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Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

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  • Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

    Approved ribbons through August 24, 2010. Congratulations gentlemen!

    What a list! Thanks for taking the time to nominate your fellow players.


    Distinguished Air Cavalry (Class I)


    Recommended Award: Distinguished Air Cavalry
    Game/Server: TG PR server

    Place and Time: Muttrah City, 26th July

    Nomination: Whenever either of these guys get into a helicopter you know its going to be in good hands. Seen plenty of good flying skills from both of them. This one round on muttrah though shone through and showed that these guys are some of the best.

    Some simple statistics, they only lost one cobra for the entire 2hour round, whilst getting over 50 combined kills (not sure of the assets they also took out) so in itself that's a very healthy ticket ratio. They were up as well for over 1hr 30mins which is not a common occurrence on muttrah either unless you just sit above the carrier and BVR fire which they did not.

    Unfortunately the round was lost due to some ticket bleed for the USMC, but the loss was very narrow thanks to the killing power jafar and jaymz provided with a notable lack of friendly armour to help counter the enemy APC threat.

    ************************************************** **********

    Valorus Unit


    TacticalGamer Project Reality Server

    Place and Time:
    August 1, 2010 5:00-7:30PM EST


    Alex sweedenSniiperr

    Related AAR:
    I'm proud of this squad right here. They followed my orders perfectly, never complained once and always provided intel where I needed it. If it wasn't for this squad we would of lost Qinling yesterday. Not only did they defend our flags and prevent the British from capping us out, but also took most of the hits when the British CAS was up, as well as the Snipers and TOW emplacements throughout Hill 154. These guys saved a ton of lives, by being the shield in my plans for victory. They demonstrated great patience throughout the ~3 hour round, never complaining about the lack of new orders, and always did their job excellently. When I finally gave them the orders to assault the Farm with the rest of the team, they flew into action. My plan(By mine, I mean cougar's) involved 1 APC + 1 tank + 2 Infantry squads waiting outside farm for the JDAM strike. When I gave them the order to assault they were one of the first one's in and did their job perfectly. We capped it in less than 2 minutes. These guys demonstrated perfectly qualities of the Valorous Unit ribbon.

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Jet Combat - (Class I)


    Who: |TG-X|SuperCobra

    For: Distinguished Jet Combat Class

    When and where: 8 Aug 2010, external scrim vs =]H[=, kashan 64

    SuperCobra is certainly one of the best pilots out there in PR. I've seen him time and time again dominate the opposing air power in general public play, and then after wreak havoc on the ground as CAS.

    During the scrim he was our MiG-29 pilot, within minutes of being airbourne we had air superiority, after which he was going through on to hit ground targets in support of our units at bunkers. Unfortunately he got shot down by AA on a CAS run, but once he was back up in the air we soon had supremacy again.

    It was unanimously agreed afterwards that air superiority was necessary for success in the scrim, and SuperCobra provided us with it. Definitely deserves this ribbon nomination, and has been for some time imo.

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Special Ops - (Class I)


    Recommended Award: Distinguished Special Ops

    Game/Server: Tactical Gamer 0.917 PR server

    Place and Time: Sunday August 8th, 2010. TG vs. ]H[ scrim

    Nomination: During the external scrim, Chrisweb was the designated second spotter for the CAS squad. He was initially posted to the H4 grid to be a forward observer on US troop movements. He eventually made his way, on foot, across to the Hills in E4 where he was instrumental in neutralizing an enemy FOB.

    From there, he coordinated multiple CAS strikes against ground targets in North Village and North Bunkers. He then infiltrated North Bunkers and single-handedly destroyed the primary US FOB at that flag, stopping the US from reinforcing their attack on South Bunkers.

    Following this, he proceeded back into the E4 hills where he provided more targets for CAS missions throughout the rest of the round, traveling as far north as F1 and as far south as E6, all on foot.

    What's more, Chrisweb did all of these things with a broken mic, meaning that all of the information he passed along, and all of the targets he provided, were done via simple squad chat.

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Jet Combat - (Class I)


    Recommended Award: Distinguished Jet Combat (Class II or higher)

    Game/Server: TacticalGamer 0.917 server

    Place and Time: Sunday August 8th, 2010. TG vs ]H[ scrim

    Nomination: SuperCobra and Marine were the designated CAS pilots for the scrim versus the Hardcore clan. Together, they were responsible for more than 50 enemy kills and almost invariably kept the tide of battle in our favour by preventing enemy Armor and Infantry from overwhelming South Bunkers.

    Supercobra demonstrated a mastery of the MIG-29 performing maneuvers that would most certainly have ended in a crash for a pilot of any less skill. Marine was a pillar of reliability, managing to balance a rapid influx of target requests with minimal SL handling required. Both players remained cool and collected throughout the entire scim, getting shot down only a couple of times, and immediately making themselves just as useful on the ground by supporting infantry operations.

    Both pilots were also quick to respond to aerial threats, often shooting down both enemy aircraft within seconds of each other to afford the team maximum Air Superiority. In one instance, spotters from Squad 3 communicated that the US F-16 was taking off, allowing SuperCobra to redirect and shoot it down less than 30 seconds after takeoff.

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Squad Leader - (Class II)


    Recommended Award: Distinguished Squad Leader, Class II

    Game/Server: External Scrim vs. =]H[=, Kashan 64

    Place and Time: August 8, 2010


    |TG_XV|DiscoJedi distinguished himself as the squad leader for the Close Air Support (CAS) squad during the external scrim versus the =]H[= clan. This scrim was played on the Kashan 64-layer, which is a very CAS-intensive map. DiscoJedi's squad-leading abilities were essential if the team was be successful and he rose to the occasion on all accounts. While under constant barrage from the SLs and from me (the CO) for CAS support, DiscoJedi did an excellent job of prioritizing targets based on urgency, chance of success, and applicability for the jet asset that was available (Mig vs Frogfoot). His actions resulted in the destruction of more than a dozen enemy vehicles, as well as enemy emplacements integral to the enemy's defense. DiscoJedi's external communication was extremely effective and responsive, in addition to handling the immense internal communications that were taking place inside his squad. Most impressively, DiscoJedi did all of this while supporting another squad's defense of the central hill, under almost constant attack from the enemy. His actions and ability to accomplish the mission under the most extreme circumstances reflect strongly on his abilities as a Squad Leader and member of TG.

    Related AAR:

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Commander - (Class IV)


    Who: |TG-6th|AFsoccer
    What: Distinguished Commander Class IV (3rd star)
    When: Planning phase,
    Scrim, CO, August 8th, 2010, 1300-1700 EST.
    Where: TG PR Server

    This was the 3rd time AFsoccer has planned and commanded an external scrim for Tactical Gamer. He is now 3 for 3, undefeated, in external scrims. 3 may seem like a small number, but this is now over the course of several years that I have had the pleasure of playing with and playing as a subordinate of him. His strong military background really shines through every single time he steps up to command. I believe he is one of Tactical Gamer's strongest assets...


    First I present AFsoccer's battle strategy and plan, complete with his images.

    Military Genius/victory aside, the plan was great for several reasons:

    1. Focused, to the point orders for each squad
    2. Detailed images for each phase of the operation.
    3. Easy to read, easy to follow.
    4. Established communication expectations for scrim.
    5. Neatly laid out kit allocation for each squad.
    6. Plan was sent out a full 7 days before scrim. This allowed for all SL's to communicate with him.


    In the AAR thread for the scrim, AFsoccer detailed step by step each attack, counter attack, etc.

    I cannot speak for the Squad Leaders, since I was not in channel, but I can say that communication was supurb on the ground. There were no complaints of CO time-lapse, confusion, etc. Supplies, CAS, armor support, INF coordination had great turn around for the entire team.


    To the casual observer, it may seem as if AFsoccer wrote his own ribbon nomination... Well, he practically did. But in closing, I hope to share some facts that will further illustrate how great of a Commander AFsoccer was today, is, and has always been.

    AFsoccer is one cool cucumber. At least, in the 6th, that's how we seem to refer to him. He never snaps. He never has to yell. He is always very calm, collected, and to the point. Much of this extends from his actual military experience working on the flightline and in other areas of the Airfield as an officer. Soccer really excels at communicating effectively over VOIP and text. This consistency makes him a reliable commander round after round after round. His battle plans have always been superb - being both very detailed without being overwhelmingly complex. He has a great understanding of all game mechanics, especially how they work together. He gets the various assets to work together in a way that is virtually unstoppable, at times. You could give this man 4 kitchen sinks and a tank and he'd find a way to make them complement eachother in a battle. His leadership extends from actual respect and leadership qualities rather than yellow text on the screen, or begrudgingly stepping up to command. He commands because he is good at it, not because nobody else will.
    I put that in bold because many of us have forgotten with the advent of mumble and other SL tools that ultimately a team with a superior commander and organization can triumph in any situation. Could the SL's today have beaten the opponent without a CO? Maybe. But I guarentee communications on mumble would have been hectic, and overall the fluidity we enjoyed on the battlefield would have been surely lacking. The coordination between Air, Armor, and ground units would have left a lot to be desired. No doubt the SL's and units were very capable today, but with AFsoccer's superior leadership there was no doubt in my mind during the scrim that we would come out victorious.

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Jet Combat - (Class I)


    Player name: tus]=Admiralkird=-

    Date of action: 6 Aug 2010, 1 Aug 2010

    Place of Action: TG PR server, Kashan Desert 64, Quinling 64 (during password night 1 Aug)

    Relevant Actions: AdmiralKird is one of the best pilots that fequent our server, and regularly flies to a great level. He communicates well with the team using mumble and the ingame map comma rose.

    Today on kashan his ability to neutralise the enemy airpower and then co-ordinate the guys on the ground to get munitions where they needed to be. He helped out immensly in the defence of Norht Village

    During the password night on Quinling 64 he was also taking up the role of air superioty and CAS. When he did get shot down it was clearly noticable as the enemy managed to bomb the hell out of our objectives defense. However the second he got back into his jet the enemy bomber was destroyed. He also provided much needed CAS to the assault on the final brit flag

    For his consistantly high level of performance in a jet on numerous occasions I nominate AdmiralKird for Distinguished Jet Combat

    ************************************************** ********

    Distinguished Defense

    Davemccr (SL)


    TG vs. Hardcore Scrim


    This squad was designated "Bunker Defense" for the TG team during the scrim.

    The roll out was flawless. Using the BMP from Squad 6, this team rolled out to South Bunker, immediately capturing the flag. Holding the position, the squad sustained direct infantry attack, killing the enemy and reviving the squad.

    At one point, an M1A1 rolled into the bunker. The driver dismounted, mostly due to the fire discipline and concealment of Squad 2. The driver was killed, the tank ruined and the position defended.

    JDAMs came. Tanks came. Infantry came. Squad 2 never lost the position and enabled the team to move out on North Bunker.

    The advance to North Bunker came, and Squad 2 took up the advance to secure the entire bunker complex with the help of the team.

    At one point, Davemccr was disconnected, and Crawlingeye seamlessly took command with no break in defensive efforts. The squad fought with 5 players for sometime until this could be corrected.

    Due to it's efforts, Squad 2 was top squad for the TG team during the scrim.

    This defensive effort was key to the TG win and really demonstrates the leadership of Davemccr and Squad 2. Their ability to repel the enemy, hold the critical position at South Bunkers and eventually advance on the enemy at North Bunkers demonstrates an excellent defensive effort.

    I would appreciate your support in this award.

    ************************************************** ********

    Outstanding Volunteer - (Class I)


    TG Forum name: Warlab

    Distinguished Volunteer

    TG External Scrim, August 2010


    Warlab has stepped up from a long time supporting member, to admin at PR, content developer and now manager of his first scrim - an external scrim he arranged with another community.

    This is significant as we haven't had an external scrim in over a year. The effort required is great and I am sure those that have organized scrims appreciate the work required.

    For that effort, I think Mr. Warlab deserves the recognition of the community with a Volunteer ribbon. As a class 1 award, I think Warlab has very easily displayed that he understands and has demonstrated the volunteer spirit required for a level 1 ribbon in this area.

    ************************************************** **********

    Congratulations gentlemen!

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    Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

    Good job, guys!


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      Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

      Congrats everyone !!!



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        Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

        Congrats to all!

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          Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

          Congrats guys! And thanks to all who took the time to write up nominations.


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            Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

            Well deserved....congrats...


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              Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

              I think with ribbons, each person should get one whole e cookie!

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                Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                Congratulations to all. Great job.

                OLD GUYS RULE!!!!

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                  Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                  I am honored to accept my first TG Ribbon. I was the gunner for that helicopter, Jaymz was the pilot.

                  Looking forward to getting back to my gaming computer in a few days so I can continue to demonstrate my mettle as a pilot and commander.
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                    Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                    Congratulations to everybody, you did brilliantly!


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                      Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                      Neat congrats


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                        Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                        GJ everyone. Well deserved!

                        Nice to be able to read the actual nominations as well - Thanks T-Man!
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                          Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                          Congratulations to all. Well done.


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                            Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010

                            Well done everyone!
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                              Re: Approved Ribbons through August 24, 2010


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