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Loose thoughts on the basics of BF2 Combat

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  • Loose thoughts on the basics of BF2 Combat

    Since the server is overflowing and I cannot get in, since I am a non-paying member and all. I thought I would write a bit of my thoughts for this wonderful group and server. These are thoughts I have garnered from playing as a squad member (frequently), squad leader (frequently), and commander (infrequent). The game can so far be broken down into 3 main components 1) Tickets (Killing the enemy, healing your friends, and claiming bases), 2) Position (Getting the positions that have a greatest advantage either in location or in what spawns), and finally 3) Disruption, disrupting the enemy by delaying their troops, taking key points and destroying there commander abilities.

    Tickets, we all know and understand tickets. Its always bad to lose tickets right? Wrong! Losing tickets in the short run assuming you can gain an advantage in the other 2 areas is an acceptable outcome, now of course you can't lose tickets forever, but hopefully you lose in the short term and win in the long term. Often the fighting becomes centered around one point with a majority of the teams slugging it out, this is generally a bad idea (except on a few city maps in which that is the whole battle), the correct option for a commander is to send small/light/mobile squads to simply grab the "open" spots. A chopper with a bus full of people is great for this on those big maps. Although I suspect a lot of you already use this, what happens when you enter a heavy hostile area and have command of the air. Do you enter the fray and take em out with your chaingun? IMHO, that is the wrong choice. You have a mission and that is to keep the enemy off its toes and playing a defensive war. Divide there forces, you should NEVER heavily engage an enemy. If you fly by feel free to send lead there way but don't get stuck trying to root out that last few troops, you will end up wasting valuable time, more on that later.

    Position, another relatively simple objective. You want the best/most equipment, you want to be behind their lines while you retain your defense, you want multiple beachheads on their fortress island ect. Position is something that only a commander with able squads can adequaetly determine. Some general thoughts though, SL and COMM need to know where the "good" spawns are, in many maps a non mobile squad is a dead squad. In the real close combat city (sorry forgot the map name) I held off troops forever by sitting on the back of a humvee and shooting into the fog with no idea of where the enemy was, that was a mixture of Position (intersection) and disruption (more on that later). Understand that if think you might get pinched/ambushed, then its already happening you just don't realize it. Position also applies to defending. People like to attack, they like to be on the offensive. Have you ever played the maps where it seems the bases get switched in round robin fashion. Ever thought maybe you should lay down some mines and maybe get your squad to be a mix of engineers, support, medic and assault. (Boy does that sound like an odd squad). Defense of a position from a greater attacking force is a skill that if a SL can pull off will make them the most important squad on the map. If you one squad is holding down two squads and you are maintaining the position then you are costing the opponent 6 people + tickets.

    Disruption, the least understood and perhaps the most powerful force. I was on a squad the other night and we spent most of the time moving the back enemy positions that were not heavily defended, a squad would spawn nearby after we had taken it, then we would move on to the next step. Not only were we draining there tickets, but we were mobile so within seconds we had moved to a new location. Most commanders would throw 2-3 of their squads into the fray and pull those troops from the front line. This disrupts the whole front and attack force and only costs the use of one squad. Artillery, disruption at its finest. When artillery strikes the first thing people do is run away from the attack, duck down, get into a building whatever. This breaks up the squad, and causes them at least 30 seconds down time. Some commanders like to use Artillery at the perfect moment. Artillery should be in the air as fast as possible unless you are giving time for a few squads to join together and push. UAV,Scan,Art destruction are all disruptions.

    (More Later, BF2 time)
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    Re: Loose thoughts on the basics of BF2 Combat

    Please edit that post to add line breaks. Break the lines into paragraphs, which show thought separation. That really hurts to look at.
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