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My Project Reality round - Post your stories here !

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  • My Project Reality round - Post your stories here !


    I think its really nice to see that people start to share their postive rounds they have been having latley. So I thought it might be a good time to make a thread about this topic and we can all try to fill it up with different stories.

    I will try post a story later today


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    Re: My Project Reality round - Post your stories here !

    August1 PW.

    Dragon Fly: Very good first playing as an AR in Rudds squad. Moved down 7 brits. Then for me first tank drive ever in a server(yes that's right) with Rhino. Went pretty i have to say, although we were quite careful. When I joined the brits had better K/D than us but we(team) managed to turn it. I would've stayed the whole unless SM kick. Just got back in time to see us win.
    CMDR: An_Axis_Sniper, very good. He might even was the reason we won.

    Qinling: It was..."fun"...Started out in the only INF squad. Assualting enemy TOW position where we got towsniped from 50m. We couldn't take by ourselfs so we called in JDAM. After that we tried to move on farm - TOWed the chopper. Then came the most f*ck up part of the round.

    While we were defending 154 we got JDAM and sniped countless times. I've seen so many JDAMs in a round before. But we did however do get us up almost everytime. If not, our FOB was still up. The last time we all died we thought we lost the flag. We were quite low on tickets too, ~50. The rest of team was on farm that was neutral now. But 154 didn't get capped, team captured farm, game won. Did NOT expect that tbh.

    As I saw it both teams CAS seemed to work pretty good. Qinling could be a bit dull from time to time but the rounds I had there haven't been so boring. Once again the cmdr was Axis_Sniper.


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      Re: My Project Reality round - Post your stories here !

      Dragonfly tonight was indeed superb. My clan and I joined when the Militia had roughly 200 tickets remaining so about halfway through. KDR was worse than the Brits and everyone seemed to be attempting to assault the train depot so my squad set up to defend the City Outskirts flag.

      This paid off as we despatched several enemys from the flag and spent pretty much the whole round patrolling the area, taking down a few enemies as well as the British Lynx and capturing a British H-AT which became invaluable later in the round when we had to fend of the attentions of a CR2.

      Kudos to the commander who made the sensible decision to cease the attacks on train depot which were proving to be something of a drain on tickets and focus on defense of City Outskirts, my feeling is that won us the round as we set up an extremely effective defense:

      Thoroughly enjoyable game between two very evenly matched teams. I wish Dragonfly was played more often as it really is a superb map :)

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