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Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

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  • Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

    Ok, so first I'm going to justify myself somewhat... I'm not talking about people who are stupid. I'm talking about people who do things that everyone knows is "stupid" and will be bad for the team.

    I know PR is a game, and I play it like a game. But stupid actions... um.... irritate me, and I'm sure they do to other players also. I've been in many cases of these and I really don't know what to do?

    A.) Blufor soldier takes a HAT into the city on an insurgency map.
    B.) Taking a sniper into a city and doing close quarters combat with no support.
    C.) One man logi trucks that ditch them in them middle of no where. And I don't mean logi squads... Talking about a sniper
    D.) People that charge into enemies repeatedly after being wiped out with no change to strategy.

    Now as far as I know, only two counts exist now...

    1.) report for lack of teamwork
    2.) report for asset wasting

    However... what if it was a squad who was doing it, technically they are doing teamwork
    What if the logi truck driver was doing the right thing but insist on driving into a tank that the team was spotting.

    *yesterday, on a round of basrah, a team of sniper and hat was on the hotel roof next to our mosque and we took both kits. And used them to kill the APC. I know that people on the blufor team was probably telling the HAT team to not give them a kit.

    So what can we do if we see a squad carry a hat into the city of say fallujah...

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    Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

    I say you simpley can't say how should other people play. If they don't break any rules our hands are tied.

    Explain them why do you think it is a bad idea to do something, and ''you'' is in bolt because it is your own personal opinion, not everyones. So make sure you approach the thing accordingly.

    People are stupid in real life and people are stupid in PR, you can't really heal stupidity can you ?

    Oh yea, did I meantion going commander and taking care of ''offenders'' by actually leading them, nothing is worse as a back seat commander.

    And last, a bit less worrying about other a bit more about ourselves wouldn't harm us.


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      Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

      I think a rule on stupidity would require LOTS of policing. As nice as it would be to have that rule, its not practical for the admins.

      Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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        Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

        Having/Being a CO was properly coordinate asset usage, and what squads are doing what and if they need those certain speciality kits to be successful.

        If players are repeatedly not following the CO then there are several ways for the CO to intervene and then if it doesn't fix itself admins/!reporting can also help/solve the problem

        If you are a SL and find that the players you have under your control are not following anything you ask, you can give them warnings, kick them from your squad, report them if necessary.

        Other than that, alert the players of the website and the PR forums, usually if the team as a whole agrees that what those certain players are doing is not for the team and only for themselves then players will change their actions.

        But right away saying that someone is stupid because his/her is doing something with a kit or asset that isn't to your standards isn't the right way to go about it.

        Now if a player is just wasting assets, !report them, get on TS find an admin, see if there is one on mumble, on xfire, etc.
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          Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

          Make your community private, i.e, passworded server.


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            Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

            Originally posted by nk87 View Post
            Make your community private, i.e, passworded server.
            Not sure what your point is here. TG is not about excluding the general public.


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              Re: Stupidity is not against the rules... Should it be?

              We have rules in place against lack of teamplay (which wasting assets goes under). I think those are simple enough for everyone to comprehend and follow.

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