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    As most of you know by now, it has decided that we need a Game Officer position to oversee the Project Reality community here at Tactical Gamer. This position is much more than just being an admin or providing leadership to the admins; it is a position that is really responsible for the entire community of the title, both admins and players.

    First, let's start with the community itself.

    • a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists
    • similar character; agreement; identity

    This would pretty much describe us: a group sharing common interests and we definitely perceive ourselves as distinct from the larger society (TG) within which we exist. We'll, we'd like to think we're a lot different. :)

    Anyway, being part of a community can really be summarized in this: We're all in this together.

    Lately though, actually for quite a while, we haven't really all been in this together, or at least that is the perception of some and quite possibly the reality for many more. As GO, I'd like to start to change that and start bringing us back together.


    Well, first let me start with the easy part by saying that we're getting a brand new server! Yes, you heard right! Apophis has granted my request to move to a new piece of hardware that has more than enough ponies under the hood to handle the beast that PR has become. I'm hoping that this solves a lot of the stability issues we've seen with increasing frequency over the past year or so. This should be online in May, so look for more information about it as the time draws nearer.

    The next issue I want to address is admins, or specifically admin coverage. We don't seem to have enough of either, actually. I realize that this is becoming a major issue, and we cannot run a quality server without an admin around to prevent the quick descent into pure chaos that can so often happen in the online gaming world.

    To address this, I would like to break from normal tradition and allow open applications for admin positions. Well, let me qualify that a little bit: you must be a supporting member of TG. Anyone who is interested can apply. Applications are to be posted in a thread in the Contact an Admin forum. Title the application thread as follows: [Admin Application] player name, and in that thread please post your in-game name and then tell us what your qualifications are and why you think you would be a good admin. Obviously we're not going to take every single applicant; we may take none. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the current admin staff and expect to be questioned back and forth in those application threads. We need more admins, we need more coverage, so if you think you're qualified and you have the desire to turn your life into a complete nightmare then go ahead an apply.

    Next up are the rules on the server itself: We know there are some clarifications needed for some of the rules. Those clarifications will be forthcoming rather soon - like really soon. If any of you are confused about any of the current rules, please ask for clarification from the admins. You can do this by posting in the Contact an Admin forum (several players have done this already) or by sending a PM to an admin. You can also ask us in TS, x-fire or via Mumble (although find a way to do it without interrupting everyone's game while doing it). If you are unsure about whether something is allowed then just stay out of the situations that you are unsure of until the ruling is clarified for you. We tried to make the rules a little simpler and easier to understand, and we all honestly feel like they are much better than the last version but there are some gray areas that need clarification.

    Lastly, we're looking for your feedback. There are an awful lot of supporting members here, and each of you contribute financially to this server and this community to keep it running. However, for too long I feel as though people have been silent on their feedback - good or bad. I would like to try to get us all back to having "similar character; agreement; identity", and so we want your feedback. Also, regardless of SM, we are all part of the same community. I want everyone's feedback, not just SM's. I think my original post could have been misinterpreted as meaning I only wanted SM feedback.

    How can we make our server and our community better? What can we do better? Think out loud. Tell us how we can help you make the TG:PR community a better place.

    I only ask one thing: Keep your responses mature and constructive.

    Ok guys, respond back here with your thoughts. Just remember, we're all members of the same community. We're all in this together.
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    Re: Community

    I am really happy to hear about the new server and admins. I think there are a lot of people here that would be good admins and help the server and community become more popular.


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      Re: Community

      What Chris said. It's gonna be wonderful.


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        Re: Community

        My feedback: well said, big D. I look forward to all of the things coming down the pipe to keep the PR community here rolling with a full head of steam.


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          Re: Community

          Brilliant news!

          Thanks to the admin team for taking action and bettering TG!


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            Re: Community

            Dispo, now that you're in charge, get me an Euro admin ! :)


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              Re: Community

              Right on new server! My computer can finally have a break from constant rubber banding!!! Its like christmas in may!

              Do you really want invincible bears running around raping your churches and burning your women?

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                Re: Community

                Great news! especially happy with the new server really hope that it overcomes the current problem (epic lag, crashing)

                out of interest is it possible to see where the current admins are from? Other then Wicks is there anybody else from this side of the pond?

                edit: to add to the above question, would it be ok to add a list of the admins (and possibly their preferred contact method) to the Server rules sticky thread in this section
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                  Re: Community

                  I could take a leaf from Zedic's book and basically copy+paste his entire post from the ARMA2 Climate Survey thread.. so I think I will. Many of the points he makes are also problems here and I'll comment on a few of them in bold.

                  Originally posted by Zedic
                  Dear admins, this list was going to be the one presented at the "Town Hall Meeting/Admin Call" I was trying to arrange a while back but unfortunatley my schedule has been hap-hazard at best. Seeing that you have made this forums post then I will send the list through here. This list was complied by members of the TG ARMA community and not just myself or my IHS. Task Force Proteus endeavored to interview as many people as we could and compiled this list based on 'gripes' that were made more than once. I omitted gripes that were mentioned by one person and added only those that were echoed by many. The solutions however were made by myself and Task Force Proteus so as to not just have a list of gripes prepared.

                  This list was prepared three weeks ago.

                  That being said, do not take this as a personal attack.

                  Personal Feelings:

                  1. Lack of community involvment.
                  Solution: Administrator participation increased throughout the cadre.

                  2. The locking of forum threads.
                  Solution: Three opportunities for redirection of the thread. Afterward the persons have been warned.

                  3. More active administrators within ARMA2.
                  Solution: Cut out the dead weight and open the cadre to persons that are more active.
                  I think we've handled this nicely with the admin restructuring you've mentioned, new GO

                  4. Poor communication between admins and community.
                  Solution: Have a forums post about future endeavors and what is currently being discussed among the administrators with regards to changes within the community.
                  Okay. We've got this. Next?

                  5. The use of power when making disciplinary decisions.
                  Solution: More consideration in decision making, often persons being banned are not asked for their account and both sides of the issue are not seen. This can be detrimental to morale and I'd just like to ask for more of an investigation. If the issue has been resolved then perhaps the idea of banning persons shouldn't be the first step but instead the last. Let's try and handle issues at the lowest level and try to obtain a more positive response on both sides of the argument.

                  6. Conduct of some administrators.
                  Solution: Higher standards for Administrators and repricussions if they do not meet the standard for deportment.

                  7. Too many admins that may be 'dead weight'.

                  8. Lack of interest in performing admin duties.
                  7 and 8 not really a problem here, most of the admin team is active except some of the BFx admins

                  9. Poor decision making resulting in negative outcomes.
                  Solution: More foresight into the repricussions of decisions being made. Be it a more community based decision team, more persons actively involved in decisions, or a pros/cons list when making any decision.

                  10. A need for outsourcing opinions to more than just a small clique.

                  11. Little to no say for Supporting Members within the ARMA2 Community.
                  Solution: Perhaps a new forum for supporting members in which decisions can be presented to us and we can make recommendations. A better feeling of that being a supporting member is worth more than just have the ability to add a "Tag" to our names.

                  12. Some volunteers assisting the Admins with little to no gratitude.

                  13. Game Officer non-existent in community, both game and current involvement.
                  Solution: If the Game Officer is unable to be active then they should step down from the position. A non-existent leader should not be an option. The community needs someone around more often and that has a firm grasp of where the state of the members is at.
                  We've fixed this, which is a great thing

                  14. Admins should not admin while inhebriated.
                  Solution: If an Administrator has been drinking then they should not be in control. They should be more of a player than trying to control anything or administrate as we all know the effects of alcohol.

                  15. Lack of respect shown to mission makers, lack of support, red tape and annoying delays for renowned mission makers.
                  More ARMA2-centric and doesn't really apply here.

                  16. Lack of respect to new players.
                  This is one of my huge issues. New players are shunned and almost outcasted on this server by 90% of the players here. Squads are locked for no apparent reasons just to have your own group of buddies in and you only play when you can play with your buddies(Yes, I'm looking at YOU, IHSs and Regulars). Many new players are banned before they can even learn the ropes and many of them do NOT come back, despite a generally good attitude towards the level of play TG aspires to have. Permanent bans requiring application should be reserved for regulars or at the very most those who are blatantly C4ing hueys.

                  17. Making decisions without having a high participation and community involvement resulting in rash decisions.
                  ^This. What community input whatsoever was taken for the last redesign of the rule set? They're as confusing and unclear as ever and people can still be banned even for staying within the confines of the rules. Let the community help.

                  18. Some admins lacking in the technical abilities.
                  Solution: A legitimate Administrator course or run through on the duties, responsiblities, and conduct of being an administrator. As well a technical course on how to perform all the duties be it forum or server side.

                  19. The GO and XO believe they are above their own rules.
                  Solution: All Administrators despite position should not be above the rules or be allowed to break them.
                  18/19 not a problem at all.

                  20. The level of cohesion throughout the current admin team.
                  Solution: Perhaps an overhaul of how the Administrator cadre should work (reference departmentaliziation of the team).
                  ^This. Lack of consensus was a problem before the big admin meeting and I'm not sure if it's still a problem or not to be honest. Is there a clear punishment policy or is it all admin discretion? Clear, defined policy on what is allowed and what is not? This falls in with the current rules.

                  21. Lack of leadership by admins.
                  Solution: The need for a future goal and endeavors has never been greater. There is no current direction for the community. Its one thing for us all to play but a lot of people want to know this is going somewhere.

                  22. The status of Pathfinders and elitism.
                  Solution: Pathfinders are not fulfilling their mandate. It has become what many believe is just an elitist group of members with a 'Special' tag and no real abilities. The Pathfinders right now are non-existent within the community. Recommend an overhaul, a step up in their activities, or a disbandment.
                  I don't know what a Pathfinder is but I think this applies to all of us anyway. Like I said, looking at you, IHSs and regulars. Open your squads to newbies now and then ..

                  23. Unprofessional behaivor by some admins.

                  Community Gripes:

                  1. Player misconduct because of lack of players and leadership.
                  Solution: The level of current players is lacking. Currently there are courses underway (via Task Force Proteus and Omega) to mitigate the lack of leadership and professionalism however a lot of the players are currently lacking guidance. I am working on this solution in conjunction with a majority of the community.

                  2. Spending too much time not playing.
                  Solution: The issue is too much time trying to pick missions or brief. Again, Task Force Proteus and Omega are trying to bring the community player level to a higher degree.

                  3. Supporting Members often questioning why they are paying to have no say.
                  Solution: The supporting members within the ARMA2 community are questioning why they are paying to play. Yes we all support TG through and through, but they would like to have more of an opinion.

                  4. Too much elitism and cliques, distancing from being community based.
                  Solution: The amount of In House Squads we have for Tactical Gamer right now is at four. Definitely those squads came to be with people that enjoy to play together but they should not become little cliques of people who ONLY play with eachother. The current IHS leaders have been appraised of this and are working to decrease the distancing from the normal gamers.

                  5. Community members feel there is a lack of direction with the mod-packs.
                  Solution: There is no direction. We need to try and address what the community wants added. My proposal of a solution is the development of a Mod/Addon team where they will be responsible for researching, testing, trialing, and implementing new Addons that reflect the TG ARMA2 community. This team should be open to all that want to participate to increase the opinions and garner a greater a demographic of players. Be it the casual, the realistic, and the fun-oriented players.

                  6. Should be more votes on some decisions via forums.
                  Solution: If there is a decision that the Administrators are battling out on their forums to no avail then perhaps opening up the discussion/vote to the community. If the vote prevails, then you have a majority decision within the TG ARMA2 community.

                  7. Long time members do not enjoy playing here anymore.

                  8. If Supporting Members do not agree with a change their opinion should not be disregarded.
                  Thanks to Zedic for hitting the nail on the head, and I'm sad to see the ArmA2 community is experiencing the same issues if not worse than we are.

                  Mod note: Star, I took liberty with your post to specifically highlight your comments in blue. I did this so that they stand out as your thoughts separate from Zedic's post, mainly because with the new format of the forums it is hard to distinguish bolded comments in quoted posts. I did not change any of your words. I hope this is acceptable to you.
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                    Re: Community


                    We're all in this together (and even more so in the coming months) it is good to see a concerted effort community wide to make sure hubris hasn't taken to much of what makes TG great.

                    Good luck dispo on the GO position, they've got the right man for the job.


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                      Re: Community

                      Good Luck
                      I hope to help in any way I can.
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                        Re: Community

                        you the man, dispo. keep it up, we with you.
                        Stay together, communicate, don't give up.



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                          Re: Community

                          Great news! Whether or not the new server helps out with lag, I think that the community as a whole will appreciate the efforts and the fact that they were heard.

                          Personally, I would love more time to play, but I don't see how the community can help me out with that...

                          I will continue to support the community in any way I can with my SM and with dedicated team play!


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                            Re: Community

                            Congrats on all the new promotions etc. I believe we have great admins and GO Officer in place to keep this place running for time to come. Having said that, three things always come to mind when I play here at TG, and I believe this lends to the bigger picture by "all" of us who share a server slot.

                            1. We are all ambassadors of TG: When you play on this server whether supporting member or not, you essentially agreed to the primer and are drawn here for ths same common purpose. It's essentially saying that when you play here, "you" are holding yourself and your expectations of others to a higher standard. We need to remind ourselves and our teamates of this.

                            2. It's a game: no matter what, in order to keep anything going, you have to teach. We preach it all the time, but remember the best leaders are the one's who lead from the front. So before you boot the guy who is not on the same page, check him out before everyone tears him up. He may just be new and a little lost. If not, then boot him.

                            3. Most importantly, police ourselves.


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                              Re: Community

                              Lets just say this isn't my first rodeo. I've been online gaming and part of online communities since 2002. I've been here at TG since first finding PR in FEB 07, at the ripe age of 16. I've seen players, admins, several titles, and MANY IHS' come and go during my time here at TG. But at the end of the day one thing has remained constant for years at TG: The Primer.

                              When I started here at TG there were few criteria I really looked for in online gaming communities:

                              1. Server Population.
                              2. Does the community have rules?
                              3. Are there opportunities within the community to excel?

                              Well, TG met all 3, so I started playing here with (then) |TG-4th|Dirtboy, w.Warehouse, Gumball, and players of that sort. The server was populated well, there were rules printed in well-maintained areas of the site and server, and the last criteria is a bit more complex.

                              I realized that TG was beyond the role of a server and IP address. There were areas to excel: Squad leading, commanding, scrims, ribbons, events (PW Nights used to be the only time I played, believe it or not), pick-em nights, In house squads, supporting memberships, after action reports, etc. The list goes on and on. So I became a regular here at TG and got pretty involved in the community. I got more and more evolved, got a supporting membership, got into the Devils, hosted some events of my own mind's doing...

                              But most of all I just stuck to the primer. After all, it's a pretty broad document - and most importantly it's a living document. I didn't have to worry about whether or not "X" is specifically listed in the rules. All the community has to do when playing, making a post, or talking with one another is ask "Does this action go against something the primer lays out?" If the answer is yes, I could always ask an admin, get some feedback before doing it, or just not do it until I'm sure... If the answer was no, I generally don't have to worry about anything. As long as I have kept the Primer in the back of my mind while making decisions TG related, I haven't been kicked or banned. I haven't had to exchange nasty PM's for days and days. I haven't had to argue with admins. I haven't had to wait out a ban period. It's that simple folks - just keep the primer in mind and there isn't much question.

                              So the Primer is good and all, and it creates not only a solid but still flexible guideline for the community we share. So what makes a community so special?

                              Well, speaking for myself, I've seen some rough times in my personal life as I'm sure many of us have in the past couple of years. But there is one constant, and while some of you may laugh, to me, TG has been a constant for me where things were wildly out of control. In my personal experience, I've met some of the best friends a guy can ask for. I've had laughing fits where I literally pissed myself. I've had countless rounds where we did nothing but talk about Dirtboy's extreme adventures IRL. I got guys I can talk to when I just dumped a girlfriend of 2 years, or just landed the job of my dreams.

                              TG is a community of like-minded gamers who share the same vision. That is it. Enjoy the camaraderie.




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