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Defense for MEC/China

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  • Defense for MEC/China

    When your home base is capturable it's extremely important to defend it at all times, since you just know that the Blackhawk'll swoop and and snag it when you're not looking. Also you should not keep throwing men into a meat grinder, i.e. heavily defended base. Always have a mobile reactionary squad to snatch rear, undefended flags. Ideally this should be the helo squad but 2 jeeps should be ok too. If you like to command, you shoul d know for each map which flags are the more important ones, because certainly not all flags are made equal. Ones with armor and gunships IMO are the ones you should try to hang on to.

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    Re: Defense for MEC/China

    I think sometimes you can't avoid throwing some squads into those major battles, though, becuase if you don't the enemy will just walk as a group and take all points one by one. On some maps when I'm CO and there's a lot of action in some point I'll send like my 3 biggest squads there and the other ones to other places, when there's a bunch of squads available.




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