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    Since I'm at work and can't play I thought it would be fun to hear/imagine other Tactical Gamers experiences and tales of glory and valor!

    My squad, the INF VOIP Rangers, were east of our valuable cache of weapons, on the crest of a hill. We had hidden our weapons in secret tunnels beneath an area where oil pipelines converged. Dappled sunlight shone in through the oaks and firs around us and birds chirped and flew overhead. It was a deceitful sight, knowing that our hated enemies were nearby and looking for our cache. Our mission was to keep an eye/ear out for enemies coming from their home base to the southeast, and to defend our cache with our lives.

    Suddenly we heard an APC coming towards us from down the dirt road that led to their base. Immediately, we dropped down into the brush, using it as cover as the APC rolled by. The APC comes to a stop 20 meters from my position, on the opposite side of a fallen tree, but it didn't see us. It dropped off two of our hated enemies and rolled off. As they started down the hill towards our precious cache, I ruthlessly snuck up behind them with my Scout rifle, crouched, and mowed them both down instantly. Then I immediately scooped up one of their scoped rifle kits and started scanning the area in which the APC had gone. Knowing the APC was here for our weapons cache, my squad leader decided to have us move back down the hill towards it. I rolled south in the direction the APC went, and I ran up into one of the abandoned apartments to get a better view north to the pipeline area in order to provide intel and cover to my squadmates. I could still hear the enemy APC off to my west, and with my binocs, I saw it drop off another enemy on the edge of the Pripyat looking city area. As it drove up towards the north, along the west side of the pipelines, my squad suddenly started to report multiple contacts. There must have been a second enemy squad nearby! I could hear the concern in their voices as gunfire started to erupt to my north.

    Having a good vantage at the enemy who was just dropped off, I fired a couple of shots off, but surprisingly I missed! He saw me and dived behind a wall that was perhaps 40 meters from my position. Seeing a teammate move to support me from our north, I quickly ran down and around the building and flanked around towards another apartment building, but before I could reach it, I heard a burst of fire and the death cry of one of my countrymen. I scoped in, crouched, and was able to get off a couple of shots before the enemy contact fled into the same building I was heading towards. After a short game of cat and mouse (x-fi ftw) I laid low in a room as I heard him approach and go by, coming up behind him and shooting him in the head.

    Alarmed cries from my squadmates alerted me that enemies were swarming the cache area, and it was being compromised, so I ran north along the outer west wall of the pipeline area. Suddenly, the gunfire died down and I started to hear reports of my squadmates who were wounded and calling for medics, none who were to be seen. At the first opening in the wall, I glanced in and then moved in towards the entrance to our tunnels, hoping to somehow defend the cache.

    I didn't know what hit me when I took two bullets in my shoulder from an unknown location! I fell back and collapsed to the ground behind the wall I just went through. As I moaned in agony and started to cough up blood, I saw another ally fall back from the same opening and we both retreated with heavy wounds. Crouching, we used field dressings to stop our bleeding, then slowly crawled to the north away from the immediate danger. Thinking I might live another moment, I thought twice when I noticed an enemy sniper taking aim from the top balcony of the abandoned apartment in front of me. Knowing I was open to his fire, I did the only thing I could and unloaded repeatedly on the balcony to suppress him as I moved in. It worked and he stayed low. Once I was close to the apartment, I lobbed two random nades up to the top level in order to keep the enemy on guard, and I rushed into a lower level room. At the same time, i was hearing cries of "contacts near the cars", which I knew was on the opposite side of the apartment building. I knew I was not alone, but looking around me for support, saw none. My teammate who I thought was behind me, was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he succumbed to his wounds. Only the dead have seen the end of war, I thought to myself. Nonetheless, crouching, I snuck up and into the building, scanning each way for enemy contacts. I heard some footsteps several floors above me and started to proceed slowly up each level of stairs. Suddenly an enemy rounded the corner in front of me! I unloaded his squadmates rifle right into his face, and then, with a surge of adrenaline, ignored my throbbing shoulder and ran up the stairs. Sneaking out to the balcony next to the room I originally saw the sniper on, I was surprised to see him proning there, looking right up at me, and firing from the hip, I blew him to kingdom come. Then my blackberry went off and I had to hop on a conference call and head to work! But job well done - 5 enemy contacts down and I lived to finish the battle another day.

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