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Approved Ribbons thru July 10, 2010

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  • Approved Ribbons thru July 10, 2010

    Approved ribbons through July 10, 2010. Congratulations gentlemen!


    Distinguished Squad leader - Brettwad (Class I)

    TG - Dragon Fly

    Sunday Password Night, June 20, 2010

    Demonstrated an exceptional ability to lead a squad, utilizing tactics, battlefield awareness, communication, patience and strategy.

    By taking a leapfrog style to defense/offense we were able to remain consistent as we secured Train Station, Industrial Center and the terrible terrors that awaited us inside city center. Giving us top squad at the end of the game. Having never seen Brett in a SL position, I was very impressed with my fellow IHS members qualifications.

    ************************************************** **********

    Distinguished Squad Leader - O=T-M-A-N=O (Class III)

    Place and Time: Saturday 19th June 2010 - 4GMT(approx) Muttrah city.


    TMAN is always a good squad leader, without fail he will get the job done and done well. However today I feel that he really excelled himself. Starting an organised infantry squad when the server population is low is hard at the best of times. But TMAN also had to deal with all the admin chores that oftern arise as bored players decide the carrier is their own personal playground.

    T managed to set up a good squad of 5 people and off we went to North city, we managed to cap this with little bother, however just as we did so Docks was capped by the MEC. With both flags neutral T had the choice of either attacking Docks, or staying to defend North City. He chose to go on the offense, we attacked, capped Docks only to find the MEC had slipped past to re-gain north city.

    For other SL's this situation may have been difficult. A squad which is beginning to feel the strain of walking back and forth to and from the same flags, but TMAN held it together. Deciding that we should hunt this enemy squad down we moved back through to North city, this time keeping our eyes open a little more than before. Eventually T ordered us on top of a building in an attempt to catch the enemy off guard. After another 5 or so minutes of waiting the enemy were spotted, however TMAN told the squad to hold fire until we had the maximum amount of firepower ready to put lead downrange. The order to fire was given, resulting in an entire enemy squad eliminated.

    Not only was this a great strategic move, getting us in the right position to attack the enemy, but also shows brilliant control over the squad and it's members.

    The fight continued, with our squad setting up several firebases and capping a few flags. We died several times after this with chopper crashes, surprise APC attacks amongst others. But in the end we ended up with a fairly decent K/D as well as a 10,000+ point squad. This together with the tactical brilliance of earlier in the round gives me the impression that this was one of T's finest rounds. It was certainly one of mine. A++ work all around.

    ************************************************** ********
    Let's hear it for these guys and their fine work !


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    Re: Approved Ribbons thru July 10, 2010

    *golf Clap*

    The 189th Infantry Brigade: Taking the 'the' out of psychotherapist since 2010.

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      Re: Approved Ribbons thru July 10, 2010

      Congrats guys! Good to see the SL ribbons being given out. I think good SLs and COs is what sets TG apart from the pack.


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        Re: Approved Ribbons thru July 10, 2010

        Well done chaps, well done.




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