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Server now patched to .957b

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  • Server now patched to .957b

    Server updated to .957b

    Originally posted by [R-DEV]dbzao
    We just released a server-side only hotfix to server admins that addresses a few issues found since release. We asked the servers that apply the hotfix to have 0.957b in their server name so you know which ones have been updated.

    Here are the changes:
    • Removed HAT and LAT kit request for German Forces until client patch is released with permanent fix for CTD issue.
    • Removed HAT and LAT kit request for Russian Forces only in Silent Eagle so it's more fair.
    • Updated AAS and Insurgency so the teams have twice the amount of tickets at round start.
    • Attempted fix to UAV not being available in some maps (Asad Khal doesn't have UAV).
    • Fixed not being able to pick up Insurgent kits at Hamas main bases.
    • Increased tickets rewarded to coalition when destroying a cache in Insurgency from 25 to 30 tickets.
    • Removed some cleanup done at round end to see if it gets better results with servers and players crashing at round end.
    • Updated chat block during map briefing so you can type one message every 5 seconds, or you get blocked for 5 seconds.
    • Fixed bug with Russian MTLB Shturm gunner allowed to be one manned.
    • Fixed both MEC and Russian MTLB Shturm gunners not having correct 30 seconds start delay.
    • Added AAVP7 as kit request location for USMC.
    • Added Puma IFV as kit request location for German Forces.
    • Added Namer APC as kit request location for IDF.
    • Added MTLB as kit request location for MEC and Russia (but not the AA or AT variants).
    • Fixed Puma IFV variant with Spike AT missile launcher not having 30 seconds warm up time for the gunner.
    • Fixed issue with German Tornado jet not being enterable.
    • Updated MTLB Gopher AAV so it can be one manned, like the other AAVs.

    We are working on a patch to address the German AT kits bug permanently and other issues that cannot be fixed server-side.

    We ask the community to report any other issues you may find, and also check this thread for ways you can help us find causes for other CTD issues.

    Any release, especially a large one like 0.957, is bound to have bugs. Some can be easily caught, but some can slip the DEVs testing web for so many reasons. From plain old forgetting to change something, to a small typo, to a commit message not that descriptive, and many others.

    An example is the German AT weapons crash, that requires such a specific set of conditions to be caught, that we obviously didn't get it during testing. And on top of that we can't reproduce it every time with the known conditions. Some times it happens, some times it doesn't. :roll:

    About other gameplay issues, like the rounds ending too fast, we knew it could happen. But there was no way to predict how it would play out without actually putting it out there on a normal public game. And there you go, four days later we have a little server-side hotfix to balance things out.

    Now, there are some other random issues happening, and these are the hardest ones to catch. We will try our best, and we only ask the community for patience and to remember that this mod is done from the good will of developers and volunteers, that are pushing the BF2 engine to places that were never thought possible ;)

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******



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