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  • Getting TG back on track

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

    For those of you familiar with "A Tale of Two Cities", by Charles Dickens, you may see some parallels between the plight of the peasants under the aristocracy and the resulting revolution, and what seems to be happening on our server. This post is going to try to address a lot of issues that are boiling just under the surface and hopefully get all of us, players and admins, back on the same page, averting a "revolution" if you will.

    What the state of the server appears to be:
    • Inconsistent and difficult rules are hard to understand, and it seems as though our own admins don't know the rules.
    • The admins are heavy-handed jerks with no tolerance for anything, even innocent joking around
    • The apparent campaign to stomp out all-chat and taunting is driving people away
    • The players are all admin wanna-bes who try to administer the server themselves and can't wait to report a player for the slightest violation
    • Players skirt the edges of acceptable behavior, knowing that they are wrong in the spirit of the rules but not in the letter of the rules.
    • The server is not nearly as full as it once was and it seems harder and harder to populate.
    • Other servers remain full 24/7, even though we feel as though their standards of play and tactics are not up to par with our own.

    This is probably most of the issues that are currently plaguing us, but most likely not all of them. However, it is comprehensive enough for now, and I think they should be addressed individually below.


    The admins all met recently for about 5 hours on teamspeak to discuss several issues. Foremost in this discussion were the rules and our understanding of those rules. The results of that discussion were a revised set of rules that we hope are easier to understand and as such require fewer actual rules.

    Here are the new rules for the PR server:


    1. Respect your fellow gamers, the admins and the Tactical Gamer community.

    CliffsNotes version: Don't be a jerk. Treat others how you want to be treated.
    • We do not allow racist comments or names, nor do we allow strong sexual connotations for in-game communications, including but not limited to: squad names, player names, any form of chat or any form of voip communications.
    • Players will respect any and all admin decisions. Disagreements are to be taken off-line by utilizing our Contact an Admin forums. Public disagreement can and will be met with removal of the player(s) from the gaming server, so consider this post an official warning. Further disruptions will result in a ban.
    • Players will additionally respect the TacticalGamer community and it's rules and policies, including but not limited to the rules on the game server, supporting member kicks, etc. Per the above statement regarding public disagreement with the policies of the community, please take any issues off-line from the gaming server. The admins will remove disruptive players.
    • Mumble-specific rules:
      • 1a. Conversations outside of team planning are to end at the 2:00 mark on the countdown timer before a round starts.
      • 1b. Team planning conversations should occur in the leadership channels only.
      • 1c. Do not spam force-center. Force-center is to be used in the leadership channels only.
      • 1d. Behave in a mature and respectful manner at all times. Keep your language acceptable at all times. If a player or admin asks for the language to be toned down, do it immediately and without argument.

    2. Realism rule

    CliffsNotes version: Play the game right.
    • The goal of Project Reality is to mimic real life combat in as close of a manner as possible in a computer game while still keeping game play fun. At TacticalGamer, we emphasize playing the game using real-world tactics and realistic game play. As such, we disallow activities on the server that are contrary to this goal and will remove players abusing aspects of the game or gaming engine that do not follow this guideline.
    • Below are several specific activities that violate the "Play the game right" philosophy and will result in a warning, kick or potentially a ban from the admins for offending players. Final judgment is left to admin discretion, so it is advisable to avoid any of the listed situations and others where activities could be deemed to be abusive and unrealistic.
      • 2a. Players may not intentionally teamwound or teamkill.
      • 2b. Non-insurgent factions may not use suicide vehicles to attack the enemy, nor may they use vehicles to ram other vehicles intentionally.
      • 2c. Players may not abuse the game physics for vehicles to continously run over enemy soldiers.
      • 2d. Game engine exploits and/or map exploits may not be used for advantage.
      • 2e. Vehicles that have both a driver/pilot position and a primary gunner position must be crewed by 2 players with the proper kits to operate those positions at all times. If a crewman is killed or is lost via disconnection from the server, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle to the safety of the main base immediately. Vehicles may not be one-manned from the main to pick up a second crewman or pilot.

    3. Follow the chain of command

    CliffsNotes version: Do what your squad leader says. If you are a squad leader, do what your CO says.
    • Tactical Gamer requires players to follow the orders of their squad leaders and/or their commander. Failure to follow orders can result in removal from the server. To avoid any conflicts, make sure that you communicate with the commanding officer.
    • Additional rules to be followed regarding orders:
      • 3a. Squads require at least two players to be locked.
      • 3b. Players may not take a vehicle currently in use by another squad. Once a vehicle has left the main it is considered to be in use and permission must be received from the squad that took the vehicle or the commanding officer before another squad may take that vehicle.
      • 3c. Vehicle assets may be assigned to a specific squad only through the orders of the commanding officer. If there is no commanding officer, vehicle assets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    4. Main bases are off-limits

    CliffsNotes version: Keep the fight away from the mains.
    • Main bases are locations where a team has permanent spawns for infantry and/or vehicles, and are off limits to attack except as noted below. The maps in Project Reality offer plenty of real estate to fight over, so go fight over the 95% of the map that isn't the main base.
      • 4a. Main bases may not be fired in to nor out of unless and until the last flag for a team is in play (marked with the orange attack marker). Exception: Players may enter the enemy main for attack or capture purposes when the flag in play immediately prior to the main base flag is neutral.
      • 4b. Area attack (JDAM, artillery, mortar) may only be used on a main base that is capturable (the main itself is a flag) and it is marked for attack with the orange attack marker or is neutral (gray).
      • 4c. Exits from a main base may not be camped. This rule does not apply once the main becomes a valid target (see a and b above).
      • 4d. Aircraft engaged by enemy aircraft away from the main may be followed back to their main and engaged until they have landed. Only the aircraft may be engaged under these conditions, nothing else in the main may be engaged.
      • 4e. In Insurgency game mode, mosques with permanent spawn points are to be considered a main base and are subject to all rules above.

    • Rule 4a above allows for entry into an enemy main base if it is also their last flag when the prior flag goes neutral. They may not attempt to destroy vehicles or otherwise engage in base "rape" activities. They are allowed in specifically for the purposes of capturing the enemy flag or positioning themselves to attack once it comes in to play. These troops may be engaged and may fight back at this point. If the prior flag returns to complete control of the enemy team, those players who entered the main must attempt to exit as quickly as possible. They may be engaged and may fight back during this time, but they must be making an effort to leave the main base in doing so. Failure to attempt to leave may result in administrative action being taken.


    We attempted to re-write the rules to make them easier to understand while maintaining the "TG" style of play and uphold the Primer. There are fewer rules, but I think you will find that even though there are fewer in number, they cover the same issues that our previous rules covered.

    One major change should be noted: Insurgents may no longer attack the enemy main. No more bomb cars, no more ambushing the exits, no more mortars on the main. Mains in Insurgency are to be treated exactly as they are in AAS.


    It's not because of realism. We understand that insurgent forces do attack BluFor encampments and forward operating bases.

    This change was made in consideration of game play. The game is far more fun when both sides focus on their objectives instead of hunting for the easy kills or being subjected to constant attacks in their main bases. Insurgent forces should concentrate on protecting their caches and the BluFor should be allowed to concentrate on eliminating the caches. The playing field for the insurgent factions and the BluFor factions has been leveled considerably, and as such, we feel it is no longer necessary to allow insurgents to attack what would normally be a heavily defended base.

    These rules will go into effect Saturday, March 13th, 2010. Please be familiar with them prior to this date. Admins will issue warnings at first if players are violating any of the newer, changed rules, but this grace period will be brief. Leniency will not be given to those players who should be familiar with the rules (ie. forum regulars and TG tag-wearing players).


    This is a topic that will have a wide variety of opinion and input, and is probably pretty widely discussed away from the in-game chat. We don't begrudge anyone for it, because things have been pretty inconsistent and crazy at times.

    Here's where we stand. Your current PR admins are as follows:


    As the Executive Officer for PR, all of these guys report to me (dispo). In turn, I report to the Game Officer for BF2, FBMantis. If you have problems with any of the admins, report it up the chain via a pm or in the Contact Tactical Gamer Administration forum.

    Each of us was asked to become an admin on the server due to reputation, both in-game and on the forums, and our standing in the community. Some of you may not agree, but the decision to add admins is agreed upon by the "higher ups" at TG and made with the best interest of the community in mind.

    Each one of the gentlemen I listed above is a human being. Each of us has a different tolerance level for certain things on the server, as many of you have probably seen. Each of us has good days and each of us has bad days. Each of us puts in a lot of effort to make the PR community the best we can, be it in game, in the forums or behind the scenes. Each of us continues to pay for our SM status despite the countless hours we spend on the community; we receive nothing in return for our services except, hopefully, a better gaming community.

    None of us are perfect, however. We make mistakes. While one of us may let one thing go (for instance, a player saying something in all-chat), another might not be as tolerant. While one of us might not jump into action when a player complains about getting run over, another might pause the server to lecture everyone about the virtues of trying to play realistically and the Primer. Our individual tolerances for different behaviors can, and does, impact each of you. Over time, this may build up some resentment among the community toward the admins as a whole or individually.

    In response, I'd have to just repeat: None of us are perfect. We all try our best to address the issues as we see them in order of urgency. As I mentioned previously, we spent 5 hours together on teamspeak discussing this issue among others. What came out of that is a pledge for us to try our best to be consistent among ourselves, because we recognize that these inconsistencies have just lead to more problems.

    We ask for your patience.

    However, we also ask for something from each of you, and that is what follows.


    Another subject that came up during our meeting was a frank discussion about the community and the behavior of it's players. For the most part it was positive, but there are some glaring issues that really need to be addressed. They can be summarized by the following adage that is used for sports teams everywhere:

    Players play. Coaches coach. Officials officiate. Parents cheer.

    What does that mean?

    It means that you need to do your job based on your role and not worry about what everyone else is doing in theirs. It's when one tries to intervene in what another is doing that problems start.

    Players should not try to admin the server. Players should not start jumping on other players for "spam". Players should not become bullies on the server. Unfortunately, we see this far too often.

    If there is someone violating the rules or causing issues that disrupt the server, by all means, use the !reporting system to bring those players to the attention of the admins. If an admin asks for help in trying to investigate or resolve an issue, by all means provide them with the help if you can. However, do not play back-seat admin. Do not second-guess admin decisions or offer your opinion on admin decisions. If you disagree or see something differently, post about it in the CAA thread. Don't initiate a huge argument in chat that is most likely only going to aggravate the admins and quite possibly result in further action being taken.

    On the forums, it is ok to disagree in a mature manner with someone, even an admin, on a topic. What is not ok is to try to be a moderator when you're not one. Having a mature discussion is one thing, playing moderator or admin when you're not is something entirely different.

    So, the admins are asking that everyone just focus on their role, their job and not try to do someone else's job for them. It's pretty simple.

    Players play. Admins admin.

    Another issue: Players who know the rules use them to their advantage to gain advantage over other players, forgetting entirely about the Primer.

    We see this all the time. Players positioning themselves at the borders of being acceptable to get an easy kill. Players who use the rules regarding assets to take assets from another squad instead of using common decency. The list goes on and on and on.

    It is time for it to end. It is time to rethink about what this community stands for and your alignment with those beliefs. If you can't stick to the Primer and play the right way then it is time to move on. I can tell you that the admins will be cracking down on this. You have been warned.

    Let's talk about the talk

    Two of the reasons we have two team channels for mumble is to avoid having enemies taunt the opposing team when in close proximity and to encourage using mumble to talk to nearby friendlies without worrying about enemies hearing in the same manner as using the BF2 VOIP for squad or commander communications. We'd like the same logic to carry over to the all-chat channel.

    Taunting is immature, so when you get that great shot on a moving chopper feel free to let your squad or team know, but there is no need to point out your success to the opposing chopper. Good-natured teasing of players on the other team is one thing, taunting is something entirely different. The problem is, in all-chat, no one can interpret the tone of what is meant, it is just black and white text with no intonation, verbal or physical cues behind it that we humans have learned to read over eons of evolution.

    As a result, the admins have been cracking down on this to try to keep TG as the mature place to play and to stop arguments from starting or escalating. The success of this has been arguable. Let's just leave it at this: Try your best to keep your excitement about downing the attack chopper out of all-chat. Put it into team chat. If you hit the wrong key, fine. Just don't try to make a habit out of it and more importantly, police yourself. We're all grown-up enough that we shouldn't get our feelings crushed because the guy that shot us down is letting us know about it in all-chat. Ignore him and he'll go away. If things get to be a problem then I guess the admins will have to step in, but we're making an effort to just ignore it and hopefully everyone can respect our wishes for the server.

    The same goes with all-chat. Typing in global seems to cause a lot of outrage on the server. There are players who do use chat to communicate with their teammates and those communications are quickly lost in the constantly scrolling stream of text, so don't make it worse on your teammates and friends by adding unnecessary comments about the map, the mod, the weapons, the vehicles, the weather or whatever else. There are forums for a reason and they should be used appropriately. Again, the admins are not going to be chat police, but we will stop those that are abusing it over and over.

    For your part, the player, we're telling you to stop trying to play chat police also. Do not take it upon yourself to start berating other players for talking in all-talk. The only result of this will be arguments that escalate and leaving players with a bad impression of who we are. Let the admins do their job.

    Players play. Admins admin.

    The bottom line: Try your best to stay out of global. The admins will take the necessary steps for those that abuse global (or team or squad) and truly spam it. Otherwise, let's all just play the game. If you're confused about the rules regarding chat or taunting, please review them. You'll notice that there isn't a rule that stops anyone from talking in global or having some harmless fun. There is a rule about treating others with respect and being mature. Admins will act to warn or remove players who act against either of those directives.

    Server population and TG in the PR community

    The server population issues are what they are. Lower player numbers aren't directly the result of any one thing but instead a combination of many, most of which have been addressed above or at least alluded to. Other factors, such as the supporting member kick, also contribute to dwindling player numbers during prime euro time every day. One thing I would ask is that when players complain of people being kicked and show some ignorance about the sm kick script, we politely - politely - explain it to them, and preferably over voip rather than chat if at all possible. Being rude to someone who honestly doesn't understand the system only compounds the issue and further alienates that player toward TG. Again, let's show some common decency and respect, and take the high road when players become belligerent over the sm kick.

    We've mentioned this before, but what happens on TG reverberates throughout the PR community at large pretty quickly, both the good and the bad. Honestly, a lot of what has been happening here over the past months has been bad. If we can all work really hard to address the issues listed above, and also the countless others that have eluded this post, then I think things can turn around pretty quickly. However, our fate rests in our own hands. Each of us, as individuals, must try to do better if we are to succeed as a group. Our chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, so we must all strive to change our behaviors that are detrimental to the server and the community and help one another make TG better for everyone, even if we have to swallow some of our pride in doing so. In the long run, we'll all be better off because of it.

    Your PR admin team
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    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Re: Getting TG back on track

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      Re: Getting TG back on track

      Couldn't agree more chaps. We're ready for a change.

      I would like to add one thing; Please remember we're here to have fun, not to argue about things or trying to be something we're not just because it's internet and we can hide behind anonymous signature.

      I, myself play to plug my brain from everyday and just relax. It's not a job, you don't have to do it. It's a game, and for a thing you do voulantery you would like to have as much fun as possible right ?

      Thanks Admin team, this issue(s) really needed to be addressed.


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        Re: Getting TG back on track

        Very conscientious and thought out - you outlined all the main problems on the server. The admin teams time is definitely appreciated.
        Before the effect one believes in different causes than one does after the effect.


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          Re: Getting TG back on track

          Oh, when I first saw A Tale of two Cities I thought we were gonna have a Reign of Terror on our hands in the server...You got my all excited for nothing.

          Good luck with with this....You're gonna need it.


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            Re: Getting TG back on track

            Really good post, I'll try to keep all of these things in my head on the forums and ingame.


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              Re: Getting TG back on track

              Some of the admins have excessive pride and take it out on players for such minor things and ban them from the servers.


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                Re: Getting TG back on track

                Originally posted by AurianTitan View Post
                Some of the admins have excessive pride and take it out on players for such minor things and ban them from the servers.
                Off to a good start I see.

                Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is right to do.


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                  Re: Getting TG back on track

                  Originally posted by AurianTitan View Post
                  Some of the admins have excessive pride and take it out on players for such minor things and ban them from the servers.
                  This is part of the problem in my opinion, players disrespecting Admins and their decisions.


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                    Re: Getting TG back on track

                    Originally posted by snooggums View Post
                    Off to a good start I see.
                    Let's not foster passive aggressiveness, snooggums. We have enough as it is.
                    There's animosity on boths sides for many reasons, let's get a fresh start and yell at each other for being idiots from there [/humor].

                    Good changes overall, many of our previous issues have been patched up. Hope to see an improvement in admin-player relations.


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                      Re: Getting TG back on track

                      Roger that.


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                        Re: Getting TG back on track

                        Originally posted by AurianTitan View Post
                        Some of the admins have excessive pride and take it out on players for such minor things and ban them from the servers.
                        Some of the players have excessive immaturity and take it out on admins for such minor things and get banned from the servers.
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                          Re: Getting TG back on track

                          No google, thats not what we are trying to do here.

                          We do understand that there has been some dissimilar attitudes and actions by the Admin team of late. That being said this is a step in the right direction to get all of us even the admins on the same page.


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                            Re: Getting TG back on track

                            I agree with the admin team, and I would like to do my part in making TG a better place for the PR community.


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                              Re: Getting TG back on track

                              The problem is NOT with the admins, nor is it with the players.

                              The problem is with people as a whole, we are all only human and sometimes we don't like what we see others say / do. But it happens and we have to put it aside and forget about it. Let these hard moments pass.
                              Too often players in PR will hold a grudge for life and often this leads to shorter tempers and quick smart-arse remarks. It happens often in VOIp coms, chat and in mumble.

                              We all just need to have a little more respect for each other, if you don't like what somebody says, don't argue just let it go. If it bothers you that much, take a short break. Get yourself a drink and calm down. Too many people take this game and the internet too serious and this happens on both sides for Admins and players. But at the end of the day, jsut like Orpall said. We are here to have fun. So, make it fun or don't play.

                              This new write up that the admins have kindly dedicated their time to do will help get the ball rolling to a better experience for all of us. Now it's up to us players to take the next step by adhering to these new updated rules and to give the admins a chance and patience. Things don't change overnight, they take time but eventually everything will be good.




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