and more unbearable to me. The stacking was so successful that it was nearly impossible to have balanced teams on Ramiel, most of the time being 30-32 or at worst 26-35. The mumble channel on team 2 was absolutely packed (this team was blu force) while team 1 mumble had a scant three people on at the beginning. Bastard, Callous Disregard, and Myself. Callous would end up on the US team.

    I admit to complaining by this point. At which for the last five hours the TG community stacked the teams in which nearly all of one team were team players and the other team was not.

    I wish to congratulate those people, and I do mean this honestly, at playing very very well and organized. They proved that an organized team is capable of great things, some things thought impossible by the people who dislike PR beta (Blufor winning INS).

    However, I feel that it was entirely unfair to people who play the game straight (i.e. no team switching). Such behavior, intentional/unintentional/or semi-intentional, takes away the ability of certain players to play an enjoyable game with a good, organized, and talented community.

    I have no issue with people wanting to play with their friends and buddies on one team specifically. Kilgore has a point when he says it would be unfair to him to be forced to play with a team that doesn't want to play together. My issue is that it should have been advertised as a one team is for mumble, the other team is for non-mumble. This way it would have been at least honest rape.

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    Re: From the 'other' team

    You had teams of 26-35? That's impossible, first of all, 32 is the max on one team.

    Second of all, autobalance.. O.o ..


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      Re: From the 'other' team


      Please read the stickies and search before posting a new topic.

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