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Hardcore VS TG 8th August

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  • Hardcore VS TG 8th August

    Post your thoughts, screens, xfire game videos, etc here.

    TG wins 127-0

    Please do your part and Submit Ribbon Nominations here

    Excellent match. A worthy opponent, I was very impressed with the enemy.

    Special thanks to our CO |TG-6th|Soccer, |TG-189th|Warlab and other admins for organizing this event, and to [DM]Smeg for politely sitting it out.

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    Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

    Congratulations guys, cant wait to here the AARs

    "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis


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      Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

      HAHA, nubs. :)

      Seriously though, excellent piloting from SuperCobra.

      Personally I do not feel these guys were the type we want to play against. Too many issues, to many problems, poorly organised on their end. They were brash, broke rules, and suffered a lot of "MD5 Kicks" which I will leave at that. Poor losers too, declaring they were giving up due to our server causing MD5 as it "doesn't happen on theirs". Neither does VoiP............ And their willingness to give up meant we all got team switched to their team, then kicked for not being in a squad over there. In future they should prepare their own server. However props to them for coming out, I know a few of the guys over there who played, nice work.

      Anyway, we played well, as did thee. They had some great moments when their CAS and Armour began to fire. But Kashan is way over for scrims, and next time I would prefer to play people that we do not have to unban first. They were banned for a reason and some proved that reason again. I found many of them extremely poor and immature.

      Warlab great job, I felt sorry for you with all the crap going on. SL's done great, good job on both the hills and in the bunkers.

      TG FTW guys, nice work, very happy and impressed. Excellent work Bullseye and all the guys!


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        Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

        I just heard allot of the SLs beat themselves up in the mumble AAR for the way their squad performed....but from what I observed everyone did their jobs as designed by our preplanning!!!!! Armor kept the armor off of the bunkers....the inf squads in bunkers repelled and held.....hill def held the hill and kept them busy trying to knock us off....CAS was impressive....and the support squads did great with their assignments.....

        A very fun round.....THANKS!


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          Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

          A great game by all. I'll post more throughly a little later. Armour and Hill Defense especially, must have been doing something right as the Bunker Defense squad didn't have to deal with virtually any APC or Tank Fire into the bunkers. Something of note though, if they had more tickets (obviously they didn't)... we would have been in big trouble, the last 20 minutes we had no FOBs in defensive positions at South Bunker or South Village, I'm sure that we would have recovered, but something to consider.


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            Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

            Gentlemen, for those of you that stuck around to listen to me after the scrim, you already know what I thought. And to those of you who thought I talked excessively, you've all seen my posts on the forums, so what did you expect?! :D

            On the whole, we played an excellent game. As I said on mumble, I think it came down to effort and organization. We were simply better in that regard. We started the day with the most people we've ever had at role call. To the best of my knowledge, we had to pull only one reserve player and even then, once we switched over to the TG server, that didnt matter. Soccer planned out a magnificent battle strategy (which I will post below) and we all followed it to a T. The initial rollout was flawless, probably the best I've ever seen.

            As far as the gameplay, again, we did an excellent job. Our infantry squads held their ground. Our armor squad, even though they felt they werent at peak performance, were doing an amazing job. Our close air support was second to none. We won this by force of will guys. We fought hard, we played the game the way its meant to be played and we came out on top.

            I'm really hoping we can do it again, and as skud said, make sure you get those nominations in guys. I'd love to see a boatload of awards being handed out in a week or two. I know that each and every one of you who played saw at least one thing you can write someone up for, and probably a hell of a lot more. Remember, you're never limited in the amount of nominations you can write, so if you saw 20 noteworthy incidents, write 20 nominations. I know I can speak for the admin staff here when I say that they'll have absolutely no qualms with reading them all.

            Anyway, here is the scrim strategy that was the fruit of our supreme commander in the field, Soccer:
            Originally posted by AFsoccer
            TG External Scrim vs. =]H[=
            August 8, 2010

            Squad Assignments

            Squad 1 – Four Horsemen
            A.WICKENS (SL)
            Ferris Bueller

            Squad 2 – Bunker Def
            Davemccr (SL)

            Squad 3 – Hill Defense
            AlmightyLion (SL)

            Squad 4 – Armor
            Warlab (SL)

            Squad 5 – Trans Helo
            AnimalMother (SL)

            Squad 6 – CAS
            DiscoJedi (SL)

            Squad 7 – Support
            Bullseye2550 (SL)

            ************************************************** ************************
            Initial Roll-Out

            Squad 1 – Four Horsemen
            Transport Helo #1 flies you to C8 Key 9 and drops one crate.
            Build FOB in the small terrain indentation SW of the village. Build no support structures.
            Be ready for an attack on South Village and advise CO immediately if that happens.
            Transport Helo #1 will return to base to reload crate while you cap the flag
            Transport Helo #1 then returns to pick you up. Drop off location will either be C4 key 8 for FOB and attack on North Bunker or other location as ordered by CO.
            Ensure you have a rifleman specialist (will likely need a grapple hook for phase two)

            Squad 2 – Defense Inf
            Get in Squad 6’s BMP and use one logistics truck to get to South Bunker flag.
            Build FOB inside the bunker at D4 key 1
            Do not build TOW or AA
            If you want to use a separate BMP for defense, that is approved, but it must remain inside the bunker

            Squad 3 – Hill Defense
            Transport Helo #2 flies you to D5 key 3 and drops one crate
            Build FOB in low area so that it’s not visible from east or west
            Once second crate is delivered, build all support structures (AA, TOW, HMG) necessary with enough distance between them that one bomb doesn’t take out more than one structure. Ensure FOB is far away from the visible support structures, since they will get targeted by laser bombing.

            Squad 4 – Armor
            Take all three tanks and proceed north to B2
            Set up defensible positions
            Mission will be to protect the A, B, and C columns to ensure enemy doesn’t flank west side of bunkers, while staying out of visual range of spotters on central hill in E3 area. Report enemy movement.

            Squad 5 – Trans Helos
            Trans Helo #1 will transport Sq 1 to South Village. Drop squad and crate, then immediately return to main base for resupply. Once sq 1 caps South village, return to pick them up. You’ll either bring them to C4 key 8 or drop them off at alternate location as assigned by CO.
            Trans Helo #2 will transport Sq 3 to the hill in D5 key 3 and drop crate in low area, then return to main base, get a second crate and bring it to the same spot.

            Squad 6 – CAS
            Two people get crewman kits and drive Sq 2 to South Bunker in BMP, return to main base once flag is capped.
            SL get on trans helo to hill in D5 when helo comes back for second crate (do not take first helo ride since sq 3 will need all six seats).
            Other two members can either go to South Bunker (if room in vehicles) or ride to D5 on second helo trip.

            Squad 7 – Support
            Drive logistics truck to bunker at C5 key 9 and build FOB inside. Squad 2 will be building inside the NE bunker but they are separated by 220 m, so it should work. If not, build in ditch on SE exterior of the bunker building. Do not build TOW or AA.

            ************************************************** ************************
            Phase Two

            Squad 1 – Four Horsemen
            If assigned C4 key 8 to build FOB, then you’ll be attacking North Bunker flag while stopping enemy movement onto South Bunker. Build the FOB in lowest spot possible and use the bunker and wall as cover from the east. You’ll attack by grappling over the wall and taking cover inside the building as soon as possible. If we are having difficulty at the South Bunker flag, then be prepared to help Sq 2.

            Squad 2 – Defense Inf
            Cap and defend South Bunker flag. Remain inside as much as possible. Sq 3 will take care of outside.

            Squad 3 – Hill Defense
            Finish building support structures. You are permitted all structure types, but ensure spacing between them and place FOB at safe distance and out of view. You’re mission is 3-fold:
            1) Defend hill at all costs
            2) Support Sq 2 at South Bunker
            3) Watch the east flank.
            Sq 6 will have someone with you to coordinate CAS so ensure someone is on Mumble with him.

            Squad 4 – Armor
            First objective is to remain safe while protecting our NW flank.
            Once given the signal, I’ll have you move up to engage targets.
            I’ll also probably need you to clear C4 so Sq 1 can land there and build an FOB prior to attacking North Bunker.
            Make sure you are constantly moving while in view of North Bunker or hills in D2 and E3 due to laser spotters. Use the terrain to pop up at different locations and try to coordinate all 3 tanks on target at same time to limit exposure of reloading.
            If we are able to take out their CAS, then your movement will be expanded, but if their CAS is up, I want them to have to drop bombs without laser designation.
            It’s your discretion if you want to use two men to man an AAV once the jets spawn. I personally don’t think they are a good use of manpower. Another option is to have one person man a logistics truck for repairs and one person grab an AA MANPAD kit. Sq 7 will be building deployables (TOW/AA) in your area, so that’s a third option.

            Squad 5 – Trans Helos
            After you complete the roll-out phase, a trans helo will need to fly one laser equipped spotter from Sq 6 (CAS) to the hills in H4. Drop one crate in a hidden spot and return to base to await further orders.
            Second trans helo will need to fly some members of Sq 6 to the hill in D5.

            Squad 6 – CAS
            After capping South Bunker in the BMP, return to base. One person will be transported to the hill in H4 and the rest to the hill in D5. A crate will be dropped in H4 as well in case he needs bandages or to switch kits. Do not build an FOB in H4 and try to stay as hidden as possible. Only shoot in self-defense when spotted by the enemy.
            When aircraft spawn (19 minutes after game starts), stay on west side of map as much as possible. Priority is shooting down the F-16 and A-10. Once that is done, we can focus on lasing enemy targets for you. Spotters in your squad should have great coverage of map but other SLs will also assist. If/when a pilot is shot down, advise the CO so I can use that person. They may man an AAV or provide infantry support until aircraft re-spawns.

            Squad 7 – Support
            After building FOB in C5, get Sq 2’s logistics truck and drive both back to main base. Then get in one logistics truck and build an FOB under the bridge (or in the large ditch) in C2. This will be your base of operations until given further orders. Build a TOW and AA to protect/assist the armor squad. Ensure support structures are spaced far enough from the FOB and each other to prevent collateral loss after a bombing.

            ************************************************** *******************
            This should take care of the first 20 minutes or so. Squad leaders should familiarize themselves thoroughly with their locations and plan placement of razor wire, fox holes, etc. Squad leaders for Squads 2 and 7, please ensure you know how to place an FOB inside the bunker (it can be tricky). Remember that you can load up Kashan 64 to practice and look around by clicking on Deploy -> Create Local -> then picking Kashan Std.

            Overall strategy
            Strat One: A smooth, well-coordinated roll-out
            Strat Two: Defend South Bunker and ensure information flow through CO
            Strat Three: Once an opportunity presents itself, we will push the offense

            Kit Discipline
            One HAT kit is reserved for Squad 3.
            Sniper kits are reserved for the CAS squad and Squad 3 (on the hill) unless pre-approved by CO.
            Do not grab an AA or HAT kit until it is needed! Every squad will have a crate within a few meters of their location, so don’t grab special kits until the need arises.

            Squad leaders
            You are my primary point of contact. With clear and concise information flow, we will be extremely effective. Think about your transmissions ahead of time and minimize radio chatter when able by placing target markers on the map with your SL kit. SL/CO communications should always start with identifying yourself and then waiting for a response. If you have an urgent message then follow your identity with “urgent” and wait for a response.

            Also, keep me updated on:
            Flag status
            Enemy location and numbers
            Squad status
            Enemy FOB locations
            And tell me if you need support before it’s too late for me to get it to you

            Primary means of communications is VOIP
            Use of Mumble is encouraged for local communications, but please limit use of force center because you could be making it hard for an SL to hear the CO and/or his troops.

            This map is more a test of teamwork than it is of capping flags or gaining territory. We will use a conservative, measured approach and wait for a weakness that the enemy offers (be it lack of CAS, armor, FOB spawn points, etc.) before going on the offensive. SLs will have a lot to do so minimize chatter and stay focused on the task assigned to you. We’ve played this map a hundred times and so have they, so it’s less about sneaky strategies and more about how well we react to the situation and work as a team.

            **Squad Leaders, please forward this to your squad members and add any information/details appropriate.**

            See you on the battlefield!
            Scrim Commander


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              Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

              Great game!

              Agree with what ferris said and the roll out was brilliant, for me at least the first 10minutes or so i knew what was happening, knew where i had to go, and the guys being transported knew the drill to. After that i deviated from my initial roll as trans pilot and kinda became a floating body, building a few FOBs here and there, and then just being the extra guy on the cap zone mucking in with the inf guys and getting them supplies for FBs when they needed them

              Very well planned and commanded Soccer great stuff, good constant comms as well you knew what was happening and what you wanted to happen (or you hid it very well from me if you didn't)
              Ex TG-31st LR
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                Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                Would like to say thanks to my "Hill def" squad, especcially Kwalc and Sap that got the boring jobs in the deployed assets.
                Im dissipointed at myself for not being able to provide more cover fire for the guys down the bunkers.
                Bur Im happy, I did some misstakes as a squad leader - but I learned from them.
                Overall, I think that everybody on our team did their best - thats all that matters.


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                  Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                  It was a good game, but I'm going to be critical here. I am a little dismayed to conclude that their infantry preformed better. Don't get me worng, both sides put up a good fight and we did manage to cap North Bunkers after a rough start (which was heavily aided by our awesome CAS pilots).

                  Overall though, I thought they had a better display of tactics and fire & manuever. When they attacked in force, we were basically over-run easily (except for the Southern most bunker, which was held by a very disciplined defense). There seemed to be a lot of needless deaths because of either bad positioning or a need to do something. For example, during the siege of South Bunkers, Myself and several others from squad 2 were up against the Northern Hesco (sp?) barrier in the square of the southern-most bunker. In front of me about 20 meters, three men were lying prone so that they formed a short small line perpendicular to the Hesco barrier. At one point, one (maybe two actually) US infantry ran into the compound towards the back side of the southern most bunker. All three men tracked the movement and engaged. While this was happening, one US infantry with an M14 crept around the Hesco and took out all three of the men with ease. I attempted to take him out, but I simply wasn't accurate enough. My point in that example is that spacing/positioning was not taken into consideration at all.

                  I also saw a lot of guys run through the open even though there was clearly a SAW covering the area (even I am guilty of kind of doing this). In CQB, medics rushed up for the revives prematurely even though the area was extremely hot. This led to alot of un-necessary grenade deaths on our part. I will note though that they had ridiculously good shooters as well as people who could creep around corners and take you out before you saw the source of the bullets. Lastly, the squads weren't truly supporting each other as well as they could have.

                  Overall, we managed to push them back, but both bunker inf squads had negative K/D ratios. Also, these are just mere observations from a grunt and I'm sure that the SLs had a lot of pressure/comms to deal with. Good scrim guys! Can't wait for round 2. Hopefully, it will be something nice like Op. Barracuda.


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                    Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                    Very good game guys, we played well as a team and the planning and organising from an admin and CO point of view was brilliant. Thanks to Warlab, T, soccer, KwalC, cougar and anyone else that helped this along in the background.

                    There were things that could be improved on, Googol brings up some very good points about the inf. I think this comes mainly from the intensity that the fight for the bunkers ended up as. I certainly felt that whenever we moved we were being engaged, and when stationary we were pinned down / being attacked. Squad 1 and 2 definitely worked well together when the going got tough.

                    I certainly have identified things that could have been done better in my squad (sqd 2) and I am going to bring these points up in the 189th forum. We won, but we can still learn. :)


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                      Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                      Thanks to Chris for spotting in the CAS squad. You threw out many good lases :)

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                        Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                        Very good game. Computer crapped out about 80 minutes in, so I couldn't see it to the end from the CO, but all in all, what I'm reading here is pretty accurate. I'm honored that our clan and my strategy presented a difficult opponent. Our strategy revolved around three things: hold the bunkers, hold the southeastern ridge, GET AIR SUPERIORITY, implement awesome procedure for taking advantage of air superiority. Your pilots overcame ours; and it was downhill for our attack from there. And that's Kashan for you, Air superiority is SO FREAKING VITAL. Also, while I don't disclose my tactics, lets just say there was a reason bunkers wasn't getting harried with our tanks.

                        I'm surprised we even managed as close a game as we did given the circumstances. I also have to say I'm rather ashamed of the behavior of some of our members in light of a lot of frustrating circumstances, and the fact that you guys had be the ones lifting bans off of our clan members so we could have this match reflects poorly on an organization I chose to affiliate myself with. I won't talk any more about internal issues we had, but lets just say that right now, the culture held up by a significant number of H members is not conducive to me remaining a junior member of that clan.
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                          Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                          We surely did appreciate the match from your guys jafar. Sorry to hear about your computer woes, we've all been there before! As far as the attitudes of some of your teammates, things happen, tempers flare. None of us are perfect and we all get out of control sometimes. Just keep in mind that you and any of the guys from Hardcore are always welcome to play on the TG server (as long as they dont do anything to get in trouble, of course ;)).


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                            Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                            I must see the BR for this.


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                              Re: Hardcore VS TG 8th August

                              bad news, we had to use our server for this, hence no BR
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