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A simple question for a old timer

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  • A simple question for a old timer

    It's been a while, ho hum. Regardless...

    I stopped playing for one simple reason; Punkbuster is a *****.

    So, this is a simple question in return; Has Punkbuster become not a ***** in these new versions?

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    Re: A simple question for a old timer

    Just like EA, Punkbuster will never get better, but you just have to update your pbsetup files and such and it should leave you be.


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      Re: A simple question for a old timer

      I would download PB Setup, delete the PB Folder from your EA Folder in program files. Remove BF2 from PB Setup, add BF2 in pb setup, click update, make sure the pb folder is in the EA Folder, restart your computer and you should be good to go.

      Also DL Mumble, install it, and log into mumble before turning on PR, and also DL and install the hotfix for BF2 so you don't ctd while switching mumble channels to the appropriate for TG's server. Welcome back!
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