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Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

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  • Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

    Having just played my first scrim in over a year, and also in a non IHS-squad after having done so for countless number of scrims so must I say that it was interesting. Personally did I find the map (which was completely new to me) to be refreshing.

    Anyhow...played in Chris Web's infantry-squad on the USMC-team. At the start of the round did we get airlifted into/inserted at the mine where we constructed a FOB, TOW, and a number of foxholes overlooking the city and basically dug in. Everything was, in my opinion, fine and dandy with us generally shooting at everything moving down in the city. Got our hands full for a while when a MEC HAT-soldier started to blast our position from the heights NE of the city and spent considerable effort spotting after him. After a while did a MEC-sniper start to terrorize us with a leathal accuracy. Given that we´re humans, we had to stick our heads up and search for him down in the city with the result of our medic having to heal us up on a regular basis. Quite some effort went into tracking the sniper down and the squad fielded a sniper, a marksman and a AG-gunner searching desperatly after him. At a range between 600-700 meters, we shot at everything we could see but I dont know how effective our fire was. Anyone who know and can enlighten me? Once the sniper had been located so was CAS called in...I got the impression that it had become a matter of principle to kill that sniper, and I am sure that it was.

    At one point so do I believe that the SL got a feeling of us being targetted for artillery or similar and rushed everyone into our foxholes. Shortly after so was our positions pounded by an area-attack which resulted in zero casualties on our side, cept us having to repair/rebuild some things. A little later did a MEC-squad launch an attack against us from the north and almost threw us off the top. After being replaced with an other USMC-squad did we head into the western parts of the city where we fought it out with what I suspect was a MEC-squad about to head up to the Mine.

    Later on, we headed into the hills east of the city were we ran into quite some opposition and had to fight our war forward over TOW-positions etc. To make things worse did a MEC-tank arrive at the scene. CAS had been called in against this tank moments earlier, but the Cobra missed the target and got shot down by MEC-AA seconds after. Given the importance of CAS, it wasn´t a fun sight to see.

    After having 'negotiated' the MEC troops in the hills east of the city did the squad head into city but didn´t get really far before getting shot to pieces. A new attempt was was to reach the city center at the end of the round and did almost reach all the way before a MEC-squad (with a MG) stopped us cold.

    By this time, it seemed that morale on the USMC-team hit bottom with people argueing over text-chat. Personally so was this the first time I´ve experienced such behavior and I would never have expected it during a TG-scrim. I would expect such behavior from other communities when TG scrim and win against them, but never within TG's own ranks. I guess that things have changed and having played on TG for several years now and been a member of IHS-squads as the 1st MIP and the 6th Devils - I felt somewhat ashamed of having to experience that.

    Still, I would like to thank those who organized this scrim and to Callous Disregard whom I think did a fine job in his first scrim as a CO. I hope that you will get some feedback.
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    Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

    SgtLuke and I missed out on the majority of the fighting and patrolled the east side out skirts of the map and briefly south of their base. It was basically just our lLAV doing our own thing trying to keep the heat off the inf and report what we saw. I thought we did well as a squad even though we lost a couple LAVs.
    From the text it sounded like inf had it pretty bad that map or at least some people felt they did. after losing the CAS some people got pissy, a bit ridiculous.

    Commander did great nothing to be ashamed of, i know i had great comms with him the whole round.
    The other team's HATs were being a pain in our ass so props to them.
    Overall i thought it was a good round, and having never played the map before i loved the experience of going into the unknown.

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      Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

      I felt we were under prepared as a team and had little understanding of a game plan going into the game. Comms were cluttered, squads were misplaced and idle for the most important first bit of the game. However once we got going we did alright i found. Pretty good Co-ordination between infantry, CAS and the LAVs managed to keep us ontop of south bridge flag for the large majority of the game.

      Id like someone from the MEC team to comment on this particular point which is the cobra. I felt we were extremely under used and we found ourselves hovering over the carrier 3000m from the front lines attempting to fire BVR on targets that could easily have been killed with a quick strafe, but wasnt because lases were sparsely given. For future reference on jabal 2, the cobra is an extremely effective tool and should be used regularly.

      Another point id like to touch on is counter lasing. The MEC team really threw off the US CAS on quite a few attack runs and while i found it SUPER annoying it was effective at keeping your FOBs and armor alive.

      All around not the best scrim ive ever played in but it was decent. Good game MEC team, Congrats on the win

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        Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

        yeah, we definitely werent ready to go when the round first started. i thought we had until 12 and no one was really expecting the round starting when it did. adapt and overcome, we got our crap together quickly and got moving, oh well.

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          Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

          Pretty good coordination between CAS and INF? It was disgustingly good. Everything got a salvo of hydras. Every. Thing. Good CAS squad.


          Remove it.


          This was my squad:


          This was the scene on the hill where Squad 2, lead by Spitfire, fought:

          It seemed every 1.5 minutes there was a diving Cobra on that firebase - but he held on!


          This is an artists depiction of MEC's final charge on South Bridge OBJ. Which.. failed. I'm the guy in the middle, front.


          Last but not least, I saw a lot of this:

          ...Then I usually died.
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            Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

            Thank You
            Your visuals make me feel a lot better about the game.
            We were underprepared at the start.
            I did not plan for inserting reserves in to existing squads.
            I had no back up plan for losing certain SL.
            My headset died 5 min before the match and I had to jury rig my mic to the new one.
            But mostly, since I was confused at the start I did not follow the PLAN and so we had lost a bunch of tickets retaking Mine and I think that cost a lot of momentum.
            The FOB in G4, I think it was, caused us lots of problems and we seemed to be forever fighting over that one patch of ground.
            And. nice job with the tank.

            Overall, it was a humbling experience and I want to thank all my SL and their squadmembers as well as the unbelieving heathens on the opposing team.
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              Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

              For the MEC, Key points:

              1. Our Tank sat in the main for the first 3 hours. Could have at least put it somewhere to defend or hide it in the town until we needed it.
              2. Our AAVs sat in the main for the first 3 hours. We really could have used some AAV support on the South Hill.
              3. Spitfire's squad did an outstanding job. 100 kills for just the squad.
              4. Really didn't get a feel of what the rest of the team was doing (except Skud's squad who seemed the put the argggg back into "Charge!".)
              5. I saw was the US sqaud that threw smoke ontop of the hill (alerting us to their location) and then proceded to run through the smoke into the open, right into 3-4 M3 MGs. The first time it was funny... but, the real surprise was when they did it again 20 mins later, with no different results.
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                Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                So who won?

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                  Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                  our job was mostly defending the city. and i must say we did a pretty good job at it. area attack falling on us, cobra firing at us, all with just one or deaths. our sqd leader, orpall, was having a hard time when the round started. he had to restart the game 3 times. so props on him for the patience!

                  I was constantly overlooking the southern hill with my AR looking over sqd 2's back, and orpall was in the tow(that totally saved sqd 2's behind from a LAV. we encountered some enemy infantry, but they were too obvious. if the enemy had come in from any angle that wasnt N,NW,W, u would have had us.

                  the cobra did hit us once but we revived. when usmc dropped the artillery on us it was the only time when we were all inside, lucky us. I have to say, if the USMC were more aggressive, ie pushing into the city with two sqds, you wouldve caught us off guard and outnumbered. We were only one sqd in the city most of the time. I have to say also, when SQD 2 got that position on the hilltop, that was the game changer right there. so very good job sqd 2


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                    Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                    MEC won snoog


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                      Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                      We won, the MEC team.

                      Only feedback I have about the Cobra was this:

                      We were the squad on the East Hill that held on all round, just. Hard fighting. The Cobra TBH to me was nothing more than an annoying fly. You hit us really hard once, the rest of the time you missed or got counter lased. Not the pilots or gunners fault, more the way you were allowed to use it. But at least you were then able to keep it alive for a long time. We were never wiped out and always got revived, apart from 1 guy here or there. Some great flying to watch, but the only effective attack you done was that really dangerous (for you) one where you caught us because you were looooooow, and the one where your SL's called you in out of range, which I was not a fan of..............

                      I quite enjoyed that scrim, and like I said we under used our assets and I was itching to hit the bridge from the east, we did once and killed a LAV but I wanted to go back.


                      The 189th battles, it was you guys that kept hitting us, or charging us, and at the end we had 3 Inf squads hitting just us and we beat everyone off. Blissful!


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                        Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                        Agreed, the only thing that slightly dislodged us from our position atop the hill south of East Jabal Al Burj was the CAS. Well, that and the area attacks.

                        It was so annoying being targeted by hydra runs throughout the duration of the round. Spitfire eventually started counter-lasing targets to throw the pilots off.

                        We as a squad also felt you guys didn't utilize the Cobra to its full potential. There were only a handful of runs where we didn't get everyone revived once the barrage had ended. Although, the BVR was VERY irritating and quite lame seeing how we couldn't see or hear the rounds impacting. At first we thought it may have been a sniper, but we all kept dropping like flies.

                        As the M.E.C. squad whom probably were attacked the most throughout the round, I had a very fun time. There were moments I wanted to rage, but I'm glad I stuck it out.

                        P.S. - Do we happen to have a screen of the end-game scoreboard? How much did the M.E.C. win by?
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                          Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                          The MEC squad in G4 did a great job holding that piece of wide open ground....kudos

                          I enjoyed the scrim overall.....It was closer than I thought.....


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                            Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                            Props to Spitfire's squad.
                            The hill southeast of the city was impossible to deal with.
                            When we had control of the hill at the beginning, it was kind of hard to have a spotter look over the top of it in anyway to find targets in the city because even the slightest exposure drew accurate fire from the city. Later after we tried some other avenues of approach to get into the city (which ended in ultimate failure as we couldn't budge the east flag) we had to try to reclaim the hill from the MEC and we died in droves yet again. That hill was a death zone !



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                              Re: Reflections / AAR from the scrim.

                              Pretty much already stated, but USMC was nowhere close to being as aggressive as we should have been.

                              My only gripe and this is a long standing pet peeve, is seeing APC's/LAV's going out and acting like tanks, away from the battle doing their own thing. In real life they stick with the infantry supporting them blowing up what the infantry can't while Infantry clears the problems. I am a firm believer that if we had 1 squad = 1 APC (so then 2 mechanized inf squads) assaulting the city together, it would have been a different round all together. "This is a game, RL doesn't always work" - really? Try it, you'll be surprised what a congruent mechanized infantry squad + APC can do to a sector. Move through slow, call up APC for some splash dmg, smoke up a road way if a tow is watching and move around to the sides. TOW isnt going to have the angle every time. Just sitting and watching the game play out, the infantry would make a good push and then get wiped without any support to back them up. This is the APC's prime job.

                              CAS is also pretty much the bread and butter for the USMC, 2x Attack Hueys, 1x Cobra. No SL should have his gun out. Needs to be dropping Lazes all the time. Use CAS as a way to pepper an area before you move in. City central might not be great for cobra's, but Huey's splash dmg is amazing. I wasn't a big fan of the BVR we were doing, but if it works, it works.

                              MEC has that FOB setup in the g3/eastern city area which was wrecking a lot of infantry on the USMC every time we tried to push. I had to leave with about 125 tickets (roughly 5:35?pm est) because of a meeting, but it was a fun round over all.

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