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  • PR Haiku

    Introducing the Tactical Gamer Project Reality Haiku thread!

    Some silly fun inspired by the sporadic poetry found in and by caffeine's sig.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Poems should be submitted in 3/5/3 or 5/7/5 syllable format.
    2. The poem must pertain to PR.

    You may use punctuation as you see fit.

    Here are some to start us off:


    kill an entire squad
    knife firebase, burn crates
    die by friendly fire


    Ode to Kashan

    long walks in the sun
    assets for everyone
    what is not to like?


    surrounded by tanks
    angry choppers overhead
    What Would Rambo Do?


    smoke swirls, bullets crack
    nades explode, down goes epi
    you owe me a beer


    battlefield 2 +
    project reality is
    my favorite game


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    Re: PR Haiku

    What the ... oh well... No poet here though!

    You, smurf, ass to the hummer
    don't jump out while driving, BUMMER!

    Breaching shells does not kill
    though breaking locks they always will

    Do not blame the game, nor the player
    blame Wickens, for he's the slayer

    Ten four, roger receiving
    Fk no b!tch, you retrieve em

    amen <---- !


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      Re: PR Haiku

      looking at the server
      seeing players having fun
      I hit connect

      connect I can
      sixty-two to sixty-one
      i make it sixty-two again

      I join in and see the sights
      i am him
      I am the tosser
      Randy = Ace ! - Warlab
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      Level I HazMat Technician
      NYS EMT-B
      Town of Mamaroneck Fire Dept.


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