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  • New to PR..

    Yes well hello all,im currently playing 2142 in TG servers,but as im also a huge BF2 player,i decided to try out PR
    Even though ive been playing BF2 since it came out,i never tried PR ,and i still havent actually, i only just finished installing it ^^.

    So should i just join the TG server and try random stuff till i figure it out myself?
    And end up getting shot by u guyz a few hundred times..?

    I read somewere that training modes exist to avoid having noobs online..
    soo i guess i should start with some public servers before diving into tactical awesomness,right?

    Anyways have mercy on my noobish soul, please?

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    Re: New to PR..

    Well, if you come along tonight I can show you the basics, otherwise try and look for TG like squads, announce you are new.

    if you can read the manual... IT IS IMPORTANT!!

    Listen carefully to what squad leaders say and brush up on the PR rules :)
    Again, let people know you're new. Stick with a Rifleman kit and if you don't understand, tell them. They will explain it. We are a friendly group, and if they don't welcome you with open arms, a hug and a beer then let me know.... xD


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      Re: New to PR..

      Originally posted by fullkontact View Post
      Well, if you come along tonight I can show you the basics, otherwise try and look for TG like squads, announce you are new.
      Depends where ure from,if ure from the US ure tonight could be my tommorow :S

      but yes i am reading trough the guide,and tried a quick game on local(empty)game so im experimenting in threre..

      Sounds cool then ill try and hop in tonight to try some things on ure server
      (TG has only got one PR server,right?) GameTracker shows another server that doesnt show up in the PR browser..


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        Re: New to PR..

        We recently got a new PR server so the old one still shows up on gametracker.

        Read the manual it is a good way to get answers to some of your questions. jump on now since me and FK are playing one of us can probably show you around for a bit.
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          Re: New to PR..

          Three things (This is coming from someone who is still a semi-newbie)

          1. Read the manual cover to cover several times. It really really helps. Seriously.
          2. Always announce to your squad that you are new. Never once has anyone ever groaned or moaned about having a newbie, everyone seems to like helping new players.
          3. Listen to your squad leader. Don't do anything without his permission, and always ask for clarification if needed. That said, don't clutter the voice chat with useless chatter.

          Play in the TG server and you'll be a-OK. :D
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            Re: New to PR..

            Came in tonight but server crashed/rebooted? then the server was locked down..
            But i did try a round in a diferent server and got some basics down

            Like yall said everyone was okay to guide me through things,even in the other non TG server,only things where a bit less organized there.
            Still i was having a cool time in TG until it crashed,and i was amazed by a few things i learnt in the other...destructible enviroments was a nasty suprise for me,when i was hiding from tank fire behind a wall :D
            A new feelling came to me then,one i have never experienced on a online shooter,i was actually afraid ! :O i cant believe im saying this!

            All i can say is i must put some more time into PR XD


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              Re: New to PR..

              why the server is locked


              good time to get on


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                Re: New to PR..

                In addition to reading the manual, there are several posts players have posted in this forum you could benefit from.
                I'm sure there are many more, these are just a few recent ones.







                An excellent post i'm stealing from D1sp0sabl3H3r0
                Originally posted by d1sp0sabl3H3r0 View Post
                PR is what you make of it, just like any other game.

                A few pointers for your first few rounds:

                1) Identify yourself as new to the mod to your Squad Leader after joining a squad
                2) Play infantry for a while until you figure out the boots part, then you can work on advancing to armor or flying
                3) Don't offer to be a sniper - stick with your rifle.
                4) Make sure you identify targets before you shoot - you don't get nametags over players when you aim at them.
                5) Let someone with experience play medic - this is a vital kit and needs to be used by people who know what they're doing
                6) Follow orders and stick with your SL
                7) Keep talking to a minimum and to what is vital
                8) Watch and learn from the other players in your squad
                9) Try not to yell when you get excited during contact
                10) Always wait for your SL to tell you to give up after you die as you have 5 minutes to be revived. If you do need to respawn, always ask your SL where he wants you to spawn

                Above all else, have fun and learn as much as you can! TG isn't always exactly what you see in the video, but it is most of the time. Be patient, learn who the good SLs are and learn from them.
                There are many people who will welcome helping out a new guy, if they know he's a new guy and not just messing around. You may want to ask your SL or in Team Chat (default 'k') if they mind squading with someone learning the ropes, hopefully you find a good response.
                One note, sometimes people will group together and lock their squads. Dont be discouraged, it happens from time to time.
                One more note, use the Cooperative feature to create your own server or join online Coop servers. These are also referred to as 'Training' Servers. Practice vehicles and helos/planes HERE! Not in standard 'Deployment' mode. Your team will thank you for it. People get very upset when someone recklessly loses a critical asset. Know that all vehicles and aircraft are very valuable. They also dont respawn right away, it's painful to lose these things. Sometimes they never respawn depending on the map/asset. Don't be that guy.
                I'm not just preaching, i spent countless weeks, yes weeks! on Coop servers just practicing flying, gunning, etc. Plus, no pressure not to mess up and get your squad killed!

                Welcome to duty.
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                  Re: New to PR..

                  HOLY .... ! u guys should publish a book on PR!!!
                  Seriously though,i did read/skim through the text's most of which is logical enoough, half the stuff in the manual i figured out myself last night,but i will do my homework not to worry!
                  this is a whole lotta reading to be done! but ill do it none the less.... now for a co-op match,ill come in the TG server later tonight maybe ;)


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                    Re: New to PR..

                    Don't be overwhelmed by all those player written guides. They are all excellent, I've even penned and INF guide myself, as of yet unpublished, but they are extremely dense and not what you want to be focusing on at this point. Your best bet is getting in the game, finding a group of friendly guys you have fun with, and keep a learning attitude. Hope to see you on the server!
                    Stay together, communicate, don't give up.



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                      Re: New to PR..

                      Yeah, don't bother with Co-op. look over the official manual and then join the server. Go infantry and stick to some kind of rifleman. Iron sights does not mean bad. If you are playing a city or forest map, iron sights i find are the best. Just be sure to use your comms (mic or sq chat), tell your sq if you see something (even if it turns out to be friendly), breathe a bit if sighting up a long shot, stay close to your sq, and tell people you are new. A Logistics sq might be good too. Slower pace but you learn a lot about driving on rough terrain, building assets, the left mouse button, map layout, and using deployable assets.


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                        Re: New to PR..

                        its quite a huge amount of the things ive got to learn but i think its okay,
                        its a huge improvement on the original BF2 its rounds have a much slower pace, which annoys me at times but the enormous amounts of assets that are given to us to "toy" with is amazing...
                        ill have to work on it a bit more i spose,thx for all the help anyway :)


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                          Re: New to PR..

                          I often find the rounds are too fast :P

                          If you get with a good squad the round will fly by




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