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Is PR like this ?

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  • Is PR like this ?

    Hey Guys..

    All new at the forum... I've been looking for some serious tactical games.. Tried a lot, and then I found this:

    Is PR like this ? This is everything I have been looking for for 21 years.. Do public players actually work like this? If not, is hard to find players to play with ? I'm going to dl this tonight.. Hope ill have the time of my life..

    Anyway,, Hi guys.. Looking forward to play with you..

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    Re: Is PR like this ?

    Yeah it is like that,

    Heres some newer gameplay videos as those are alomst a year old.


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      Re: Is PR like this ?

      Yep, come on in and play - there is no where else like TG for team play.


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        Re: Is PR like this ?

        I refuse to belive this... HOW ?

        Ive played a lot of games-- I recently broke my Xbox controller due to retarded teammates is Bad Company 2..

        This looks like heaven.. what's the catch :D ?

        I'll join the TG server once the DL is complete.. is there a hard learning process ? Im used to BF2.. Think Ill go check out the Stickies..


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          Re: Is PR like this ?

          Thats when we used to have Vodniks on kashan. :[

          But yeah, the server fills ups on the afternoon, Eastern time. Just give someone the heads up when you join their squad, that you're new, so they can give you some tips.

          EDIT: The learning curve is hefty, but start of slow, as a rifleman, the more experience you get, the more weapons you'll get practice with. Vehicles, weapons, etc. etc.


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            Re: Is PR like this ?

            The catch is the hard learning curve (read the manual!) and the fact that there isn't always action going on. There are times, when you'll defend a position for half an hour only to be wiped in a matter of seconds. Kinda like real life.
            Also teamwork is necessary, so if you end up on a team thats not so organized it could lead to frustration.
            TG server is the best place to find organization, but it can be hard getting in for a non-supporting member, when it's full.

            I suggest you read these topics when you have the time, it's very useful for a beginner:


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              Re: Is PR like this ?

              the catch, you ask? That was .8
              without question, i had the most fun with that release.
              RIP .8


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                Re: Is PR like this ?

                It is like this. TG enjoys talking teamwork in many forms and if you like the video you will enjoy the server and community. Welcome to TG. :)


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                  Re: Is PR like this ?

                  @ bergmann88, I'm glad you liked my video, the game is like that, I edited the video to capture the mood and pace of the game and of course the TG way of coordinating with comms.

                  TG really is that good

                  When you join the server, join a squad with TG tagged people and join in the fun !
                  ps when in squad ask about mumble !!!


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                    Re: Is PR like this ?

                    The catch is that Project Reality will RUIN every other game experience you have from having such high expectations.
                    BC2 will seemm like an arcade piece of poo
                    Modern Warfare, you can jsut laugh in it's face.

                    PR wil lRUIN your life and your gaming experiences.... :P


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                      Re: Is PR like this ?

                      PR WILL ruin you for other games. Every other game just lacks something for me now, and I've only been playing this mod for 1.5 years now.

                      Definitely read the manual. Definitely tell people your new. Definitely try the co-op mode and get used the weapon systems and crazy hit reg.

                      The manual is 30+ pages and has lots of pictures. It takes about 5 minutes to flip through and you'll get A LOT of great information. TG is THE place to have games like your video, often.


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                        Re: Is PR like this ?

                        PR is what you make of it, just like any other game.

                        A few pointers for your first few rounds:

                        1) Identify yourself as new to the mod to your Squad Leader after joining a squad
                        2) Play infantry for a while until you figure out the boots part, then you can work on advancing to armor or flying
                        3) Don't offer to be a sniper - stick with your rifle.
                        4) Make sure you identify targets before you shoot - you don't get nametags over players when you aim at them.
                        5) Let someone with experience play medic - this is a vital kit and needs to be used by people who know what they're doing
                        6) Follow orders and stick with your SL
                        7) Keep talking to a minimum and to what is vital
                        8) Watch and learn from the other players in your squad
                        9) Try not to yell when you get excited during contact
                        10) Always wait for your SL to tell you to give up after you die as you have 5 minutes to be revived. If you do need to respawn, always ask your SL where he wants you to spawn

                        Above all else, have fun and learn as much as you can! TG isn't always exactly what you see in the video, but it is most of the time. Be patient, learn who the good SLs are and learn from them.

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                          Re: Is PR like this ?

                          Fresh Blood. Nice. TG can get full at night Berg, and without a supporting membership you can be kicked or might get messages saying that you have been 'kicked for teamkilling' if the server is already full.

                          Don't let it frustrate you, you can learn the ropes on any server. But TG likes a tight ship because it makes the game that much more enjoyable. So, welcome and enjoy yourself.

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                            Re: Is PR like this ?

                            wait a minute... Something has got to be wrong... How come you are all so nice ? Are you going to charge me my girlfriend or my first born child, in order to play this ??

                            Have to say Im impressed--- Got a few questions..

                            1. This Supporting membership.. Do the members pay for this status as a member, or how does it work ?
                            /Edit/ Never mind.. Found the answer for this one..

                            2. "The" Manual? I've read most of this thread:
                            However, I doubt that is the one you are refering to.. Could you send me a link ?

                            Looking forward to begin playing, or simulating, in a few hours.. I hope the guys on the servers are as nice and friendly as you guys,,


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                              Re: Is PR like this ?

                              Once you finish downloading and install the game you will get the manual on your desktop. Have a read. Nothing compares to playing however. If you have read the TG rules the rest is something you can pick up. Like the guys said, announce you are new to TG and the mod to your squad, and come on in, you will be looked after. Our server is full at 62/64 (The SM script you have read about) but don't be put off, keep trying. Look for someone with TG tags on if you are unsure/nervous. There are some very good untagged players too ( '',) but tagged for familiarity if nothing else!:)

                              Don't be put off by the tough learning curve, it is an aquired skill with this game, some people still can't shoot straight!:)

                              Stick with your squad, listen to their orders and advice and that will get you far.

                              Oh and welcome to TG, your new remind me of me............

                              Look us up in game tonight, we will be there, shooting things............




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