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Simple ideas for improving the command interface

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  • Simple ideas for improving the command interface

    I imagine that these could be done with simple mod scripting, perhaps.

    1. Restricted Squad - In such a squad the SL can specify the kits for the 5 other slots, and you won't be able to join unless you meet the need. The SL can choose to restrict it further so that SMs cannot change their kits while in the squad.

    2. Air Support Squad - Make it so that anyone in a friendly combat aircraft will be automatically assigned to this squad, which will have no leader, to prevent abuse. All SMs however will be able to speak on the CO channel. When you're not in an aircraft, you'll be removed from this squad after a period of time.

    3. Squad Priority - SMs of the driver/pilot's squad will replace other passengers (an exception being the rule above), after picking yes from a prompt. For vehicles with more than 2 seats, squads that have at least half the passenger seats in a vehicle can replace a non-squad driver with an additional SM.

    4. Air Support Request - Added to the request screen of SLs, can be accepted by pilots of the Air Support Squad. The request icon will remain on screen until the aircraft has discharged munitions within the vicinity.

    5. If there's no CO after a period of time, person with highest rank or teamwork or some other measured criteria will be made CO.

    6. SMs can mutiny against the SL, voted on by SMs of the same squad.



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