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Invite To RSVP Kashan Battle 09/30/10 ...

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  • Invite To RSVP Kashan Battle 09/30/10 ...

    Greetings TG! Just dropping by to extend a personal invite to an upcoming PR Community event although it's also posted on the PR site: I wanted to give you guys at TG a personal invite as we at Blackwater always enjoy visiting your PR server as well as having you in our servers. Here's the low-down:

    The map is Standard Kashan AAS with the following Special yet
    SIMPLE Rules:

    * The battle will be focused on the BUNKER CPs. North & South
    Respectively ONLY!

    * Capture of enemy CP's outside of the bunkers is NOT

    * Engagement should be limited to within the North & South
    Bunker area(s) and/or approx. 200-300m outside of the bunkers

    * All assets are in play and the respective teams should
    divide them accordingly. Naming a squad after an asset does
    not necessarily own the asset...(work it out TEAM).

    * The 1st of 2 scheduled rounds will begin PROMPTLY @ 9PM EST.
    & end after 60min. of in-game play.

    * The teams will then swap MEC. & U.S. respectively.

    * After a 5min. break the concluding 2nd round will begin @
    approximately 10:05PM EST & will end after 60min. of in-game

    * The winning TEAM will be determined by TOTAL tickets
    remaining (tallied from both rounds).Top Squads will also be
    recognized with inclusion in the Victory announcement(s).

    * Every REASONABLE attempt will be made by the event admin.
    to insure balance of the teams/sides respectively. However
    due to the nature of such events such as the number of
    players participating & technical issues such as disconnects
    it is reasonable to anticipate the teams may not initially
    and/or always be matched player for player. It's war

    When you have your team/clan's tentative roster (min. 4
    players) click on the image above to RSVP the event by listing
    your (tentative) roster via post in our Blackwater Forums. At that
    point you will be emailed and/or PM'd the server password for the
    event along with notification of your team/clan's 1st round
    faction assignment, i.e. MEC/US..

    Alternately you may visit, complete a simple
    site registration, click Events Menu - PR Community Events -
    Kashan Battle Event and post your team/clan's (tentative) roster.

    See You On The Battlefield Soldiers!


    XFire: bwmarkdh1

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    Re: Invite To RSVP Kashan Battle 09/30/10 ...

    Sounds very fun. What would happen if a team is pushed away from the bunkers? Are tanks/jets/helicopters allowed to fight away from the bunkers?


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      Re: Invite To RSVP Kashan Battle 09/30/10 ...

      Originally posted by Ytman View Post
      Sounds very fun. What would happen if a team is pushed away from the bunkers? Are tanks/jets/helicopters allowed to fight away from the bunkers?
      Should be a blast Ytman. While it's the idea for engagements to be limited to within a few hundred meters of the N. & S. Bunker area, as these are the 2 objectives, it's only realistic to anticipate some engagements outside of these areas will occur such as with air assets, and armor. We are not going to be nit-picky as we just want to foster good sportsmanship and an overall adherence to the event rules.

      As far as pushing a squad/team out of the area sounds like ground superiority to me unless of course your attacking a FOB or uncap (outside of say 300M) in which case it would be operating outside the event rules. Hope this clarifies. Get your squad/team up and let's have some fun!


      FYI - Although reference to Mumble usage in this event was not included in the original submission to Matrox, utilization of it although NOT a requirement is strongly encouraged. The event password for the server will also be posted in the BW Mumble Channel.

      Mumble Channel: Blackwater (North America)

      A Mumble Admin will be logged in to insure all players within the BW Mumble Channel are in the appropriate channel(s), i.e.
      1st Rnd. U.S. assigned to Channel 1 throughout event, MEC Channel 2, & that SL's are in the respective SL slots to insure the optimal Mumble Experience for everyone who chooses to take advantage of this asset.


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        Re: Invite To RSVP Kashan Battle 09/30/10 ...

        I find your group's name offensive personally, do you even realize what these people do IRL? Perhaps off course there is no intended reference between your organization and the one created by Eric Prince.




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