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Labor Day R&R Priming at the beautiful resort city of Gaza Beach

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  • Labor Day R&R Priming at the beautiful resort city of Gaza Beach

    The below AAR was written in the First Person.

    What started as 6v6 turned into 31v31 by the end of the map.

    Upon spawning in I joined Axis Snipers Hamas squad which comprised of Wickens, DarkDancer and one other player who I cant remember. The IDF had entered the city by way of the Merkava and were blowing up everything and everyone in their path with HEAT rounds and the roar of their engines.

    Wicks positioned himself on top of a building and started to rain RPGs down on the two tanks which were traveling together, shooting up the streets and suppressing everyone on the ground. Unfortunately for the Merkava's their plan was soon going to come to a fiery end.

    After having a HEAT round implode my body, I magically re-spawned and was able to creep up to a street corner where I quickly saw the two tanks, somehow by giving directions Axis Sniper was able to drive his newly washed red bomb car into the tanks path, detonate it and in the process take both of the out, along with 1 or 2 friendlies in the area, but it was a death we all were happy to endure.

    With the Merkava's gone and the server beginning to fill, a new hideout was laid down, shoveled and we holed ourselves up in a nearby T-Building Diagonally from HotFrancs position where the cache was located.

    ^ The above is just a glimpse of what was soon to become a ferocious set of firefights, between the Hamas and IDF. It might have been Labor Day in the US (the day off was very well deserved) but it was just another day of business for both sides.

    I don't know if it was the anger of the Hamas team which was still observing Ramadan or the hunger that we all had to eat by sunset but the IDF proved themselves during several engagements on the streets and inside buildings that they didn't care much for our safety and wanted those caches at all costs to be destroyed.

    After some time had passed and the server was very near to the 62 player mark, I found myself still as a medic holed up in the third floor of the T-Building we were at previously with Moss Polang (sp?) and DarkDancer overlooking a parking garage which I was once an employee of in the late 80's.

    It was here that we had just taken out a few IDF stragglers who did not want to give up the apartments. After weeding them out Moss and I took our positions, He was in the next apartment to the north overlooking the stairs in case we had any unwanted guests try to crash our party, DarkDancer was nearby also providing over watch and I was switching between a Israeli Medic kit and an Israeli scoped SAW.

    Then the fun began.

    Axis and Wicks went on the prowl along with some other Hamas soldiers, having been taken out at a set of buildings just north of the parking garage but in the process taking out some IDF Commercial Real Estate brokers who wanted to destroy the parking garage and setup condo's I set down the Medic kit and grabbed the Scoped Machine gun. It was here that a nice game of cat and mouse was about to begin. - Note Gibwars so and so (cant remember his name, had to leave and actually brought the machine gun up to our position so the enemy would not retrieve it).

    I found a target on a balcony to my north, we traded shots, and I opened up with a roar of bullet suppression which I only hoped made a dent in the walls. I did not, but in the process some IDF lurkers were taken out, and after then getting a few hits on a the balcony guy I did not allow the IDF to revive their fallen Commercial Real Estate Brokers.

    15 or so minutes later DarkDancer suggested we regroup with the rest of the squad at another high rise apartment complex to our East. We moved out as a 3 man squad, meandering through the quiet city streets, streets which seemed too quiet for our liking. Upon entering the apartments I ran up to the floor directly below the roof and took up a position overlooking the Garage to our NW? and kept eyes on our SW while still being able to see if the cache area was in trouble. (forgive me on my bearings, I might be completely wrong).

    During this time, a Hamas Heavy Machine Gun unit was opening up on the Garage and Moss, thought something didn't seem right. He ventured out of the high rise upon Axis agreeing with his observation and made his way to the garage. Moss' observations proved correct, he encountered not only IDF troops but a FOB and crates.

    It was during this time that my fellow squad mates up on the roof were taken out.

    Now from my past experience on Muttrah as a SL I always get my guys to check each floor of a building, no matter how tedious a task it is, I always like to make sure the building I am in is completely empty of squatters or with inhabitants who might make my day go from good to bad real quick.

    Had the two enemy IDF soldiers, after taking out 4 of my squad mates on the roof bothered to check the below apartments, they would have found me with my back turned looking east out the window right in plain sight of the stairwell. Because they did not do this I am grateful.

    I slowly crept in the crouched position to the balcony to take a quick look, I saw nothing, just the revive symbols coming from the roof. Moss was on his way back but was encountering some enemy fire and was unable to assist.

    Normally from my past experience me and apartment roofs do not mix, I don't like being on top of them, I always get sniped or bombed or arty-ed while on top of them, and upon taking out enemy from below I am almost always the first guy to go down first.

    Now upon seeing no rifles off of the balcony I became more cautious. I was at the bottom of the stairs and knew that if the enemy was on the right side I was going to have to react quicker than if the enemy was on the left. I made sure to reload before, hoping that the sound of the magazine changing didn't alert my enemy to my presence.

    As I moved up I saw my sniper rifle being used (if you were in yesterdays game you would remember the ridiculous bickering between a sgt.fearing and some other leet sniper who wanted his kit back after being kicked by pb), I slowly crept up the stairs, it was at this point that my luck was about to run out, the saw gunner had gone prone and was reloading, it was at this moment that I opened up, launching a stream of bullets at the side chest and torso area of the IDF soldier using my sniper rifle and hoping in the process that I wounded the SAW gunner in the upper left and right shoulder region to the point of him bleeding out on the roof.
    After expending my entire mag I raced back down stairs like a bat out of hell, reloaded and sat looking at the entrance of the stairwell for my enemy to appear.

    No one did. After waiting a min or so, and getting the all clear from the guys on mumble I stormed up, revived those I could since by now time on the revive clock was coming to an end, got them back to health, found an ammo bag, reloaded what I could and then ventured back down where at this time Moss was able to come back before disconnected and some other Hamas troops came and situated themselves on the floor I was on and down below.

    This was the first time in a long long time that I helped prime a server and an almost longer time that I was able to be in a squad with Wicks. In all it was a lot of fun, the Hamas side had a bunch of mumblers which made it a lot of fun and though it was confusing at times to tell who was who - DarkDancer or Moss I believe said it best "I'm going to stick with my Hamas weapon, too many friendlies think I'm an Israeli if I pick up theirs".

    I can't speak for the IDF side, but I know I had a blast and I hope the other players on both did as well. This was a fun map to prime, no one messed around, we just played and it started to fill up very quickly.
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    Re: Labor Day R&R Priming at the beautiful resort city of Gaza Beach

    I'm glad you enjoyed that game Randy, because I am no where near as skilled a SL as you or Wicks (Always caught up in the heat of battle and forget I am leading men of my own.) Again, sorry for lighting you guys up with that SAW. Everytime I see that hideous hat I shoot :).

    It was a really great game all in all. The map deserves to be played a lot more.

    A pic from the bomb car aftermath:


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      Re: Labor Day R&R Priming at the beautiful resort city of Gaza Beach

      Was a great round, had a right laugh squadding with you and Axis. Sorry I was afk so often due to admin stuff, Axis did a great job as SL, especially as it must have been like herding cats at the start of the round. Top drawer stuff lads!


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        Re: Labor Day R&R Priming at the beautiful resort city of Gaza Beach

        Luckily, the mighty Thunnercats did not enter the city, for we knew death was inevitable in the enemy hive.

        We just stayed at the corner of the entrance to the city and blew up attacking bombcars with RAWRPG's. Then got sniped.




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