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JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

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  • JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

    1. Squad composition (What do you assign and when):
    -SL should almost always have an officer kit.
    -Always have a medic.
    -Always have an automatic rifleman.

    On infantry-centric or urban scenarios-
    -Grenadier, Marksman, and Specialist

    On infantry with light armor scenarios-
    -Grenadier, Marksman, and Rifleman AT OR HAT

    On 4km combined arms, full squad-
    -HAT, Marksman OR Sniper, Anti-air OR Rifleman

    On 4km combined arms, recon squad-
    -HAT, Marksman OR Sniper.

    2. Numbering system:
    When running an infantry squad, I always assign numbers to myself and my squad members, for several reasons. One is that this is somewhat of a realistic practice, though much more complex, in real life military units. While I donít demand the same comms format, this gives me a few edges:
    -When the numbering system is consistent with respect to kit, I can give the right command to the right squad member without needing to recall their name or look at them.
    -Squad members know approximately where to be when I have the squad moving in formation or individual teams (more on these later)
    -Forcing squad members to be cognizant of their number assignment immediately sets the expectation that I want them to be focused and disciplined.

    Hereís how my numbering system works for the standard six member maximum squad:
    -Squad leader is always 1. Generally SL uses an officer kit.
    -The squad medicís number is equal to the number of people in the squad. (In a six man squad, the Medic is 6)
    -The squadís automatic rifleman is always 3.
    -2 is either a specialist or grenadier (CQ sights). In rare circumstances, 2 is an anti-air kit.
    -In five or six man squads, 4 goes to the squadís Designated Marksman (Marksman rifle, except on large maps emphasizing combined arms, in which case they use a Sniper kit)
    -In a six man squad, 5 goes to a support kit permitted to make the squad able to combat vehicles, at a minimum Rifleman AT. Often assigned a HAT on larger maps.
    -If my squad is expressly a five man recon squad, Iíll sacrifice a grenadier kit to permit having a HAT; in this circumstance, 2 is the HAT weapon.

    Hereís how Iíll adapt it when 8-player squads are implemented into the regular game (assuming two auto rifles are permitted in squads with 7 or more members):
    Fireteam 1 (Assault team)
    1- SL (Officer)
    2- Specialist/Rifleman
    3- Automatic Rifle #1
    4- Marksman/Sniper
    Fireteam 2 (Suppresion team)
    5- Grenadier
    6- Automatic Rifle #2
    7- Rifleman AT/HAT
    8- Medic

    More to come on this guide in the future. Let me know what you want me to write about!
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    Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

    Very nice Jafar, thanks for the effort and work put in.

    I have 2 points to raise. Firstly do you not consider the marksman kits a bit weak currently and also a bit of an anchor in the squad. By this I mean they are often most effective when holding a position, which of course restricts your squad's mobility unless you split them.

    Personally I would utilise the grenadier more, specifically for the ability to deploy smoke at long range, a criminally underused tactic. Pinned by a hmg, put smoke on his position instead of trying to kill him, then maneuver.

    Secondly, rather than numbers I sometimes use kit designations. I find this can help to reinforce the individual's role in their mind, focussing them on their job and responsibility. Personal choice though.

    All in all, very nice piece of work, keep it up.


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      Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

      In my experience SL'ing, there's nothing better than having the capability to put bullets exactly where needed at a distance longer than a normal assault rifle's range. Running Marksmen in my squad has brought a lot of success. We should discuss sometime.
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        Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

        Yeah that would be good, always interesting to discuss such things.


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          Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

          On the topic of the marksman:

          I feel like people use the kit incorrectly. People tend to use it a as a pseudo-sniper. Its not supposed to be used to at super long ranges, its meant for engagements at ranges that normal Assault Rifles become less effective (250-400m). Marksman Rifles have the ability (with the update of their deviation logic) to put highly accurate rounds down range fast.

          Another thing people don't seem to get with the Marksman Rifle is that in its undeployed mode, it works EXACTLY like an assault rifle. Many even have a lower power setting on the scope to fit this role (M21 w/ Scope in comparison to M21/ACOG). The example also brings up that many Marksman Rifles have Medium level scopes now. Examples: M21 w/ACOG, AR-10T w/ Elcan, G3SG/1 w/Assault Rifle Scope(don't know the name, but then normal one has the 4/5x scope with the tiny aperture). These variants excel in Urban environments due to the squad having an accurate weapon that is not only more accurate than the normal assault rifle, but has bigger rounds normally.
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            Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

            Oh believe me I've used the marksman kits a lot since 0.4/0.5. They just seem so weak in comparison to a 'shooter' with an assault/ battle rifle. Though to be fair all that practice with the marksman kit has paid dividends when engaging at long ranges with the assault rifle now.

            I agree people don't get the most out of the kit, but I think it happens both ways as it were. I see, what I would term assault squads, toting a DMR, basically because the guy carrying it missed his last long range shot with an assault rifle so he said "Right I need a bigger gun". They then find themselves in a short to mid range engagement and fail.

            One area they should shine is in dealing with an entrenched LMG gunner at range, with someone else drawing his fire of course. Sadly due to the still overpowered nature of the LMG's (in the scheme of things) they fail at that often due to erratic deviation. An accomplished 'shooter' can make a significant portion of the medium range shots that would normally fall within DMR territory with an assault rifle, with more reliable accuracy, a larger magazine and therefore the ability to suppress and won't get caught out if it gets up close. I just feel the DMR's aren't anywhere near as good as they were a few patches ago, which is a shame as they would have counterbalanced the LMG's nicely and made those players play a bit more tactically too.

            No, for me the most underused or misused kit is the grenadier. The ability to deploy smoke or exp rounds at extreme ranges, from behind cover if needed is a huge force multiplier and allows for a greater variety of tactical approaches. Sadly it is often used as a COD 4 noob tube, people simply using it one dimensionally.

            HMG pinning you down, blind him, drop smoke on his position not yours. The likelihood of a first round kill with an exp round on a sandbagged HMG is small, whereas a smoke round only has to land near him to render him utterly blind. Particularly effective since the Devs thankfully removed 3D markers. Far too often you see squads deploy smoke on their own position when pinned by a HMG. So they are not only pinned by .50 cal, now they can't see anything lol. So they run around in circles for a bit being killed screaming "HAX he is shooting through the smoke, how is he seeing me!??". He isn't, you gave him a nice big purple smoke marker to fire at and he is going to saturate the area till his barrel melts or he needs a bathroom break. No the way forward is to blind him and only him then disperse/retreat.

            Squad split into fireteams? You can use a spotter to direct exp rounds on target to great effect with practice, all the while the grenadier is sitting behind solid cover.

            Good thread this!


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              Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

              Good writeup, though I find that numbering my men is really hard for them to get our understand it would be wonderful in organized settings and had the Wanda Shan scrim worked out properly I would have enforced this.

              I would like to say that with current implementation of squad mechanics a five man squad is the best bet in nearly all situations. I feel that the initial success of the Burning Sands IHS by the MEC team was due to our 5 man squad organization which allowed more infantry squads to be used. This means that where I would have had only infantry four squads I had five and with that five 'fronts' to any attack. I'd love to see your take on the 'strategic' side of infantry squad size.


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                Re: JaFaR: Conventional Infantry Squad composition & SOPís

                I'm still working on clarifying my strategic doctrine on infantry squad use and size. More on that this weekend, hopefully.
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