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    As a Squad Leader (SL) it is your job to know your squad, to know their limitations by skill, which can be very difficult based on public players. But generally you can help yourself by simply asking anybody who joins if they have played Project Reality before. Try to sound friendly in the question though as you may discourage people from telling the truth. Let them know why your asking, this line helps alot "Hi, Player#1. Can I ask, have you ever played PR and how long for, just so we know how to support you."
    With this your speaking to them by name, you're being polite and also letting THEM now you're here to help them by using Support You. This lets them feel more relaxed and a bit more comfortable around yourself.

    Table of Contents
    1) What is expected of a Squad Leader
    2) Basic Tips
    3) Knowing the map
    4)Deploying your Squad
    7)Squad Stances

    1) What is expected of a Squad Leader

    The squad leader (preferably every player but SL's inparticular) should always be confident in his words, stuttering, muffled, mumbling or tripping over yourself will happen from time to time but when it happens it undermines both your own confidence subconciously as well as the confidence that your squad have in you.
    Make sure when you speak that firstly You are the only one speaking. If you have to tell members of your squad to be quiet then do so, the best way to do this is with an authoritive and loud "Clear Comms" or "Quiet!" By doing this you alert your squad, get them on their toes and listening and they need to listen. Give your commands clearly, (If you're form a different country and have a thick accent wave your arms and shout. j/k) speak slowly, know what you're going to say before you say it and try to sound upbeat about the situation with an aura of seriousness.

    Remember that when speaking to your squad for any orders you must give the W-4 (Who, What, Where, When) This boils itself down to the commands you give, for example "Player#3 (Who) Defend and watch north (What) from the ridge line (Where) Go now (When)" often the When wont be used though it is imperitive when making movements and most commonly you will state "On my mark" "Player#4 Move Now!"
    Using this form of communication means that that player will know exactly what is expected of them. And knowing is half the battle ;)

    You should always explain what things mean and what you expect as clear as possible and try to introduce players to terms they'll hear more often.

    "Fire Condition Red - This means Don't fire under any circumstances"
    "Fire Condition Yellow - Return Enemy Fire"
    "Fire Condition Green - Fire at Will"
    "Fire condition MOFO - Kill them MOFO's no matter what!"
    "Sit-Rep - Situation Report, what do you see, any contacts or movements"
    "Eyes Open / Wide - Stay alert, check the area"
    "Retreat - Run away (Alot of people don't seem to understand this one)

    Hold your temper!! The amount of times in mumble, Commander channel, all chat, team chat, squad chat or VOIP I have seen hosility is obscene. Remember, these people come here to play to have fun. Not to have you shout and whine at them. There will be times when you need to assert yourself however, but try to keep yourself calm and act with respect. Use words like "Please" and "Thank You" and "Darling" words which you might need to look up in a dictionary for some of you.

    Remember, as a Squad Leader you represent EVERYBODY in your squad, you are a beacon of their power and also the one who takes the blame willingly for your squad. Remember, your squad is NEVER at fault. As a squad leader you accepted that you are the one responsible for their actions. Your orders get them killed, your orders acehieve results, your orders get victory!

    2) Basic Tips
    *At the top of a hill you will Silhouette against the sky line (Think a giant black outline on a white background, that's you.. and now your dead)
    *At the bottom of a hill you are vunerable to grenades (The enemy has a height advantage)
    *At the middle of the hill you have limited cover
    *If something is shooting at you, duck and hide. Don't stand up and try to find it with binocs...
    *If you don't need to pop smoke, don't. Nothing like intiving OpFor to your welcoming party near their main.
    *If you don't need to talk, don't. An occasional joke or quirky comment is always welcome. But don't have a debate.
    *Don't play music down mumble // Squad VOIP as this not only annoys players, it also means you don't hear that bomb car.. or in my case Gary
    *Don't be afaid to repeat yourself!
    *Don't be afraid to ask somebody to repeat themselves
    *use more creative squad names than "CAS 123" have some fun "Flying Whales" or anything lightens the mood, it is a game afterall.
    *When reporting an incident use squad chat to use !reporting else you lead to more drama

    3) Knowing the map
    Your role as a Squad leader is to know the map in which you play, to know how to move, when to move, where to move, the enemy's assets, the likely locations of enemy Forward Operations Bases (FOBs) as well as how to use the terrain to your advantage.
    On every map you have cover, you need to know how to use it and how to get to it quickly and discretely if possible.

    There is only one way to do this, play the map over and over. Navigate it, go places you normally wouldn't. Identify cover and if you want, make little scetches (I do.. I'm sad :P)

    4) Deploying your Squad
    A Squad Leader takes what he NEEDS into combat, not what he WANTS.
    Essentially this means don't request every kit you can to have a "1337 hax noob pwning squad" Remember, there are other people on the team who will NEED that kit, and it's not available.

    Always assign the kits BEFORE deploying into the map. When the squad filsl the first thing I declare is "Player#1 medic, Player#2 LMG, Player#3 Rifleman, Player#4 Rifleman, Player#5 Rifleman Specialist." This means everybody knows exactly what's happening and guarentees a quick loadout and you're moving out of the base whilst everybody else carrys on trying to get kits. If you need to ask for requestable kits, have them take it and if it's not available then move out anyway, don't hang around or whine in chat.
    Now, based on your knowledge of the map you should start your squad at the beginning of the map with basic layouts. Riflemen, Medic, Auto Rifle, Rifle Specialists. (Most all of the time this is all you'll need, this is often all my squad uses. And hey, I do good with it :P)
    When on the move you will always come across enemy kits, if you have a rifleman in your squad then why not have them take the enemey's kit, deny them the use.

    **Remember, it is not the weapons you have but rtaher how you use what's at your disposal that wins the war, a combination of good cover, positioning, point of engagement. Not just "I have a bigger gun than you!" because often this will kill you.

    5) Scouting
    Something you will all do as I do it myself, is that you go "I need to be at that objective, let's go there over this hill!" And you run over the top, into an enemy squad. The reason for this is due to a lack of scouting. With this it's simple, you approach a hill, or a rise, or an open field. You have 1, ONE, unit slowly move to the top of the hill, Rifle First (incase of enemy comming over the hill because they didn't scout) then once it's clear they switch to binocs and identify any targets and their approx distance.
    THIS IS A GAME WINNING TACTIC. Know where your enemy is, then flank, kill, destroy.
    if you do not scout then you are letting yourself down, you're letting your squad down and letting the team down.
    In friendly territory you should be fine to move freely over hills with no chance to enemies, but as you reach neutral ground. Eyes open!

    6) Cover
    Alot of people don't seem to know how to use cover correctly, something that is taught in basic training with TGU and is usually second nature to all humans.
    The trick is that cover works in 2 ways. Hard Cover (Building, Sandbags, Concrete) and Soft Cover (Trees, Bushes, Grass, Grandma) hard Cover stops bullets, soft cover does not.
    The thing is though, Soft Cover hides you better as you can hide inside. Hard Cover is solid, you're ontop, behind or infront of. (Don't be infront of, defeats the point of cover "You cant shoot me, there's a car behind me!")

    Your squad can best be deployed from any kind of cover, though depending on their role depends on where YOU should position them. The LMG (Automatic Rifleman) should be positioned within Soft Cover so that they have maximum firepower going downrange and no worries about having to move to hit a target. A medic should be behind hard cover, preferably to the rear of your units providing "Blind Fire" fire support. Rifleman should preferably be positioned in my preferance in a line with 2 units either side of the Autorifle.

    *Remember; the LMG is 1/3rd your Squad's Firepower. That means your LMG should have the BEST visuals on enemys at all times.

    7) Squad Stances
    Any one squad falls into one of 4 stances at any one time, they are as follows;

    Assault - A direct approach heading straight for enemy lines on a direct or near direct path with the intention of killing anything they encounter (This sort of Squad should be kitted with Close Quarters kits and minimal requestable kits. Death Chance (High)

    Defend - Holding on a flag, objective or Choke Point to deny the enemy passage or control of a vital strategic area. This Squad should be ktited with medium amount of requestable kits in order to repel any kind of assault from a medium range.

    Support - Your long Range fire support for your Assaulting Squad. This Squad should be approx 100-300 meters behind the Assaulting Squad kitted with heavy weapons from HAT's to marksman, Snipers etc. They should be the pinning force as the Assault group move in to close quarters and mop up.

    Flank - Flanking units are often smaller squads as it's easier to get 1 unit behind enemy lines than 6. A Flanking Squad should work on the following guidelines; Scout, Report, Destroy, Attack. Essentially, Scout the enemy positions, report heavy assets and large infantry concentrations so the Assault and Support squads can turn to engage. Destroy a FoB. This is priority, as soon as the enemy realise the FoB is down and they are being hit from the front they will realise they are surrounded, this causes most players to panic and enemy Squad leaders need to focus on defending 360, not just 180 - 240. After destroying the FOB the Flank squad should set themselves up in cover to watch the FOB or alternatively come up behind the forces engaged witht he Assaulting Force.

    Communicaiton is a key aspect of a battle, if you can't communicate to a squad you can't let them know what they're running into. Make sure you have some form of communication, whether or not you're a extremely fast typer or mumble or even Team Speak. Find a way to communicate.

    Within communicaiton it's important to know who is who. Refer to Squads by their Call Sign (Squad name I.E. Infantry 1) or by squad number.

    Always use YOUR squads number or callsign before beginning coms "This is Squad 3 calling -OR- Flying Monkeys calling"
    keep your communication brief, as quick as you can so you don't disrupt other players talking in squad VOIP.
    "Flying Monkeys Calling Lemmings - Be aware of Hostile Infantry approx. 100 meters North, North West from your location. Flying Monkeys, out."

    Now, using the word Out, I never got this. Why would people take the game that far, it DOES help, alot. Especially hen commander is talking or you're talking to commander. It lets the other squad know you have finished talking and that was all you wanted to convey. Over is another one to slowly incorperate.

    Remember, within all Communication stick to the W-4 (Who, What, Where, When).

    9) Retreating

    Alot of people don't see the strategic Importance of retreating. I for one love this tactic when I'm able to call my forces back before we're all dead xD
    For example, on the map Fallujah West. My squad was 3 units advancing as BluFor along the Northern River with an APC covering as a Support Unit. We moved very far using the tactics of hard and Soft cover. We took out many units and got quite close to their cache before the APC took 2 RPG hits and pulled back at which point I called an order to retreat. The squad immediately responded and we covered one another as we pulled back. Unfortunately I was shot but because of my 2 squad mambers watching the rear the units was dropped as well as his several friends. We revived and pulled back successfully back to friendly units with no losses and were able to regroup with another squad to attempt a second push.

    RETREATING WORKS, especialy if you can have a second squad position themselves in an ambush position.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, I might add more to this, and make it a bit more presentable and a bit less, crazy heap of garbage.

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    Re: Squad Leading Tips

    Very informative digest FK, (I even printed it out!) I especially like "Fire Condition MOFO", does what is says on the tin.


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      Re: Squad Leading Tips

      Awesome stuff, especially useful for those of us that are thinking about maybe moving into squad leading having played for a little while (although not so much lately, pesky degree's been getting in the way a little). How important do you think it is for squad leaders to know the map very well? For example knowing good spots for firebases etc from past experience?


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        Re: Squad Leading Tips

        Personally, knowing where FOB's are usually built is a key aspect to firstly, destroying your enemies FOB's as well as to position yours somewhere unexpected.
        Most players will place them in the same location, over and over. Like on Kashan, 3 places.

        Inside the bunkers, like inside the actual bunker northern most
        D4 KP2 on the mountain range between north bunker and North Village, then also in A6 KP5.
        These are the typical American positions and it's rare NOT to see an FOB at these locations.

        Othermaps have similarities too, you can just expect them


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          Re: Squad Leading Tips

          A really good read, thank you! I think I will be also be keeping a copy by my desk :)


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            Re: Squad Leading Tips

            Excellent !
            Thank You
            (If you're from a different country and have a thick accent, wave your arms and shout.
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            So that when they turn their backs on you,
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              Re: Squad Leading Tips

              Over all looks good. Just remember that squadwork =/= teamwork. All of your actions as a SL should be directed toward helping the common goal of team. Killing that enemy squad is great, however it may not be anywhere near your objectives. A good SL knows when to break contact and fall back or advance to the objectives at hand.



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                Re: Squad Leading Tips

                Originally posted by zebra.actual View Post
                Over all looks good. Just remember that squadwork =/= teamwork. All of your actions as a SL should be directed toward helping the common goal of team. Killing that enemy squad is great, however it may not be anywhere near your objectives. A good SL knows when to break contact and fall back or advance to the objectives at hand.

                A teamwork tips introduction would be a great follow on to this topic.
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                  Re: Squad Leading Tips

                  When moving around a corner, or meandering through city streets/blocks, as an SL it is always smart to have a player at the end of the line/formation looking to the rear.

                  This will limit the probability of the squad getting ambushed from behind.

                  This will allow the squad to be able to reposition quicker if engaged from the rear and while crossing streets it will also help from not getting shot in the back.

                  As a SL using Bound/Abound tactics (similar to the WW2 strategy of Island hopping) can help move the squad quickly over long distances and using the environment as cover while doing so.
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                    Re: Squad Leading Tips

                    Great thread full kontakt, I for one find it hard to keep squad members "interested" egnough. In beggining of a game they will do exactly as I say without me having to repeat myself, whereas late game, alot usually run away doing their own stuff, or just messing arround on mumble... :-/


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                      Re: Squad Leading Tips

                      Takedown, you gotta be strong and try and keep them intrested. If it doesn't work then remove them from the squad. They obviously aren't having fun and you're not enjoying their company. So, remove them and let them join a different squad.,


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                        Re: Squad Leading Tips

                        Great post FK, thanks!

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                          Re: Squad Leading Tips

                          Originally posted by Takedown View Post
                          Great thread full kontakt, I for one find it hard to keep squad members "interested" egnough. In beggining of a game they will do exactly as I say without me having to repeat myself, whereas late game, alot usually run away doing their own stuff, or just messing arround on mumble... :-/
                          Typically I start the round with stupid and small talk. Pronouncing peoples names wrong and making fun of their names is typically included in this. I want people to know that I play the game seriously, but in the end play to have fun. Once this has been established I assign kits, and come up with a strategy based on what other squads have told me they are doing or I know what they are doing.

                          A good way to keep people interested is mix things up. Say random crap and try to have the most fun possible with everyone involved. Still being effective as a squad is a must if you plan to do this though. YOU as the SL can 'appear' to be doing whatever, but could have already planned out the rest of the game and what actions you are going to take to accomplish those tasks. In the end though if they are out to have a bad time they are going to get what they want. If they are out to have fun and slay some bodies while working with the squad/team then they will probably get just that. It takes effort on the squad members AND squad leader side to create an effective squad. A good squad leader cannot lead a squad that refuses every order.

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                            Re: Squad Leading Tips

                            A tip I would give to people that want to start squad leading is learn how to lead a squad before you start working as part of a larger unit. If you are not comfortable leading a squad yet you should not also be focussing on a lot of other things at the same time instead focus on what FK have put in the OP and then when you feel comfortable start talking more on mumble SL and so on.
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                              Re: Squad Leading Tips

                              Two tips:

                              + Use the squad members name frequently. Just like in real life, if you use a persons name a lot they appreciate and will respond to you in a better manner. (Welcoming them to squad, telling them to go someplace, telling them what kit to take).

                              + If a squad member is away from the group and not suppose to be -- click on his dot on the map and then see what name is highlighted in your squad. Then address that person and tell him where he should be instead. This tip alone will make a disorganized bunch of ragtags into a well oiled machine in no time. Remember to use their name and speak with authority.
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