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    Right, something needs to be said.

    The general attitude and apathy towards team balance and the deliberate teamswitching of regulars, tagged players and IHS players has utterly disappointed me. To the point that I rarely play for long, if at all.

    Aside from some notable exceptions far too many here are happy to participate in one sided match after one sided match. I watch IHS and tagged players log on and either switch and numerically imbalance the teams or sit idle waiting to jump. It's really, really sad. That coupled with clans joining en masse and doing the same is really hurting the server and its population.
    Why should the same people seed every day only to see TG'ers drift over from other servers once TG is full and immediately switch to the 'winning team'. Invariably the type of player who seeds selflessly is the same guy who stays and helps his team and doesn't jump ship. So their reward for getting the server populated is imbalanced round after imbalanced round.

    I honestly don't get how people can do this time after time and not see the long term problems it is causing and will continue to cause.

    Look at your tags, there is a reason they are presented in that order. You are TG first, an IHS member second and an individual last. Same goes for tagged players. To the regulars, there is a reason you came here, there is a reason you stayed. I very much doubt the current state of affairs is that reason.

    Can we please try harder on this, otherwise we will end up with a server full of high turnover new players who eventually go elsewhere because they are sick of being thrashed. Many of the old hands will move to other titles believe me, ARMA PR is coming and there is normal ARMA etc.

    Many of the people I used to play with and against simply don't bother logging on half the time.

    Why should they endlessly be the ones to do the decent thing and make sure everyone has a enjoyable, competitive game, make sure that everyone gets a bit of leadership and teamwork, that the new players get a helping hand instead of capped out or tard rushed off the first flag. Their numbers are dwindling, look closely and you will see.

    Yeah, some people will grudgingly move, if you ask them. Are people being pro-active about it, to be honest, not many. Why do you need to be asked? It seems very apparent that you can work out which is the stronger team as you have just switched to join them. A little logic tells you that the other team is the one that needs your help.

    We all love PR, most of us love this community. How about we start putting our money where our mouths are and start showing it. How about we start being pro-active and making the move to help the other team before being asked. How about we start thinking about the quality of game overall and the hugely positive impact good, competitive games can have on us and our population. How about we put something other than our own KD or need to win first and start thinking about the long term.

    What are people afraid of, having to lead, losing a game, meeting new people, stepping outside of the security of a team of 30 odd players you just know are going to win.

    I personally am most afraid of the damage being done, mostly slow and insidious damage over time that is not apparent immediately. Sure we notice the odd guy complaining about team balance, but hell that gets ignored quickly enough. No, its the fact that he doesn't come back after a while, and then the next one and then the next one. Eventually what are you left with, not a community as I see it, just a server. That would be extremely sad for everyone.

    This issue has long been discussed amongst the admins, we are trying to come up with workable solutions. Due to the nature of the problem and it's obvious causes most of those solutions rest with the playerbase. We need you to do your part.

    We are not a clan, we are a community, we need to act like it. Please, please do better.

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    Re: TG:PR Community

    Very well stated Wickens.


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      Re: TG:PR Community

      great post man!! +rep

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        Re: TG:PR Community

        First of all, thanks to you Wickens for taking the time to start this thread and write this post.

        I started to play here at TG almost 2 years ago and what made me stay was this great atmosphere during rounds.
        Everything was very mature, very disciplined, but still it was TONS of fun. And that was exactly what I was looking for.
        So, looking back 2 years there was no such thing as teamstack (at least from what I had experienced at that time).
        BUT, the game, Project Reality has changed and so changed our gaming expierence.
        Bigger maps have been developed and released in patches 0.8+. Having a coordinate team is more important than ever.
        Don't get me wrong, looking back onto maps like Operation Ghost Train or Bi Ming communication and coordianten was important as well,
        but I think we can all agree that it takes more effort to coordiante a Jet, Infantry, Tank, Transport on 4km+ maps together so that the team can have a good gaming expierence.
        I, myself see the roots of the problem right there.
        People and this includes me and I'm sure a lot of you guys aswell, are sick of having a transport pilot that crashes all the time, a tank squad that just won't do their job,
        new players that have no clue about the game, because they havn't even bothered to read the manual, or just lack of players to commuicate with.
        So what do we do? - We switch to the other side where we see those players we play with all the time, players we can relay on, no matter if its transporting troops, driving a tank
        or being a useful squad member.

        When I joined TG it was NOT like that. I was new, I had read the manual, but I was not confident with the game at all.
        I was SO happy to be greeted that warm and friendly here at TG, that I just couldn't leave anymore.
        Playing PR was not about bashing the other team round after round, it was about having a good and fair game,
        about providing a challenge if some of the better and more experienced players were on the other side.
        So people, I ask you, where is this additude? where has it gone?
        I know it's around here somewhere!

        I am not going to lie, I am guilty of what wickens spoke in his post.
        I switched teams just to be on the better side, I switched teams just to have a good round,
        I switched teams to have players in my squad and around me I can relay on, because I did not want to be on the losing team, with those players
        I had no clue who they were.
        I'll stop acting with this kind of behaviour and these are my 2 cents to help solve this problem.

        And I ask you guys to stop acting like that too, because I want new players who found the way to this great server and community to have the same experiences I had.

        We all love this community, we all love Project Reality, so let's start doing,
        so that we can call ourselves 'the shining light in the sea of darkness' ( - d1sp0sabl3h3r0) once more.
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          Re: TG:PR Community

          Well said Wickens and StealthBanana. Unfortunately it needed to be mentioned.

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            Re: TG:PR Community

            Nicely Stated. Couldn't agree more


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              Re: TG:PR Community

              Years later, my resolve is the same:

              Players, if you see people idling to teamswitch, no matter who they are, report them.
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                Re: TG:PR Community

                start recruiting some more members to your inhouse squads, if there's many enough they won't fit on 1 team only all the time and it would mix people around as it should be.


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                  Re: TG:PR Community

                  For those that dont understand skud's picture: MORE VLAD.

                  Excellent posts by both Wickens and StealthBanana. Community first is the way it needs to be.


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                    Re: TG:PR Community

                    Originally posted by GoreZiad View Post
                    start recruiting some more members to your inhouse squads, if there's many enough they won't fit on 1 team only all the time and it would mix people around as it should be.
                    To be clear, it's not just IHS player's I am referring to, not by a long chalk. I just expect a lot from them. "regulars, tagged players and IHS players "


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                      Re: TG:PR Community

                      Players feel like they shouldn't say anything because of this post and other attitudes, which you ignored Wickens.
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                        Re: TG:PR Community

                        I know cougar tried this before, which is taking off his tags.. Would it be a terrible idea for everyone to take their IHS tags off and see if that makes any difference? Just a shot in the dark idea. Id be up for giving it a try and im sure lots others would be willing as well

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                          Re: TG:PR Community

                          Originally posted by Namebot View Post
                          Players feel like they shouldn't say anything because of this post and other attitudes, which you ignored Wickens.
                          I didn't ignore it, as an admin and a longtime Community member I thought I would put my concerns out there, especially as I had spoken to our Game Officer beforehand and cleared it with him.

                          Thanks for the input.


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                            Re: TG:PR Community

                            Wicks, I really have to agree with you. It's a problem, and it's that people are putting their affiliations, whether it be An IHS, clan, or regular players, before the server and all 61 other people playing.

                            If you guys want to play together, that's fine. But don't switch and inbalance teams just because you want to be BLUFOR or on a certain faction. You're auto assigned a team for a reason, don't ruin it for others that actually have the patience and respect to the server and those on it to stay on the team they were assigned to.

                            Wicks, You can be a Thunnercat or SwampTrrtle any day, just no switching to get in. It's a rule.


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                              Re: TG:PR Community

                              I don't think the issue of taking off the tags changes anythin other than making a team with a lot of players from one group a little less obvious to someone who doesn't know the names behind that tag. The people that constantly teamswitch already know everyone's name so it won't make an impact in my opinion. Other than that nice posts, to everyone remember that if your team is being steamrolled by a "stacked" team, wait it out, try to do as much good as you can before it ends and ask for the teams to be evened up next round. Like dispo said in a different thread we shouldn't expect players to switch midway through a round so just try to wait it out and hope that there are some selfless players that see the problem and will do something about it.




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