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The Return Of The 'Teamstacking' Thread , overcapping and rushing tactics

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  • The Return Of The 'Teamstacking' Thread , overcapping and rushing tactics

    I wasnt a big fan of the teamstacking thread before but its seems it has became an issue recently.since 2 or 3 days, every single round I played , theres always problem, team not working together, even if we try we still fail.

    Its not only directed at TG in house squad but also at regulars who seems to always side wheres the 'TG guys' are, I dont know about you but I play PR to have fun, not to destroy the other team completly and rushing them to cap as fast as possible, these days ive seen an overuse of dirty rushing tactics, like americans sending tanks to south village at the beginning, stopping the mec from capping and building firebase while our tanks goes solo in the northern part of the map and get destroyed in minutes, another example is operation archer, these times we have canadian squad blocking the taliban main road, stopping every vehicles from getting in or out.

    What is the goal of stacking every single regulars in the same team, then using rushing tactics to overrun them and overcap them as fast as possible on every single maps? the answer is none, it has no goal....

    If you dont like the maps being played and just want to overcap the other team to change map , then maybe its time you stop PR for a while until theres new maps coming out...... you are ruining the fun of every players who wants a fair game.

    Please, for the sake of PR and TG, stop teamswitching on the 'winning' side everytimes you join the server

    Like I said before, this is not directed at the TG in house squad but at regulars who always teamswitch in the team with the most 'TG guys', Im not gonna name anyone, but you know who you are...

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    Re: The Return Of The 'Teamstacking' Thread , overcapping and rushing tactics

    One thing is alot of people will be teamswitched to the loosing side and rather than continue to play they whine, or mope about in main doing nothing until they can get back..

    Play the game! :D


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      Re: The Return Of The 'Teamstacking' Thread , overcapping and rushing tactics

      Please read this

      If players would stay on the team they joined the server on and not switch to join certain players when they are on we wouldn't have this issue, and believe me, the admin staff is well aware of the problems that Davey has described. Solving the issue is something else entirely and it seems as though pleading to the dignity of the players on the server isn't going to work.

      Stop teamswitching. I don't care if |TG| is "just a tag" - get them dispersed on different teams. If you aren't lucky enough to join onto your friend's team then you'll just have to suck it up and play against them. If you see one team dominating another team, switch over to help out after the current round is over.

      And with that, I'm going to close the thread down.

      In the immortal words of Sheriff Woody: "Play nice!"

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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