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    I called the cops at 2:39AM tonight.

    Reported domestic disturbance on my street, male and female screaming, possibly two males fighting. Reported hearing bottles being broken while talking to the dispatcher, who says they are sending a squad car.

    Immediately after hanging up the phone, I go to my front door and look outside. The street is lined with 60's era row houses, with small front yards, close to the street. I immediately see two groups. They are based in front of two separate houses, diagonal from each other, my house being across from one of them. There are males in the street, yelling at each other, threatening each other with violence, none yet initiating.

    I notice my roommate is among one of the groups, and I immediately yell "John, John, get the F#$k over here man. Get over here now". I repeat myself until he is on our property, fearing he will get arrested.

    Seconds later, a male jumps out of the house across from mine pointing a handgun at people, yelling "Say someth'n, Say someth'n mother F%$%er". Both my roommate and myself immediately get inside. I lock our door. I see through the window that the threatened group retreats to its porch, although there is one male taking cover behind cars, directly in front of my house, taunting "Shoot someth'n, Comon, shoot someth'n". My roomate and I retreat deeper into our house, and wait. After what seemed like an eternity later, I look outside again. They are still outside talking about the altercation with threat in their voices.

    I am displaced. Why aren't the police here yet?

    Fearing for the safety of others, and I admit myself, I decide to go up to the main street and look for the cops. As I leave my property, a male yells "Yo, get your boy. I didn't give you permission to leave". He throws a bottle at me, missing me by a few meters. I walk on, steadily but with purpose.

    At 2:49AM, I find a squad car at the quickie mart on the corner, on the same block as my house. There is one cop in the driver's seat. He is just sitting there. I walk up to him and explain that there are men in an altercation around the corner, and that one of them has a handgun.

    The cop pauses and looks towards the area I have described.

    Confused, I explain to him that it might be a good idea for him to ride through and break it up. I ask him what he thinks about that. He agrees and moves towards my street. Now I am angry.

    I exclaim to no one in particular "I called 10 f$5king minutes ago. What the F^&k. Someone could have died".

    "Cops are worthless, man". A guy sitting on the curb responds. Apparently he didn't get that my comments were rhetorical.

    I walk back to my house, the squad car has forced everyone inside. He rolls through once, and then I do not see the cop anymore.

    A minute or so later, I am standing at my front door, with my roommate sitting on the steps in front of me. In no time at all, a guy with his shirt off runs into the street. He starts threatening my roommate, and calling him certain racial slurs I will not repeat here. I go to restrain my roommate, trying to calm him and pull him inside, and succeed, telling him it is not worth it.

    Still the guy persists. I tell him calmly to stay off of my property. Tell him that he is making me feel threatened. He continues to taunt us, and then he makes the mistake of walking through my yard.

    I go to my closet and get my glock. It is 2:45AM.

    I reach my front door, prop it open and cock the slide on my weapon. Two squad cars turn the corner.

    Slowly and calmly I release the magazine and work the slide, ejecting the round, while maneuvering myself to rest the weapon inside my door. I no longer see the threat.

    A bright light shines at me from the squad car, and a voice says "I have gotten multiple complaints on your address. One more call like this and I will get you evicted".

    Again confused, I wait for the light to subside and then call out to the officer, asking if I may approach his vehicle. I go up to him and explain in low tones that I was the one who called it in. He asks for my name to confirm. I told him that "To be perfectly honest sir, I called because I thought you would be able to break this up".

    After a few more confirming remarks he grumbles something about a shooting in another part of town. I tell him that I know he must be busy, and thank him for coming.

    I get back inside and proceed to get more information out of my roommate about the incident. He informs me that there was in fact also a shotgun involved, and multiple dudes with knives. After laying out the timeline, I explain to him that next time he sees that kind of life threatening situation, he needs to immediately get in the house, lock the door and call the police.

    I told him that if he is afraid his life will be taken from him, before the 15 minutes it takes for the cops to get here, then he should feel free to wake me up.
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    Re: Personal Defense

    Jesus Paine... that is some crazy ass story man. I hope no one got injured.

    Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.
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      Re: Personal Defense

      thankfully no, I'm just real shook up and need to bounce the story off people... and ask if I could have handled it any better?

      Also, should be noted that I added the last part about "wake me up if your life is in danger" for the sake of a good story, and possibly a bit of ego stroking, and definitely to dramatically advocate for everyone to own a firearm for self defense.

      I seriously thought I lived in a nice part of town... nothing but college kids and young professionals in this area... guess SHTF regardless.
      Stay together, communicate, don't give up.



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        Re: Personal Defense

        It sounds like there is an argument for and against owning firearms in there, but it sounds like you handled it the best you could. I wonder how things will be with the neighbors tomorrow?


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          Re: Personal Defense

          I had the same experience on my vacation a week back.

          Friends I went with were going to party in the city ( we were on an island called Brač), surly I concur and go with them. note that there were 3 girls and 5 guys 6th being me. At the time we went out everyone was being drunk because they were already drinking in their apartments, me, I was merely intoxicated but I could still function pretty well, not at my best but I was okay.

          We reached the city got into one of those clubs that are on the beach and got a few drinks, it was about 1 AM (we were setback to go out at 12.30 because we returned from the beach to our apartments at 8 oclock and had to cook something because we were hungry) Everything was great we were meeting new foreign guys/girls having fun until one of my friends called Filip started feeling sick. I contacted the others that he needs to be taken away from here in order for him to get some water and maybe vomitt, it's always better after you vomitt.
          At that time 2 girls already left to their apartments with one guy (one of the girls boyfriend), so there was only 4 guys and a girl. At that bar that we were partying at I asked the bartender if he could get me some water in that Coca cola bottle for my freind, so now my friend is literally hanging on me, unable to stand and in one hand he has a of water in coca cola bottle.
          I took him away to the beach where he vomitted multiple times, okay. I took the key from the guys and started going up that steep road to our apartments that were 10 min away.

          Suddenly a group of guys ran by us, one grabbing the bottle from my friend filip thinking its acochol and started running away laughing along with his friends. I was angry at my friends at that time because no one helped me because they were also drunk so I screamed, '' yea take that bottle of water, you dumbass, you are really the man''. They went by, but some of their friends walked by us at the faster pace trying to cache with them, they didn't say anything but after they cought up with them apparently one of them told the rest of the group about my comments. 5 guys angerly started walking towards me from the way they previously ran screaming ''who said that,who said that'' in an tone that really frightened me.

          I was keeping quiet trying to hold my friend before he drops to the floor.But suddenly one of them turns to me and pushes me, thus making my friend fall down like a bag of stones and me trying to hold my balance.

          I was shook.

          My friend didn't feel any pain, he simply turned around making him conftrable and started sleeping leaving me with 5 foreign guys screaming and cursing at me while forming a circle. I didn't respond and tried to pick my friend so we could go. They pushed me again, making me angry and making me punch/push one of their guys.

          They started chasing me towards the beach, and in the process I torn apart my flip flopps, now running bare foot. 100 meters down the hill I met with the rest of my group talking to some other guys. I told them quickly that 5 guys are chasing me and I left my friend Filip sleeping there on his own. They responsed immedialtely and started going towards those guys, they fought, we fought. Now the only problem is that 2 of my freinds are proffesional judo competitors, so fight was over in over 2 minutes,
          until securty guy that watches all the stores that are located near the beach ( you know those that sell fake stuff like sunglasses,watches and all unneccesary things) shows up to the fight. We told him in Croatian what happened, and he quickly told us to go away, so we went. Back to our friend who was still sleeping 100 meters up the hill. This time my friend helped me lift him up and we went to our apartments, asking eachother or mainly me what had happened.

          My only regret that evening was leaving Filip alone sleeping on the sidewalk for 2 mintues...

          Thats my story of meeting with violence in the recent weeks, I think Pain did the right thing, I think I would be more shaken if guns were involved not just fists.
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            Re: Personal Defense

            That sounds very scary, I think I would've carried the Glock when looking for the police since those guys were still threatening with their guns?

            You handled the situation pretty well to be honest. I'm glad no one was injured. :)

            |TG-X| Brummy


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              Re: Personal Defense

              Well Handled man. You remained calm and controlled, more than can be said of many people. I have had a similar experience when I was about 17 when people tried to break into our house. Thankfully we have those strong, white plastic security doors that are nigh on impossible to force. Bearing in mind this is in Northern Ireland, and they were aware we were IN the house. So mum started to freak out, calling Dad and the Police. Dad told her to get upstairs to the Rifle behind the door.

              My little brother at this point is breaking down. By now they had poured petrol into the letter box and the front door was on fire ion the outside. Mum was hysterical, and shaking so much she could not get the magazine in the Ruger. So I did it, and fired one off. Next thing we hear and see a car bolting up our lane. (Our lane is 1/4 of a mile long, up hill away from our house in a straight line, and I live in a very rural area where I am very much the minority) So I fired all 9 rounds at the car. I would like to say I was calm but I most certainly wasn't. When the police turned up over an hour later (After they had rung us back to confirm the emergency, what with the threat of them being ambushed) I told them what had happened and expected to get in deep trouble. I still remember his words.

              "Next time you shoot at someone, its better for all involved if you kill them outright"
              Take from that what you will. A few days later they got back to us, no one had been reported injured by gunfire in any hospital in either Northern Ireland or in the Republic. And no cars with bullet holes or broken windows where reported anywhere by garages. So I guess I missed. Probably for the best.

              Since then Dad has insisted in keeping ammo in every room of our house and a fair sprinkle or weapons lying around (2 shotguns downstairs and a Pistol above the Cupboard, with two rifle up stairs.

              Now I am all grown up and living on my own, I do find it weird not seeing guns and other things lying around, and still feel slightly vulnerable in Glasgow when I am on the piss and the cops are walking around keeping the peace stab proof vests. Back home they are kitted out with MP5's and G36's, with the full armour. Fun to talk to those guys at 3am drunk!:)


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                Re: Personal Defense

                I wouldnt trust any police , ive seen too much, cops are just human who happens to have power over any civilian and a handgun, most of em are douchebag trigger happy retards, they are the same douchebag we went to school with, only they decide to become police because they knew they could do everything they wanted.

                Thats why every citizen should have firearms, weither to defend against criminals or even against the police sometimes.

                I invite you to check this story

                That was in 2008, a police men killed a 18 years old unarmed boy playing dices in a park, shot 4 times in the back while he was with his friends

                Thats why I dont trust any cops or soldiers or anyone who is given more power over the normal civilian, they are human just like us and some of em have very bad behavior

                Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives.


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                  Re: Personal Defense

                  Originally posted by Paine View Post
                  I called the cops at 2:39AM tonight.

                  Reported domestic disturbance on my street, male and female screaming, possibly two males fighting. Reported hearing bottles being broken while talking to the dispatcher, who says they are sending a squad car.
                  I only read through your AAR once but it seems to me that a domestic dispute was reported, and they were treating it as such. If indeed there was a shooting elsewhere then they probably re-routed units on a priority basis. It's unfortunate, but there are a lot of areas where police coverage is thin enough that a report like that could have to wait 15-20 minutes to get a response.

                  You asked about things that could have been done differently...

                  If it had been me, as soon as I realized a gun was involved I would have phoned the police again to make sure they upgraded the priority of the call for a more appropriate response. Especially with the amount of people you're talking about here. Also, as far as leaving the house in that kind of a situation... not a good idea. Stay on the line with the 911 operator locked and loaded inside your residence. If you are expecting the police to come to your house in response to the incident make sure you let the operator know that you are a resident of the home and that you are armed. Be certain that the police understand that they need to announce their presence before attempting to enter and that the person with the gun isn't necessarily the guy they need to shoot. Do not leave your house with the weapon... especially if you don't have a CWP.

                  And in the worst case event that you ever have to shoot someone in self defense, make sure you kill them.

                  *EDIT* It occurred to me that I should probably point out I'm not a lawyer and state to state gun/self defense laws vary greatly... so do not consider the above as any sort of legal advice. lol


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                    Re: Personal Defense

                    Ban handguns. If the need should arise to take down a corrupt government or fight of an invasion of zhe nazis it wont be a 9 that is involved.


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                      Re: Personal Defense

                      Originally posted by Golgo13 View Post
                      Ban handguns. If the need should arise to take down a corrupt government or fight of an invasion of zhe nazis it wont be a 9 that is involved.
                      no thanks, i like my pistol. i do believe they need to make it harder to get pistols, more testing and what not.

                      good job not going outside to confront the guy with the pistol and possibly escalating it. i wouldnt have left the property to go look for a cop. chill inside with 911 and your glock. safest thing you can go.

                      so the cop didnt go to the guys house that came out with the pistol and arrest him? somewhat of a serious thing there.

                      i personally would have grabbed my ar15 and pistol and chilled in the house. i would have a hard time not shooting someone that is pointing a weapon at my or my friends. to me if you are pointing a weapon at someone you might as well be using it.

                      "All of you stay frickin high speed. All you stay on your frickin primaries and frickin slay bodies all day long. Good to go" -Combat Ninja lol


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                        Re: Personal Defense

                        Originally posted by Golgo13 View Post
                        Ban handguns. If the need should arise to take down a corrupt government or fight of an invasion of zhe nazis it wont be a 9 that is involved.
                        In the final days and hours of WWII, the German people picked up bayonets, rocks and silverware... sometimes resorting to bare fists, fighting the Soviet invaders to their last breath. A handgun might well be involved in revolutionary or defensive action.

                        "Cum bellum clamavit, nos respondivi..."

                        "I've given everything I can... There are no heroes left in man..."


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                          Re: Personal Defense

                          way to stay calm bro
                          best thing you can do

                          as far as suggestions, i'll offer what i can

                          good job getting your roommate out of there. gotta keep your guys safe.
                          i think it was a mistake to go outside and look for the police, especially with a pistol

                          as a CCW holder, i'm trained mainly to approach this from a legal point of view
                          in my state, there are four conditions that must be present in order to lawfully use, or threaten to use, deadly force in defense of a person

                          (1) you are not the aggressor in the situation
                          (2) you must reasonably believe the threat is imminent
                          (3) you reasonably believe that the threat presents a danger of sufficient magnitude to justify the use of deadly force
                          (4) you reasonably decide that the use of force is necessary to avoid or prevent a threat to yourself or a third person

                          personally, i think you should have stayed in your house and forget about whatever it was that brought you back outside; loss of face, desire to diffuse the situation, whatever it was. remember, what you may or may not be responsible for will be decided by a jury and will most definitely have long-term consequences.

                          above all else though, is taking the life of someone else worth it over something petty (i'm using that term loosely in this situation)? is the risk < reward? the answer here is usually not. case by case, of course.

                          glad you made it out unscathed :)

                          Originally posted by Golgo13 View Post
                          Ban handguns. If the need should arise to take down a corrupt government or fight of an invasion of zhe nazis it wont be a 9 that is involved.
                          i see you've tried to spoil this thread with your entitlement bull****, you non-contributing zero
                          stfu and gtfo


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                            Re: Personal Defense

                            Sounds like things were handled like they should have been.

                            Being a gun owner I'm going to assume that you know about the Castle Doctrine, if not, read up on it.


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                              Re: Personal Defense

                              Similar thing happened to me, didn't involve handguns, but did involve a couple of deadly weapons.

                              I was hanging out with my friends, and since i'm the oldest of the group, i usually take my friends home after everything is done. One of my friend's is wheelchair bound and lives out in the country, 15 minutes away from town, so as a favor to his parents i take him home after these events. My friend has a brother who is a pot-smoking drunk. That night, he had two of his friends over, 2 six foot tall guys who could probably bench my twice my own weight.

                              So me, my friend in a wheel chair, and another guy who lives near my house stop to drop my friend off. While we're assembling his wheelchair I hear his brother&company laughing hysterically. I smell booze and weed from their direction, I just ignore them. The wheel chair is assembled , my friend is transferring out of my car and onto the chair when his bro and friends step out from behind the fence. They walk past, I ignore them, and they hop in the junk wagon parked perpendicular to the driveway.

                              I say goodnight to my friend, he rolls up into the house, my other friend and I get back into the car. As I try to back out the driveway, the brother pulls his car up behind mine, cutting me off from leaving. They sit there, one starts laughing, pulling out a joint and start smoking it. After a couple of minute, they pull the car out of my way, only to wait until I try to move and they pull the car back behind me again.

                              I yell out the window "I have all night" and call home to tell my parents that I'll be late coming home. I sit their for 15 minutes. They get bored, so they pull out some fire crackers and start throwing them at my car. The ones that don't make a big explosion but make a loud noise. I lose my cool when one lands on the hood, leaving a nice char mark and making my eardrums ring. I tell my friend to lock the doors and hold onto the keys as I step out of the car. This is my dad's car, he's a black belt in two martial arts, like me. I pop the trunk, with the brother car right behind me and start rummaging through my boxing gear. When one of my brother friends start asking what the hell i was doing, i pull out two of my escrima sticks and close the trunk.

                              Escrima fighting sticks are around 2.5 feet long each, and around an inch in diameter. The pair i own are made of Rataan, which makes them almost impossible to break. I rest one of the stick on his car, saying that if he cut it out, he would be replacing all the glass and headlights on his car. The driver, one of the brothers friends step out of the car. The guy has a switch blade sticking out of pocket. He asked what was keeping him from beating the life out of me. I told him that in the time it him to pull the blade out, i would have landed at least three blows to his head with these sticks. He pushed the blade back into his pocket, went back into his car and backed it up. He cut off the engine and stepped out of the car, and told me to leave. I hopped back into the car and left as fast as I could.

                              After dropping my friend off, I explained the what happened to my parents, my dad wasn't too mad at the char mark on his car, but was glad no one got hurt. He knows i have his temper, and he's put people in the hospital before. By the way, I'm a scrawny white dude weighing at 140lbs at 5'9" around.

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