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Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

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  • Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

    Airborne Operations in Project Reality:


    The paradrop is a relatively new feature within Project Reality and only a couple of maps sport the option as of now in version .95. The paradrop is a method of insertion into an area hostile, neutral, or friendly through means of high altitude drops from an aircraft and plays a huge role for both the German and Canadian forces on Silent Eagle and Yamalia respectively.

    The means of paradropping range from a mid air (usually mobile) rally point available at the start of rounds to a helicopter borne drop.


    It should go without saying any attempt at paradropping should be done so only when a parachute is available. Should here being the key word.

    To select a kit with a parachute you must spawn with it on the maps that employ them. On the spawn selection screen all kit layouts will have a ‘parachute’ figure signifying that yes you packed your parachute.

    If you are on the ground and overhearing talk of your squad leader of a special airborne operation, but you unsure if your kit has a parachute simply press ‘9’ to check your inventory. In normal situations ‘9’ contains your field dressing but when you are equipped with your parachute ‘9’ will be your ‘pull’ button. If your field dressing is assigned to the ‘9’ key be sure to tell your squad leader then so he wont be lying to your mother about your embarrassing death.

    While descending you will have only a handful of seconds before being required to open your chute. Opening your chute too close to the ground will either result in death or serious injury. The general rule of thumb is that about 300 meters between you and the ground is the minimum safe distance before pull. ‘9’ is the default parachute key.

    Airborne rally points are always stable and safe to drop from, helicopters, however, must follow a couple rules. First, the helicopter should be well above the ground, usually above the map’s view distance (as to avoid being shot down or telegraphing the drop). Second, the helicopter must be at a near hover. This means minimal movement front, back, or rotationally. When performing drops it is key to have communication with the pilot as to tell you when the conditions for drop are perfect.


    1) Stick together:

    You and your squad should always drop within immediate walking distance of each other. The further separated you are upon drop the longer it will take for your squad to regroup. As everyone is capable of dropping at once (rather than in line as reality has it) your squad leader should tell you when you need to jump, and alert you with a countdown.

    2) Rally on the Squad Leader:
    No matter how precise you were with your drop timing their will be a time that you are isolated and are required to regroup. Your squad leader will have a supply crate on his person after he completes his drop (new feature to .95) and this serves as a great time for rallying and reorganizing. Descent takes a good amount of time depending on the time of pull, while falling it might be good to check your map for the landing position of you in relation to your squad lead. Of course if you start to come under fire immediately after or even before touchdown your options are limited.

    3) Avoid detection:
    While descending you are an awfully vulnerable target with an easy to predict flight path (effectively straight down). This being said the chances of the enemy forces observing your drop in most situations are slim unless they already expect you. Effort should be made to not be predictable in your drop location; this is most important.

    Upon safe and stealthy insertion your squad will have a huge advantage over your enemy in the form of surprise. If at any moment your surprise is compromised the initiative is lost and the advantage will quickly vanish. Furthermore, due to seat limitations most offensive based air drops (performed by helicopters) will limit you to only your squad in force. Against heavily fortified positions your numbers will pale to the enemy’s.

    4.) Unless you are a Squad Leader spawn in with a Rifleman Kit:
    This is to utilize the new crate the squad leader spawns upon touchdown. Standard kit requestion limitations exist and if you came in with a rifleman specialist and are looking to take up a grenadier or H-AT kit you will be SOL. Also if you wish to have alternative kits (Iron sighted AR, Aimpoint medic) these are only request able by crates.

    As the parachute replaces your incendiary grenade the capability of your team to destroy enemy Outposts and Equipment will be limited, bringing an L-AT along might be beneficial where possible.


    Mission Types:
    The addition of a crate drop upon a squad leader’s successful landing has opened a ton of possible uses for airborne infantry to compliment the already valuable role of a sneak attack or area insertion. Below is a basic list of missions capable to airborne infantry:

    -Airborne Assault: Infantry, in size close to a full squad, are dropped near an objective with the immediate mission of attack. Utilizing speed and surprise to secure a section of the Cap Zone is most important in this time. Engaging the enemy infantry is important. The best strategic use of these missions are for their shock value and the rapidity in which the objective becomes contested. Generally speaking the advantage of being able to create a battle line anywhere on a map is incredibly important when organizing multi-fronted assaults.

    Delay and observation should not be underestimated in this situation as this could mean the difference between a successful attack or the enemy routing you.

    -Reconnaissance: Infantry, of size less than a full squad, perhaps skeleton (2), are dropped near a point of interest. This location can be an observation point, an objective, or the enemy’s suspected supply line. Utilizing stealth this team will be capable of fleshing out the enemy’s location and strength in complete secrecy aiding to the teams overall situational awareness. On maps that have CAS such operations may precede the most organized air strikes and open up a section of attack.

    -Special Operations: Infantry, of size preferably less than a full squad but more than skeleton, drop to enemy critical locations (supply lines, reinforcement lines). Supplies will be limited (the Squad leader crate is destroyed 5 minutes after spawn) but impact can be powerful. Assuming one squad leader and three Riflemen drop you are granted at least three ammo bags to supply anti-tank or mining operations. If possible, friendly supply drops could be scattered before operation to aid in your operations longevity and power.

    Furthermore such drops can be the vanguard of a later arriving attack force on a control point not yet in play but assumed to be later (prior flag is neutral and going your way).


    The power of Airborne Infantry is not to be underestimated merely due to the lack of maps sporting it. The options available to both squad leaders and commanders of airborne capable forces are more numerable than those that do not. Some limitations exist (lack of incendiaries) and a poorly planned drop can fail with disastrous effects, but a skilled and coordinated assault can be the proper maneuver to take out an entrenched enemy force.

    See you on the battlefield!

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    Re: Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

    The above is a write up for Airborne Operations in PR (obviously). The hope is to at some point down the future have enough articles about Tactics and Strategies as to create a 'guide' for PR. This is a rough draft and open to criticism, suggestions, and proof reading.


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      Re: Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

      A good read but I disagree that you should drop with riflemen kits, at least when dropping from a helo. If you are dropping in from one of the mapper spawns it is a good idea. Dropping behind enemy lines or in areas where there might be enemies is not a good idea. Instead drop with your kits ready to fight since it will usually take more then two minutes from you spawned in till you finished your drop the limitation shouldn't be a problem and you can just drop your kit if you want a different version of it.
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        Re: Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

        Originally posted by Katanama View Post
        A good read but I disagree that you should drop with riflemen kits, at least when dropping from a helo. If you are dropping in from one of the mapper spawns it is a good idea. Dropping behind enemy lines or in areas where there might be enemies is not a good idea. Instead drop with your kits ready to fight since it will usually take more then two minutes from you spawned in till you finished your drop the limitation shouldn't be a problem and you can just drop your kit if you want a different version of it.
        requested kits don't have parachutes. I may have misunderstood what you meant though.

        good read ytman, some airbourne operations would be good to see, i can imagine it'd be fun to participate it too
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          Re: Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

          I'm not sure on this but I don't think a crate appears on the SL if he jumps out of a helo, I think its only if they spawn on a mapper airborne rally. This means that you should be jumping and spawning with the kits required for fighting, and don't jump into areas defended by vehicles since you can't jump with AT.


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            Re: Airborne Infantry: A PR Tactics Article

            Its verified. On Yamalia out of a Chinook the crate spawned right as I landed. Unknown if its a bug or not.

            Added paradrop supply crates that spawn near a Squad Leader that just landed from an airdrop spawn point. It only lasts for 5 minutes and only serves as a kit request and rearm location.
            This is from the changelog, perhaps a bug then.




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