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  • Commanding Styles

    There is a method to everyones madness. I want to hear about yours so I know what to expect when you are in the chair.
    Ill let you know what to expect from me:

    - I communicate. Ill let you know what I want and when I want it. If you cant do it, Ill want to know why.
    - I listen. If you have a problem, let me know. Ill try to fix it.
    - I am effective with arty. If the SL does not call for fire... Ill do it.
    - I scan very often to see what kind of subversive crap my enemy is up too. If I task a squad to defend a base that is already ours... rest assured its getting ready to be overrun.
    - I am organized. I do my best to not send a squad on a mission that a closer squad is in a better position to handle.

    - I WILL call for fire danger close. If it means 2 TK deaths to 8 of thiers... sorry. You will be warned of incoming.
    - I will give the same order more then once. If you cant get it done, Ill remind you. ....repeatedly.
    - I have high expectations that might on occasion exceed your capabilities. I cant help it. This can result in a frustrating death for the squad. Its a delaying tactic to keep the enemy static.
    -Still learning the maps. I play as infantry to get experience...but it takes time.
    While I 'know' the maps... I am talking about flag names and little things, like where good stuff spawns ( Tanks, Lavs....) .
    Meat Drapes
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    Re: Commanding Styles

    -I'll tell you what's going on.
    -Not send squad back and forth.
    -Constantly using scan/UAV/artillery/supplies, so your taxes aren't going to the trash. ;-)

    -Send troops into suicide defenses.
    -Impatient with unresponsive/outright bad SLs.
    -I may talk too much sometimes.
    -I'm kind of reluctant sometimes on telling people to back down.


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      Re: Commanding Styles

      Hmmm interesting. I'll give it a shot:

      Very communicative to SLs with relevant intel, and request additional supplies or uav
      Keep perspective on how many points we need to protect to have the enemy lose flags (i.e. are we on an all-flags-then-bleed or most-bleed map?)
      Generally, defending teams lose less lives (tix) so I like a strong push to grab, the holding steady at a key point.
      Using all my assets to assist squads in tight situations
      Manually 'spotting' enemy troops when uav is unavailabe
      I try to pair squads up and assault as fire teams. Some times this worked, sometimes not.

      I think I may talk a bit too much as CO. That can drown out squad communications.
      Earlier, I would run squads all over the place, capping flags, making them all Attack squads. I've leared that lesson since then. see above. :)
      I'm not as familiar as I need to be with planes (bomber vs. not, etc.). Helos I understand well though.

      Always improving though... i think my ration is about .500


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        Re: Commanding Styles

        Death Bringer's Style
        "There is no right way or wrong way, but my way"

        "Gifts from Above"
        If you're in a tank or vehicle who just moved into an area where you are by yourself, I will drop a crate and perfectly land it next to you. Usually by this time, they are usually attacked and are hurting, only to stay alive to make the last shot.

        "Peek E Boo!"
        I will scan to find the greatest concentration of enemy troops and put a UAV that will cover the greatest area possible. This allows SL and others to know where to attack or where to avoid.

        "Look Up!"
        I will Arty a enemy base that has the greatest troop gathering if possible. It might not kill them, but it distracts them.

        "Here Fishy Fishy Fishy"
        I will usually drop a crate in an enemy base area timed with Arty about 5 seconds later... and like fish to a bait... SNAG!

        I WILL NOT trust most SL unless they have proven themselves to call ARTY. I once got slam dunked by trusting a SL who ended up killing a lot of our men, and getting me 4 TK's in one shot. Since then, I will support them with crates and postions of enemy movement but only support them by Arty if I place it where the border of the splash damage barely is within feet of friendly troops. This takes skill and lots of practice to learn where the edge of the arty will hit.

        If the Commander is dumb enough to be outside in no shelter, I will arty him as a slap to his face. (They can usually be found as the one dot who doesn't move usually back at the main base).

        " Do you know that the Chain Of Command Is? It's the chain I BEAT YOU WITH until you learn who's in charge!" - Jayne - FIREFLY


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          Re: Commanding Styles

          when i command i basicly find a hole and get into it....


          i ask SL's what there conditions are like and make a plan for them
          i let them know what i see and can do to help
          i ask for feed you need back up offence comeing in..
          i talk and tell them whats going on with other squads so they know
          i try and rotate defence squads out and put new ones in so that everyone gets some action
          i let them if they can make there own orders...if they see something they can acheive i let them make the orders and they do it...they tell me when they are done and i give new orders


          ask so of those that have fought under me im sure they can come up with a few
          that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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