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    Anyone know of a way (if there is one) of being able to load the CO interface and play around with it? I've recently started playing BF2, and wouldn't mind trying my hand as CO eventually (especially in those situations where my team doesn't have one). What I do NOT want to do, however, is inflict my gimpness on my teammates while I'm trying to figure out what each button does. :)

    How did all of you master CO's out there first get familiar with it?

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    Re: Commander Practice

    You can command in single player, I believe.

    As far as getting started on a server.. Just hop in and do your best. As long as you're not doing anything deliberately contrary, you'll do just fine. Use UAV and Scan CONSTANTLY and put that artillery to use.

    And remember, you usually don't need ALL THE FLAGS!

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      Re: Commander Practice

      Thanks for the tip, Tempus. I'll try starting up a single player server tonight. :)


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        Re: Commander Practice

        Yes indeed you can command in Single Player.
        Simply load a game, click apply for commander and then spawn in.
        You will have to wait a few moments, but eventually the game will pop up a message to accept or decline the commander position. Just use what ever you have set to vote yes or vote no to accept or decline.

        Once accepted as commander, you will need to press caps lock by defaust to bring up the commander map screen.
        From there just play around with stuff.
        The bots are pretty good about following orders I have found, and SP a good place to practice being a dedicated commander. By dedicated I mean you are just commanding, not out hopping and popping and capping flags.

        Feel free to ask any questions as you go.
        I am by no means the best commander out there. But I know all the tools of the trade, I just need to polish my technique and timing.

        hope this helps
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