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Discussion of Further TG vs Hardcore Scrim Series

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  • Discussion of Further TG vs Hardcore Scrim Series

    I created this thread specifically for discussion of the stated topic.
    Note: THIS THREAD IS FOR DISCUSSION ONLY. No flaming, badmouthing, namecalling, insults or the like will be tolerated. I have spoken with at least one of the admins about this and I'm sure the rest will read and agree with the above statement equally. Keep it civil, gentlemen.

    Relocated from AAR Thread:
    I think that everyone needs to slow down a bit here.

    First, yes, we all know there were problems with the match. These have been discussed and beaten around entirely too much.

    The language filter was in place on our server as it always has been. Everyone, on both sides was warned and amply aware of this fact. If people cant see fit to control their mouths over chat (cause the filter cant detect swearing over VOIP, obviously), then thats a personal problem to be dealt with on an individual basis because the vast majority of the players on BOTH SIDES has no problem dealing with it.

    The MD5 mismatches happen on lots of servers, however any statement of impropriety on the part of TG's server would be readily nullified by the PR dev team, as we are one of their most trusted communities, in addition to the fact that we have hundreds upon hundreds of people who come through our server with little to no problem whatsoever.

    Autobalance is a built in part of the game and Cougar has said he is going to personally look into a fix for the teamswitching issues we had yesterday. However, none of these incidents amounts to anything significant in the long run, its all just casting meaningless aspersions and everyone needs to drop it.

    Second, one thing that I'd like to make note of is that individuals in no way speak for the TG community nor any major portion of its membership that played in the scrim yesterday. I'm sure that as a result of their actions on the Hardcore forums, they will be having something of a "come to jesus" with the admin staff here. Similarly, I think its safe to assume the same about individuals from Hardcore not speaking for the Hardcore folks at large. On that note, people need to calm down and realize that individuals are speaking as individuals in this case, they stand apart from their respective communities when they decide to bare their asses in public forum.

    Third, I dont see any reason to cancel the scrim series. There are a few bad apples rearing their heads and those people can be dealt with on an individual basis. There are some technical problems going on that people need to examine on their own rigs. There are some server-side issues that are being looked into by the admin staff. Dont let any of these ruin the chance for people to have fun.

    Bottom line here that everyone needs to remember is that there is no such thing as a perfect scrim. I have played in hundreds of scrims in various games for over a decade and have yet to see a single one that went off without a hitch. On the whole, i'm more than impressed with the way yesterdays went down. We had a record number of people from both sides show up for roll call, and it was the first external PR scrim i've seen where half of one team or the other didnt wind up plain quitting halfway through and leaving it horribly out of whack. I had a hell of a good time, and look at the scoreboard, I killed a whole 1 person! I'm sure, regardless of score, the same can be said for the vast majority of the players on BOTH sides of the field here.

    So please, let's all, TG and Hardcore members, be mature about this and see things for what they really are instead of painting negative pictures of each other because of a few minor incidents. I'd love to see the scrim series continue, and I have a feeling I'm not alone in this. Perhaps if our previous organizers cant see fit to move past the differences they've formed in their minds, other organizers can be found who can. If not, I'd like to again remind the Hardcore guys that you're always welcome on our server, and anytime we host internal scrims, you're more than welcome to sign up.

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    Re: Discussion of Further TG vs Hardcore Scrim Series

    This is to be handled privately Faris.


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      Re: Discussion of Further TG vs Hardcore Scrim Series

      I'm going to temporarily lock this thread until there has been a little bit of discussion done in private. Please stand by...

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      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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